Savour a Feast of Delicious Opportunities this August!

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Fair Daily:
Savour a Feast of Delicious Opportunities this August!
Final course to conclude your culinary journey
as the Food and Tea trade fairs enter the last day

Still have an appetite for sourcing? Make the most of the final day of the HKTDC Food Expo (Trade Hall) and the HKTDC Hong Kong International Tea Fair! From delectable snacks and food products to fine teas, a world of flavour awaits our distinguished global buyers! Representing the ultimate shopping experience, the concurrent HKTDC Home Delights Expo and the HKTDC Beauty & Wellness Expo will continue to showcase top-tier consumer products that promote a balanced, modern lifestyle. Displaying the latest and greatest from over 2,100 leading exhibitors, take full advantage of this spectacular one-stop sourcing and shopping platform today!

Food Expo (Trade Hall) Tea Fair

Food Expo (Trade Hall), 15-17 Aug @ Halls 5B-G  
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Showcasing over 1,570 exhibitors from 21 countries and regions, the Food Expo is a festival of flavour that sets the table with countless global delicacies. Catch up the final day of the Food Expo (Trade Hall) and explore more business opportunities!

Japan Pavilion
Takamori Yoshikawa, Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan (front, 4th from left); Margaret Fong,
Executive Director, HKTDC (front, 3rd from left) and a panel of government officials of Japan officiate the Japan Pavilion Opening Ceremony.
Nakazu Junmai Daiginjo Spirits
E-Express Company
Booth: 5B-B08
100% Pure YUZU Juice
Ito-Noen Co., Ltd
Booth: 5B-C01
Super Truffe
St Co,. Ltd
Booth: 5B-D26
“This is our fifth-year participation in the HKTDC Food Expo to promote Japanese livestock products. Beef, pork, chicken, fish, eggs and dairy products are key highlights of exhibition. A new identification system for Wagyu beef has been adopted in Japan since June to ensure the supply of genuine Wagyu. Through the Expo, we are promoting the new system whereas consumers can scan the respective QR code to acquire the particulars of Wagyu such as breed of the cattle and date of slaughter. The feedback is very good. Many buyers have visited our booths to explore business. They appreciate the high quality of Japanese beef and pork. Our showcase also features chicken meat from Yamaguchi prefecture and dairy products from Hokkaido, which have drawn a lot of interest. The Expo is an excellent trading platform to help us promote Japanese livestock products. We will continue to exhibit here for business development.”
Masahiko Suneya, Secretary General, Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council, Japan
(Booth: 5B-E36)

Japan Networking Dinner @ 16 Aug
From left: Harold Wong, Managing Director and Chief Executive, Dah Sing Bank; Mitsuhiro Wada, Ambassador and Consul-General, Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong; Margaret Fong, Executive Director, HKTDC; Takamori Yoshikawa, Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan and Benjamin Chau, Deputy Executive Director, HKTDC celebrate the success of the HKTDC Food Expo and participation of Japan Pavilion at the Networking Dinner.

Kazakhstan Pavilion
White Cream Honey
Bee Honey
Booth: 5C-D44
Booth: 5C-D40
LLP "Company "Kamerton"
Booth: 5C-E39

Mexico Pavilion
Specialty Coffee
Booth: 5B-B19
White Corn Tortillas
Booth: 5B-B17
Dry Frozen Mango
Pacific Alliance Trading Limited
Booth: 5B-B19

Poland Pavilion
100% Apple Juice NFC -
250 ml Easy-to-drink Cup

Loza Krzysztof Nowosad Sp. Jawna
Booth: 3D-C08
Fruktomania - Eat and Drink
Grupa Owoce Natury Sp. z o. o.
Booth: 5C-B02
BA! Fruit Bar Dates & Cocoa with
Roasted Peanuts and Cereal

Bakalland S.A.
Booth: 5C-B02

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Souvenir for Trade Buyers on 17 Aug @ Halls 5FG

Recommended Events @ The Forum, Hall 5E

Time Event
11am – 11:30am Aloe Diet Therapy
12nn – 3pm Chinese Medicine Health Public Forum

Exhibitor Feedback

“We are organising a Fujian pavilion at Food Expo for the second consecutive year for our companies to showcase a wide range of quality products. Special highlight revolves around Fujian snacks with 15 famous Fujian snack producers offering their fine food here. We’ve also brought together 42 companies providing ingredients and beverages as well as 46 tea producers from Fujian. We’re very pleased with the response as many buyers visited our booths. The Expo draws many professional traders to source products every year, opening up new business opportunities. It also enables Hong Kong consumers to taste and purchase food items they like. We expect to generate good results again and the sales volume may exceed last year. Our companies can also take advantage of the platform to learn about the market trends in Hong Kong and other places of the world so as to enhance their capability for business expansion.”
Zeng Jindong, Director, Division of Trade in Services and Commercial Services, Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce, Mainland China (Booth: 3C-B02)
“Indian companies are keen to participate in the HKTDC Food Expo to find new customers and increase export sales. We have been organising the Indian pavilion at the Expo over the years to explore business opportunities. This year, our participating companies are showcasing various products from rice to frozen food, processed meat, bakery & confectionery, canned food, cereals and tea items. The Expo serves as a great platform for Indian food companies to expand business internationally. We are able to get in touch with buyers from Hong Kong, Mainland China and other countries through the fair. The exhibition results have been very good over the past few years. The Expo is an important trading event for us every year.”
Suresh Kumar Chawla (left), Deputy Manager, India Trade Promotion Organisation, India (Booth: 5B-A01)
“Padideh is a family-owned business with a long history specialising in the production of pistachios in Iran. We are a leading exporter of Iranian pistachios, covering many markets including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Vietnam, Jordan, Iraq, Russia and Europe. This is our fourth-year participation in the HKTDC Food Expo to showcase different varieties of pistachios to grow our business. We’ve met with various customers from Hong Kong and Mainland China. The Expo is a well-attended international fair. It’s getting better and better each year and a lot of exhibitors from different countries are gathering here to explore opportunities. We will definitely come again to exhibit here.”
Pouya Zeinali, Export Director, Padideh Pistachio, Iran (Booth: 5C-D41)
“Huzhou Yuwei is a rice producer in Huzhou providing a variety of premium-graded rice for customers. Our rice paddy fields span more than 400 mu of land. We currently offer 18 different kinds of rice products. This is our first-year participation in Food Expo to reach out to the international market. We’ve met with some serious buyers from Hong Kong and overseas. They really appreciate the quality of our rice products and we will discuss further for cooperation. The Expo is an excellent platform to promote our organic rice growing and our products to overseas buyers. We’ve received a lot of enquiry. This is a good start to expand our presence internationally.
Wang Luliang, Chairman, Huzhou Yuwei Agricultural Development Co., Ltd, Mainland China (Booth: 3C-B18)
“Huzhou Green Traceability supplies a variety of organic food and drinks items. We are engaged in lotus plantation through an extensive ecological enhancement of over 100 mu of land in Huzhou. We strive to provide something natural and unique for customers. This is our debut at Food Expo to showcase our products such as lotus tea, petal tea, bird’s nest crisp and chamomile & nymphaea tea. We are especially keen to promote our products to Hong Kong customers. The Expo also offers a chance to meet with professional traders for business expansion. The feedback is positive. Some Hong Kong buyers snapped up some of our products immediately. This is a great place to raise our profile and we look forward to explore more opportunities here.
Intells Hsu Sung-Lin (right), General Manager, Huzhou Green Traceability Organic Technology Co., Ltd, Mainland China (Booth: 3C-C17)

Buyer Feedback

“759 Store is a leading Hong Kong chain store selling groceries and snacks. We have been participating in the Food Expo for several years with a buyer’s booth to source food products. This is a very effective platform to find new suppliers and enrich our product assortments for business expansion. We are here again this year to meet suppliers from different countries, understand new market trends and identify new food items. So far, we have got in touch several companies including a Polish supplier for frozen chicken and a Vietnamese exhibitor for prawns. I am also looking around at the fairground for some health-oriented products. The Expo draws a large number of exhibitors from different parts of the world such as Korea and Kazakhstan, offering a lot of choices. That’s why we come every year.”
Pinky T.K. Lee, Assistant to General Manager, 759 Store, Hong Kong
"Established five years ago, Yapo is a food and drinks company in Russia. We supply a variety of onigili and food products like dried strawberry and dried peach under our own brand. This is my second-year participation in Food Expo to find something new to expand our product range. I am now negotiating with a Vietnamese exhibitor Saigon Import Export and Distribution Co., Ltd for dried banana chips. I expect to place an order up to US$90,000 for the chips. I have also established contact with a Thai company Baan Khanom Thai International Co., Ltd. for their fresh nuts. The Expo is a good fair showing some interesting products. I will certainly come again."
Georgy Zograbyan, Director, Yapo, Russia
"In business since 2001, Auskhmer is the second-largest supplier of food and beverage products in Cambodia. Our products range from ingredients to frozen food, tea, coffee, juice, wines and whiskies in Cambodia. Customers include supermarkets, bakery shops, restaurants and hotels. We are visiting Food Expo for the first time to source new products. We’ve already identified 15 to 20 potential suppliers from Hong Kong, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Sri Lanka and Thailand for a variety of products such as cereals, snacks, juices, sauces, tea and coffee. Orders are expected to involve a 20-foot container of products each. The Expo is a huge exhibition featuring a lot of products for us to choose from. Everything is great and we will definitely visit the fair again."
Yos Yano, Key Account Manager, Auskhmer Import Export Co., Ltd, Cambodia

Joyful Moments @ Food Expo, 16 Aug

Product Demonstrations
Taste of India Thai Healthy Food and Drink Products
The Growing Affluence of Southeast Asia: Take Advantage of the Opportunities Hubei Pavilion Product Demo
Mexico: A Natural Food Paradise

Testing and Certification Services for Food
Mandy Cheng, Food Safety Manager, Intertek Hong Kong Joey Lau, Senior Manager, Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Department, The Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre
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Tea Fair, 15-17 Aug @ Halls 5F-G
Exhibitor List | Register | Souvenir for Trade Buyers | Event Schedule
Steeped in culture for its 11th edition, the Hong Kong International Tea Fair is an incomparable platform for world’s finest teas. Showcasing more than 250 exhibitors, the important tea producers and trading hubs are on full display including Hong Kong, Mainland China, India, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and our new participating country, Laos. Brew your success on the final day of this significant event!

Snapshots of the Fairground
Hubei Pavilion, Mainland China Hunan Pavilion, Mainland China
Shaanxi Pavilion, Mainland China Sichuan Pavilion, Mainland China
Brand Management & Packaging Design
Services Zone
Japan Exhibitors

Zhejiang (Hangzhou) Pavilion (Mainland China)
Longguan Dragon Well -
Longjing Green Tea

Hangzhou Longguan Industrial Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5G-B20
West Lake Dragon Well -
Longjing Green Tea

Hangzhou Tea Factory Co., Ltd
Booth: 5G-B20
Xiaojindian Handmade Tea
Hangzhou West Lake Longjing Tea
Co., Ltd
Booth: 5G-B20

Taiwan Pavilion
Flavored Tea Gift Set
Caoly Ind Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-B24
Fruit Tea Series
Dong Jyue Enterprise Co., Ltd
Booth: 5F-B32
Snow of March - Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea
Yung-An Tea Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-B28

Top Choices from Selected Exhibitors
Famille - Rose Covered Bowl with Flower Décor with Two Cups,
Dated Qing Dynasty Guangxu

Antique House (Hong Kong)
Booth: 5F-E20
Jian Zhan - Golden Oil Drop Glaze
Da Hong Pao Trading Company
(Hong Kong)
Booth: 5F-E06
Phongsaly Organic Green Tea
Phongsaly Green Tea Factory (Laos)
Booth: 5F-C19

Highlighted Events @ Tea Salon & Tea Gallery, Halls 5F-G

Time Event
10:30am – 3:45pm Tea Forums Series
Youth Tea Arts - the Strength Happy Tea Gathering with
Tea Appraiser

Principal Kwok Yuk Lin
Member of Education Committee, Shatin Baptist Church

Family Leung
National Senior (Level-1) Tea Appraise
Kombucha: Why is It the
Next Big Thing?
A Cup of Tea with a Plate
of Wagashi

Patricia Lam and Lisa Lam
Co-founders, Taboo & Cha Limited (Taboocha)

Soshin Kimura
Japanese Tea Master
11am – 12:30pm Tasting Session on Winning Teas of Tea Competition
2pm – 4:30pm International KamCha Competition 2019 Hong Kong Milk Tea – Final

Attractions on 17 Aug

International KamCha Competition 2019 (Hong Kong Milk Tea) – Final @ Tea Gallery, Halls 5F-G
The Champion of Hong Kong Final will vie for top honours with other regional champions coming from the Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Melbourne and Toronto.

Flavours and Highlights @ Tea Fair

Tea Reception on 15 Aug
Benjamin Chau, Deputy Executive Director, HKTDC (front, 4th from left) and Dr Jose Sunsay Yu, GBM, GBS, JP, Chairman of Chinese Tea Culture International Exchange Association (front, 3rd from left) with pavilion heads from India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, various Mainland China provinces and representatives of the sponsoring organisations to toast and celebrate the success of the HKTDC Hong Kong International Tea Fair 2019.

Hong Kong International Tea Competition 2019 Result Announcement
Entries from exhibitors were judged in seven categories including Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea (Orthodox), Black Tea (CTC), Aged Tea (excluding Pu’er), Pu’er Tea, and a mixed category comprising White Tea, Yellow Tea and Scented Tea. The results have been announced at the Tea Reception. Visitors can enjoy complimentary tastings of winning teas today! Winning entries will also be available at selected hotels from 24 Aug to 6 Sept.

Click here to see the winners!

International Tea Arts Performance @ 16 Aug
Jiangxi Tea Arts Performance Hubei Tea Arts Performance
Jiangsu Tea Arts Performance Hunan "Black Tea & Anhua Dark Tea" Tasting

International Cup Warming @ 16 Aug
Dan Robertson, Founder and Director of the International Tea Cuppers Club (USA) Kavinda illeperuma, Market Promotion Officer,
Sri Lanka Tea Board (Sri Lanka)
Sandy Kao, Taiwan Tea Exporters Association (Taiwan) Representative from Marukyo Koyamaen (Japan)
Thavisith Bounyasouk and Khamphan Changtingyong, Phongsaly Green Tea Factory (Laos) Xingguo Yixingyuan Tea Co (Mainland China)
Representative from Minrong Tea Co., Ltd.
(Mainland China)

Convert Tea Knowledge into Dollars: Tea Science and
Branding Strategies
Prof. Xu Liu, Secretary General of the Professional Committee on Sensory Evaluation and Inspection, Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science Angela Lau, Managing Director, Rio Lagartos Collection Limited

Exhibitor Feedback

“Longjing was the royal tea in Qing Dynasty and has long been hailed as the ‘Queen of Green Tea’ for its four outstanding features namely green colour, rich fragrance, sweet taste and beautiful shape. Xihu (West Lake) in Hangzhou is a famous place producing Longjing. This is the first time that we have set up a pavilion at the Hong Kong International Tea Fair to promote our Xihu Longjing brand. We have led a delegation of seven companies to exhibit at the fair. As this Tea Fair is an international trade fair, our delegates can take this good opportunity to develop Hong Kong’s tea market and to assess international buyers’ demand for Chinese green tea.”
Xia Yuzhu, Director, Hangzhou Agricultural and Rural Bureau, Mainland China (Booth: 5G-B20)
“Taiwan produces different kinds of teas and it is famous for producing oolong tea. In view of favourable business results at last year’s Hong Kong International Tea Fair, the Taiwan Tea Exporters Association has organised the Taiwan Pavilion at the fair for the second consecutive year. Four Taiwanese tea exhibitors have returned to the fair to promote green tea, black tea, oolong tea, bubble tea and tea gift packs while a new Taiwanese exhibitor is showcasing tea ware. Taiwanese exhibitors are keen to look for overseas buyers and importers and new business opportunities through the fair. As one of the exhibitors in the Taiwan Pavilion, I am happy with the results because I have met with new buyers from Malaysia, Singapore and Russia.”
Hsiu Chen Kao, Chairman, Taiwan Tea Exporters Association and President, Tai Shiang Tea Co., Ltd., Taiwan (Booth: 5F-B20)

Buyer Feedback

“Tai Tai is the largest health tea manufacturer in Mainland China which imports 3,000-5,000 tonnes of tea every year for processing into health tea. With an annual sales turnover of RMB300 million, we sell slimming tea and anti-constipation tea to drug stores throughout Mainland China. I come to the Hong Kong International Tea Fair for the first time to look for health tea, black tea, green tea and jasmine tea. The demand for slimming tea and anti-constipation tea is strong in Mainland China with an annual sales turnover of RMB3 billion because women like slimming tea while elderly people need anti-constipation tea. I am happy to have found eight potential suppliers from India, Laos and Mainland China at the fair. I plan to buy US$1 million worth of black tea from an Indian supplier which can provide quality products at competitive prices.”
Xu Ming, General Manager, Tai Tai Health Products (Changzhou) International Group, Mainland China
“We are selling flavoured tea and traditional Chinese tea under our Kindred Teas brand through our e-commerce platform in Singapore. We also organise tea tasting events and workshops for our corporate customers. This is my first time visiting the Hong Kong International Tea Fair. I am particularly looking for interesting flavours and suppliers who can accept small orders like 50 kilograms or less. I have identified four potential suppliers of flavoured tea from Mainland China and Japan. Compared to the tea fair in Singapore, I can see a greater variety of tea products at the Hong Kong fair. The tea gift market in Singapore is growing as consumers and corporate customers like to buy tea products as gifts. I would like to come again next year to source new flavours for my customers.”
Madelene Poon, Director, The Pantry Curators, Singapore
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Concurrent Public Events

Home Delights Expo, 15-19 Aug @ Halls 3F-G &
Halls 3B-D Concourse
Home Delights Expo presents a broad range of stylish kitchen appliances, cookware, tableware and bedroom items from 185 exhibitors, all ready to help you create your dream home!

Beauty & Wellness Expo, 15-19 Aug @ Halls 3F-G
The Beauty & Wellness Expo gathers over 110 exhibitors from Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and the UK to showcase skincare and haircare products, spa massage products and health products. The stylish K-Beauty Expo Hong Kong Pavilion features hot products from more than 40 Korean companies and brands.

To reduce food wastage, HKTDC cooperates with two Hong Kong’s food rescue charities - Food For Good and Food Angel to promote food recycling. Exhibitors are encouraged to donate their food waste to 3E-E13 (15-19 Aug) and unwanted edible food products to 5C-F43 (15-17 Aug) or G303 (19 Aug) at Trade Hall and Public Hall respectively, so as to benefit the grassroots community.

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Ticket holders of Food Expo 2019 can redeem a gift upon presenting the ticket stubs or e-ticket at Times Square 2/F Concierge during 15-19 Aug 2019 (10am – 10pm) on first-come-first served basis, while stocks last! Please contact the concierge or hotline (T: 2118 8900) for more details.
Ticket holders of Food Expo 2019 can redeem five HK$10 Food Dollar Coupon when presenting the ticket stubs at information counter in Harbour City (Level 2, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, near Shop OTE 202 – Tsukada Nojo) from 15-25 August 2019 (12nn – 8pm). One HK$10 Food Dollar Coupon can be used upon every spending of HK$100 at any participating restaurants (Maximum 5 coupons can be used each time). First-come-first served basis, while stocks last! For more information, please contact customer service hotline at 2118 8666 or visit Harbour City website.


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