Spring Lighting Fair Lights Up Your Business

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Spring Lighting Fair Lights Up Your Business

6-9 April 2019
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
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The HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) 2019 finishes today! Don't miss the final opportunity to source the targeted lighting products from more than 1,430 exhibitors.

Exhibitor Forum – Horticultural Lighting

Titans Industries
Booth:  3E-C04
Shenzhen Acke Industrial Co.,Ltd
Booth:  3E-C13

Smart Solutions for Building Management and Energy Efficiency

Cary Chan, Executive Director of Hong Kong Green Building Council David M.H. Chan, Co-Founder & Director, Negawatt Utility Limited

Tyler Holland, Chief Operating Officer, En-trak Hong Kong Limited Chaozhou Chen, Consulting Manager, Planon Hong Kong Limited

Testing and Certification Service for Lighting Products

Melvin Nip, Electrical and Network Assurance Manager, Intertek Hong Kong Derek Leung, Manager of Electrical Division, CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories

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Horticultural Lighting

Hall 3E The Horticultural Lighting Zone newly launched last year, returns to showcase a wide range of grow lights and garden lights.

LED Garden Spot Light
Aledeco Global Lighting Ltd.
Booth:  3E-C02
Smart Vegetable Planting Machine
Boom International Ltd
Booth: 3E-C06
Double-ended HPS Lamp
Putian BeITri Inc.
Booth: 3E-C15

Plant Lighting
Shenzhen Acke Industrial Co.,Ltd
Booth: 3E-C13
Solar Lawn Light
Shenzhen Woqinfeng Electronic Co Ltd
Booth: 3E-C26
Mini Hydroponic System
Titans Industries
Booth: 3E-C04

Horticultural and Agricultural Products

LED Bar Grow Light
This grow light has customisable wavelength with two ways of hanging. Multiple light bars can be selected for fixed or active stitching.
Shenzhen Liweida Optoelectronics Co.,Limited
Horticultural Lighting
Booth: 3E-C10

Infrared Heat Lamps
These infrared heat lamps can be used in chicken brooders, for raising baby chicks and baby pigs, for food heating in restaurants, and as skincare equipment for improving blood circulation. They also have heat output and can be used for bathroom and other heating.
Jae Kyung Eli Co., Ltd
Commercial Lighting
Booth: 3C-F08

Advertising Display Lighting

Hall 3D Advertising Display Lighting features lighting for marketing, promotion and advertising.

Waterproof Advertising Billboard
Jiangmen Dianyi Display System Manufactory
Booth: 3D-A09
360 Flexible LED Strip
Shenzhen Lingbenyang Industry Co., Ltd
Booth: 3D-A22
High Bright O-EL Back Light/Lit Panel/Sheet
Top Right Optoelectronics Ltd
Booth: 3D-A02

Avenue of Chandeliers

Hall 1D Avenue of Chandeliers dedicates to classic and contemporary interpretations of this ever-popular Fitting.

Pendant Light
Dasher Diy Lighting Technology Company Limited
Booth: 1D-B27
LED Pendant Light
Guangdong Walden Lighting Limited
Booth: 1D-B31
Mini Luxury Style Flush Mount Ceiling Light Crystal Chandelier
Unique Lighting Illumination Co., Ltd
Booth: 1D-B41

Pendant Light
Wenzhou Ni's Neon Light Co Ltd
Booth: 1D-B43
Chandelier Lighting
Zhongshan Guzhen Oscare Lighting Electrical Factory
Booth: 1D-B37
Modern Starry Sky Globe Pendant Light
Zhongshan Meiyun Lighting Co., Ltd
Booth: 1D-B32

Decorative Lighting

Halls 1B-C Decorative Lighting showcases all kinds of lamps, including desk lamps, tall lamps, crystal lights and Christmas lighting.

Bamboo Table Light
Fuzhou Colshine Electric Co., Ltd
Booth: 1C-E40
Ancient Style Lamp
Hangzhou Watchung Import & Export Co., Ltd
Booth: 1C-D32
Solar Garden Light
Shenzhen Yu Yi Yuan Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: 1C-D27

Hall of Aurora

Halls 1D-E The Fair’s premium section, Hall of Aurora, shines a spotlight on creative lighting designs, showcasing brand name collections in suitably elegant surroundings.

Smart Plug-in Dimmer
A-Z Star Electrical (Hong Kong) Limited
Booth: 1E-B18
LED Intelligent Street Light
AOK Industrial Company Limited
Booth: 1E-D11
Decorative Light
Ningbo Outlux Electrical Co., Ltd
Booth: 1D-B02

LED Street Light
Ningbo Skyzon Energy Co.,Ltd.
Booth: 1E-A22
Free Arc Series
Shenzhen Aalight Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: 1D-A02
YTPDGLE2 Light Bulb
Zhejiang Yankon Group Co.,Ltd.
Booth: 1E-A12

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Hot Picks by Media Experts

"This is my first time visiting the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) with the aim to explore and look into “Innobuild Zone”. The new zone for worldwide innovative building materials can be a platform to update trends and technologies in the building and construction industry. The innovations that I found interesting are WEDI and HYBRID n-COAT.

Building board WEDI from Ever Crown Engineering Ltd (Booth: 1A-D09) has several distinctive features since they are lightweight, easy to cut, mole repellent, able to attach any material with the surface which is made from fiberglass and cement, as well as 100% waterproof according to the high density of polystyrene foam. WEDI has a potential to expand the market in Thailand given that the materials themselves can be created into many forms such as steam, sauna, spa, shower wall, drainage, even swimming pool. One competitive advantage is that WEDI is able to save 18 hours quicker than traditional systems which can reduce overall building budget.

While HYBRID n-COAT, the Korean flooring solutions from Buildchem Company Limited (Booth: 1A-D20), comes up with high technology and a comprehensive range of products that are 3-5 times stronger surface hardness compared to epoxy, easy to clean and maintain, eco-friendly with no harmful substances. The product is suitable to apply for factory construction in Thailand."
Supaman Munka, Project Director, Builder News, Thailand

“I came to the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) to see what’s in it for Canadian businesses. I was very impressed by the product offerings especially the products for the residential market I saw in the Hall of Aurora. Landlite (HK) Limited (Booth: 1E-C32) had a very interesting lamp with a 360-degree camera making it an interesting choice for senior housing. Mooni Limited (Booth: 1E-D01) in the Hall of Aurora is a popular booth showcasing Bluetooth speakers with wire free ready.

The smart lighting cloud control system from Zhejiang Fonda Technology Co., Ltd (Booth: 1D-C08) in the Hall of Aurora is a very interesting product for smart cities with its monitoring system which seems a perfect partner for smart solutions in cities including smart parking, waste management and more.”
Line Goyette, Managing Editor, Kerrwil Publishing, Canada

“This is the second time that I am visiting the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair. It is an amazing experience to witness such a grand international exhibition. I think the fair gives us the opportunity to keep ourselves updated on the latest technology and product development in the lighting industry.

This is the right platform for enlightening us on the latest market trends, scenario, technology updates through the informative Asian Lighting Forum and the forum entitled “Smart Lighting: IoT and Its Supply Chain”. I found these sessions from the industry stalwarts very innovative and interactive. The Indian government is in the process of developing 100 smart cities. So, the products, solutions and technology seem to be a guiding force for smart and sustainable cities i.e. smart street lighting project.

I was amazed by the products in the Hall of Aurora. Smart Piug-in Dimmer from A-Z Star Electrical (Hong Kong) Limited (Booth: 1E-B18) has attracted my attention with its features like its working with Alexa for voice control. Further, it can be operated at home from anywhere any time. Moreover, it has automated turn on and off. In the Horticultural Lighting zone, I was astonished by Smart Vegetable Planting Machine offered by Boom International Ltd (Booth: 3E-C06). It uses full spectrum LED for growing vegetables and fruits.”

I have got the opportunity to meet some of the leading manufacturers here. During the meeting with Jae Kyung Eli Co., Ltd (booth: 3C-F08), I have come across Infrared Heat Lamps from J K Light from Korea. With high heat output, these lamps have applications in commercial segments like food heating in restaurants and skin care for medical purposes.

Today the world is grappling with an energy crisis and energy conservation is the norm today, there will be a great increase in demand for LED lighting products in the future. I look forward to meeting more exhibitors and interacting with them.”
Supriya Abhijeet Oundhakar, Associate Editor, Lighting India, India

Hear What Buyers Say
“Established in 1991, EMOS has five different product teams covering lighting sources and luminaires, batteries, cables and wires, security systems, and door bells. We sell products to wholesalers, chain stores and consumers and also handle projects. This is my first time visiting the Spring Lighting Fair. I have found three potential suppliers from Mainland China for the supply of linear lights, high bay lights and office lighting for our projects. Colleagues from our Shenzhen office will visit their factories and test their products in our own laboratory.”
Jindra Haluska, Product Specialist for Lighting Sources and Luminaires, EMOS spol. s.r.o., Czech Republic

“Our group has 24 hotels in Singapore and will open three to four more hotels in the next few years. This is our first-time visit to the Spring Lighting Fair. We are looking for decorative lights, bedside table lights, LED lighting, fiber optic lighting and smart lighting solutions. We placed three small orders for solar lights, night lights and LED strips on the first day of the fair. We have also found two potential suppliers of bedside lights and pendant lights and it’s very likely that we’ll place orders for their products because their designs are very creative. The new Innobuild zone is very interesting. Apart from lighting products, we are happy to have found aluminium furniture, building materials and fire-resistant materials in the Innobuild zone. We have talked to two potential suppliers of aluminium furniture and will visit their factories after the fair. We’ll buy aluminium furniture for two hotel rooms. If the quality is good, we’ll buy more aluminium furniture.”
Ko Lee Meng (left), Deputy Chairman and CEO, Global Premium Hotels Limited, Singapore

“Based in Myanmar, our company provides lighting project management services to the industrial and commercial sectors and schools. We are also a retailer, selling residential lighting under our Precious Lights brand. This is our second time visiting the Spring Lighting Fair. At the fair, we are looking for many items such as indoor and outdoor lighting, panel lights, downlights and high bay lights. LED lights are very popular in our market due to higher energy efficiency and a longer life span. Up till now, we have placed two trial orders for LED lighting products and LED profile because we want to test their quality. We have also collected quotations from potential suppliers and will compare their prices after the fair. The Spring Lighting Fair brings together many suppliers and offers many choices. We enjoy visiting it very much.”
Khin Thuzar Htun (left), Executive Director, Precious Lights Trading Co., Ltd., Myanmar

“UB Emirates is an importer, stockist and distributor of electrical products in the UAE. Apart from selling in our domestic market, we also export electrical products to GCC countries. Currently, lighting products represent 25% of our sales turnover. This is my first time visiting the Spring Lighting Fair, but I have been to the Autumn Lighting Fair for many times. My goals are to find new indoor and outdoor lighting suppliers, collect market intelligence and learn more about the latest developments in the lighting industry. At the fair, I am very interested in two innovative products, namely infrared lights for raising small chickens and horticultural lighting. I have also identified three to four potential suppliers of linear profile, bulkhead lights, linear lights and strip lights. I am going to visit their factories in Mainland China after the fair. After checking their quality, I’ll buy at least one container of lighting products from each new supplier.”
Aravindakshan Variath, General Manager, UB Emirates LLC, UAE

Hear What Exhibitors Say

“Electra started its lighting business in France 15 years ago and set up a factory in Ningbo in Mainland China nine years ago. To meet the needs of different customers, we design both economical and high-end luminaires for industrial, architectural and commercial applications. Our products are sold to Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania and Southeast Asia. As we have established a strong clientele base in France, we are keen to find new customers outside France through our first-time participation in the Spring Lighting Fair. So far, we have met with 45 potential customers from 15 countries and regions who are very interested in our high bay lamps for warehouses, ceiling lamps for offices and waterproof industrial lighting. We expect that at least four buyers will place orders for our products after the fair. We are satisfied with the results so far.”
Cyril Marcq, General Manager, ELECTRA WORLD TRADING LIMITED, Hong Kong

“MLS specialises in the production of light tubes, bulbs, filament lamps, panel lights and SMD chips. We export finished products to all over the world while our SMD chips are sold to lighting manufacturers in Mainland China. This is our third year at the Spring Lighting Fair. We are demonstrating our new products and latest technologies to both new and existing customers. We have connected with many new buyers from emerging markets such as Brazil, Poland and Russia. Our lighting products are in great demand in the emerging markets because these countries also re-export our products to their neighbouring countries. Buyer traffic at this year’s fair is heavier than last year. The fair is important to our company because it helps to promote our brand awareness.”
Jack Liu, Sales Director, MLS Co.,Ltd., Mainland China

“Established in 1983, Musashi is a leading manufacturer of outdoor and indoor sensor lights under its RITEX brand, which has 65% market share in Japan. To develop overseas markets, we started to join HKTDC trade fairs three years ago. Through our participation in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair and the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition), we have successfully exported our sensor lights to Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Russia, the UK and the US. Riding on this success, we are exhibiting at the Spring Lighting Fair for the first time to promote our brand and to further develop our overseas markets. We have met with many new buyers from different countries and regions such as Canada, Indonesia, Italy, Norway and UAE. They have expressed their interest in our rainproof LED sensor lamp which can be installed in different indoor and outdoor locations with its tripod and magnetic mount. We’ll follow up with them after the fair.”
Shogo Aki, Managing Executive Officer, Global Operations Dept., Musashi Co., Ltd., Japan

“Jingxun started to produce BLE mesh lighting modules in 2016 and SIG mesh lighting modules in 2017. After developing sophisticated technology for smart lighting modules, we began to participate in the Autumn Lighting Fair last year and then the Spring Lighting Fair this year. We’ll maintain our presence at the two fairs because it provides an ideal platform for us to raise our brand awareness and to demonstrate our latest technologies in smart lighting. At the Spring Lighting Fair, we are keen to establish strategic partnerships with overseas buyers and promote SIG mesh technology around the world. To achieve these goals, we are presenting a smart living experience zone covering various smart lighting solutions. We have got in touch with many overseas buyers including those from Chile, France, India, the Middle East and the US. We hope that the Greater Bay Area development plan will create more promotional channels such as exhibitions and a long-term experience zone for manufacturers to showcase their new products and new technologies.”
Weiwei Xu, IoT Marketing Director, Shenzhen Jingxun Software Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd., Mainland China

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