The World’s Preeminent Marketplace for Fine Jewellery

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The World’s Preeminent Marketplace
for Fine Jewellery
A Grand Finale to Wrapping Up Deals

Another year of scintillating glamour and timeless beauty concludes as the Jewellery Show winds down on its final day. Business and trade continues as usual on the last day, representing a golden opportunity to wrap up your sourcing needs in preparation for another successful year in the world of fine jewellery.

Parade Series: Hall of Fame, Jade Jewellery and Group Pavilions

Hall of Fame (Hall 3B)

Spotlighting an elite selection of international jewellery brands, the Hall of Fame houses some of the finest names in the industry famed for exquisite design and craftsmanship.

Emerald Ring with Black and White Diamond
Anila Gem International Co Ltd
Booth: CEC 3B-E22
Sisterhoops Collection
Chete Limited
Booth: CEC 3B-E02
Booth: CEC 3B-E13

Booth: CEC 3B-F12
Rosentiques Fine Jewellery
Booth: CEC 3B-D04
Sandeep Diamond Corporation
Booth: CEC 3B-E12

Lizza (Symbol of Bliss) Luxuria Collection
SKSM Dia Jewels Limited
Booth: CEC 3C-A17
Nomination-Composable Bracelet
Skymm International Company Limited
Booth: CEC 3B-F11
Lattice Collection
Top Brands (Hong Kong) Limited
Booth: CEC 3B-E04

Love Locks
Unrounds (HK) Limited
Booth: CEC 3B-D10
Nereida Bracelet
Vitral Group 1994 SL
Booth: CEC 3B-F22
Yoko London High Jewellery Collection
Yoko London Limited
Booth: CEC 3B-F06

Hall of Jade Jewellery (Hall 1B)

As a symbol of good fortune, jade has been historically significant in Chinese culture and many other parts of the world. Hall of Jade Jewellery brings a cultural showcase of A-grade jadeite jewellery in a range of traditional and contemporary styles.

Belkis Iman LLP
Booth: CEC 1B-C43
Jadeite & Diamond Necklace
Gembox Jewelry Co
Booth: CEC 1B-B38
Jade Bangle
Honour Jewellery Limited
Booth: CEC 1B-C27

Pink Natural Jade Earrings
Jade Forever Jewellery Company Limited
Booth: CEC 1B-C39
Jade Garden Jewelry
Booth: CEC 1B-B32
Jadeite Collection Limited
Booth: CEC 1B-C09

Jadeite Pendant
Ming Jewelry Co., Ltd
Booth: CEC 1B-B28
A Pair of Jadeite & Diamond Earrings
Richman Jewelry
Booth: CEC 1B-B10
Jade Cabochon Ring
Siam Color Gems & Jewelry Limited
Booth: CEC 1B-B02

18K W/G Natural Jadeite Diamond Earrings
United Jewelry Company
Booth: CEC 1B-C01
Natural Jadeite Pendent
Wing Yen Wah Jewellery Company Limited
Booth: CEC 1B-C13
Yim's Victor Jade Co
Booth: CEC 1B-B18

Sapphires from Mogok, Myanmar: Observations from the Field and the Lab

The Mogok area in Myanmar is one of the world’s most famed sources of coloured stones. In particular, blue sapphires from Mogok are held in high esteem. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has launched an extensive study on this topic, organising expeditions that help us understand deposits and mining conditions through laboratory analysis that identifies inclusions and quantifies trace element concentrations. Representing the GIA, Wim Vertriest, Supervisor of Field Gemology, presented their findings during this seminar.

Exhibitor Forum ― Burmese Rubies: The Magic, the Gemology, and the Market

Delivered by top-tier industry experts, this forum addressed all facets of the Burmese ruby trade.
Gemology and Origin Determination of Ruby
Peter Gao, Director of Guild Gem Laboratories (Shenzhen)
Burmese Ruby: High End and Secondary Market
Z. Boyadjian, Founder and owner of GEMS ARE FOREVER INC.
Mogok: The History, The Source, and The Lore
Edward Boehm, Grandson of Edward J. Gübelin, a colored stone dealer and consultant, Founder and owner of RareSource
Development of the Modern Ruby Supply Chain
Andrew Lucas, Vice President of Guild Institute of Gemology, Chief Field Gemologist of Guild Gem Laboratories

Parade Series: Designer Galleria

Hear What Buyers Say

“Established in 2003, Lazo Diamond is the third largest jewellery retailer in Malaysia, with 40 shops selling diamond jewellery, gemstone jewellery and 9K and 18K gold jewellery. I come to the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show every year because it is the best jewellery show that I’ve ever visited. It is a good place for me to see new designs for jewellery products, packaging and displays as well as the latest technology. At this year’s show, I have bought US$500,000 worth of 9K and 18K gold bracelets and necklaces from four existing suppliers and a new supplier. I’ll consider buying from two to three other potential suppliers and I am waiting for them to send me the quotations.”
Dinny Lim, Executive Director, Lazo Diamond, Malaysia

“Joyas Karat has three stores in Argentina, selling silver jewellery, gold jewellery and branded watches. Our sister company is an importer and distributor of jewellery products. I have come to the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show for the first time to look for jewellery products for both companies. I am particularly interested in rhodium-plated silver jewellery decorated with cubic zirconia which is well-liked by consumers in Argentina. I’ll buy US$30,000-50,000 worth of such products from one of our existing suppliers after the show. I have also chosen the designs from five potential suppliers and I am waiting for their quotations. The Hong Kong International Jewellery Show is well-organised and the suppliers here offer a comprehensive range of jewellery products and different styles. I like the show very much.”
Sabrina Seranusoglu, General Manager, Joyas Karat, Argentina

“Zarrin is a natural stone mining company, jewellery wholesaler and manufacturer in Iran which also provides education. I started to visit the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 15 years ago. With good designs and advanced technology, Hong Kong is a leader in the jewellery industry, At this year’s show, I want to find business partners from Hong Kong who can form joint ventures with us to work in the areas of jewellery production, design services, education and laboratories, So far, I have found 15 potential business partners from Hong Kong. In addition, I am looking for handmade and unique diamond and coloured stone jewellery and I have placed onsite orders with some of my existing suppliers. The Hong Kong International Jewellery Show is the best show of its kind in the world which brings together different jewellery products. There is no need for me to visit other jewellery shows in the world.”
Hooman Zanganeh (second from left), CEO, and Sina Mohammadi (second from right), Director, Zarrin Holding, Iran

Hear What Exhibitors Say

“In business for more than 30 years, Oriental Gemco is a one-of-a-kind fine jewellery manufacturer that creates tantalising designs infused with superb craftsmanship. We are exporting to 70 countries and regions, with Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the US being our major markets. We have been exhibiting at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show for more than 30 years because it is the only way that we can meet all customers at one time and have more interactions with them. Apart from maintaining relationships with existing customers, we can always find potential customers through the show. At this year’s show, we have got in touch with new buyers from Asia and received onsite orders from some of our existing customers. That’s why the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show is the most important show for us.”
Narendra Nigam (right) and Vimla Nigam (left), Co-founders, Oriental Gemco Limited, Hong Kong
(Booth No.: CEC 3B-C14)

“Based in the US, Amberman is the largest manufacturer and wholesaler of amber jewellery from the Baltic region. Our products are sold to wholesalers and retailers all over the world. About 70 designers are working with us to offer traditional to unique and modern designs that can meet the tastes of our customers. We have been participating in the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show for several years. The show provides an ideal platform for us to introduce our new products to international buyers and to find new customers. We have been very busy because many buyers have come to our booth to buy samples. We have also made a very important contact with a buyer from the US who can help us promote our products through catalogues. We have good business at the show and hope to have a bigger booth next year.”
Irene Mayzenberg, Co-founder, Amberman, the United States (Booth No.: CEC 5G-A36)

“Founded in 1848, Lao Feng Xiang is a famous jewellery manufacturer and retailer in Mainland China. Apart from running 3,500 jewellery stores in Mainland China, we have 19 stores outside Mainland China including 15 in Hong Kong, two in the US, one in Australia and one in Canada. We have been participating in the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show since 2011 because it is an international show where we can meet with buyers and business partners from different countries and regions and exchange ideas with them. It is also the perfect platform for us to promote our brand image and high-end products. We have brought to this year’s show one of our latest gold necklace collections, The Feather of Phoenix – Ling Yu, attracting a lot of attention from buyers. We have met with many business partners and retailers from Hong Kong and Mainland China who like our brand and our excellent craftsmanship. Buyers’ responses have been encouraging.”
Wang Ensheng, Deputy Head of Marketing, Shanghai Lao Feng Xiang Co Ltd, Mainland China
(Booth No.: CEC 3B-D06)

“Turkey has a long history of producing jewellery as the world’s first jewellery was made in Turkey. Turkish jewellery manufacturers have adopted advanced technology to produce a wide variety of jewellery products at good prices. The Jewellery Exporters’ Association has been organising the Turkey Pavilion at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show since 2008. In the past, Turkish manufacturers exported their jewellery products to the Middle East and Russia. Through the Hong Kong show, they are able to diversify into new markets such as Hong Kong and the Far East. Many Turkish jewellery manufacturers want to take part in the Hong Kong show. The number of exhibitors at the Turkey pavilion has increased to 69 this year from 50 last year. Our exhibitors are happy with the Hong Kong show. Retailers and wholesalers from Southeast Asia, South America and other parts of the world like Turkish jewellery products and have made serious enquiries.”
Sirzat Akbulak, Manager, Jewellery Exporters’ Association, Turkey (Booth No.: CEC 3C-B38)

“Employing 650 staff, BNM Jewellers is a high-end diamond jewellery manufacturer in India. Our main markets include Europe, the Middle East and the US. As we offer unique and creative diamond jewellery, we hope to get more international buyers through our first-time participation in the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show. We are happy to be here because we have got in touch with new buyers from Europe, Hong Kong, Mainland China, the Middle East and the US. Apart from existing customers, we have received onsite orders from new customers from Mainland China and the US. The Hong Kong International Jewellery Show provides the right platform for us to gain worldwide exposure. We’ll definitely return to the show next year.”
Vishal Singh, Business Head, BNM Jewellers, India (Booth No.: CEC 3B-B14)

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Notice about Buyers’ Right to Claim Detailed and Accurate Invoices/Receipts from Exhibitors

Hong Kong is an important jewellery trading hub. The HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show proudly upholds the same high reputation. Buyers are warmly reminded that in this prestigious trade event, you should expect exhibitors to provide you with invoices/receipts clearly indicating exhibitor’s/seller’s full name and address as well as a detailed description of the goods sold, including but not limited to the date of purchase, quantity, price, fineness of the precious metal, carats of diamonds/gemstones, whether the stones are natural or synthetic, and/or any other written particulars as required under the Laws of Hong Kong, in order to comply with the law and avoid misunderstandings or disputes. Furthermore, exhibitors must ensure that all trade descriptions to be applied to the goods supplied or offered to supply are accurate, and that it must not omit, hide or provide material information in a manner that is unclear, unintelligible, ambiguous or untimely. In case of doubts on the quality of products purchased, buyers are recommended to make good use of the testing and certification services (paid services) offered by exhibiting testing laboratories located in “Testing, Inspection and Certification” zones in Hall 5B-C Concourse in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. If you encounter any difficulties in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact the Organiser. We will be glad to assist.

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