Savour a Feast of Delicious Opportunities this August!

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Fair Daily:
Savour a Feast of Delicious Opportunities this August!
Keep your appetite and
continue to source products from the rich menu!

The HKTDC Food Expo, HKTDC Hong Kong International Tea Fair and the International Conference of the Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Products (ICMCM) represent a world of business opportunities this August! Staged concurrently with the HKTDC Beauty & Wellness Expo and the HKTDC Home Delights Expo, the five spectacular events are on the menu under one roof, featuring over 2,100 top-tier exhibitors. Set the table and feast on exceptional food, tea, beauty and household products from across the world!
Guest of Honour, Prof Hon Sophia Chan Siu Chee, JP, Secretary for Food and Health, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (front, 4th from right); Margaret Fong, Executive Director, HKTDC (front, 3rd from right) and representatives from Canada, Mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam celebrate the success of the 30th edition of the HKTDC Food Expo, the 11th edition of the HKTDC Hong Kong International Tea Fair, the 6th edition of the HKTDC Home Delights Expo and the 4th edition of the HKTDC Beauty & Wellness Expo.

VIP Tour

Esteemed guests were given a VIP tour of the fairgrounds, enjoying a delectable spread of highlights and activities.
Food Expo
India Pavilion (Booth: 5B-B01)
Japan Pavilion (Booth: 5B-C02)
Poland Pavilion (Booth: 5C-B02)
Thailand Pavilion (Booth: 5C-B24)
Vietnam Pavilion (Booth: 5C-B23)
Kazakhstan Pavilion (Booth: 5C-D44)
Saudi Arabia Pavilion (Booth: 5C-D24)
Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong
(Booth: 5C-E36)
Fujian Pavilion, Mainland China (Booth: 5E-B02)
Sichuan Meishan Pavilion, Mainland China
(Booth: 5E-E02)
Jilin Pavilion, Mainland China (Booth: 5E-E22)
Zhejiang Pavilion, Mainland China (Booth: 5G-E01)
Hunan Pavilion, Mainland China (Booth: 5E-F02)
Sichuan Pavilion, Mainland China (Booth: 5G-C02)

Tea Fair
Hunan Pavilion, Mainland China (Booth: 5G-A02)
Fujian Pavilion, Mainland China (Booth: 5F-D02)
Guizhou Pavilion, Mainland China (Booth: 5F-B19)

Home Delights Expo
CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (Booth: 3F-E02)
The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) (Booth: 3F-C02)
Jebsen Home Tech Company Limited (Booth: 3G-A02)

Beauty & Wellness Expo
Amazing Life Development Company Limited
(Booth: 3G-C02)
K-Beauty Expo Hong Kong Pavilion (Booth: 3G-E01)

Food Expo (Trade Hall) Tea Fair ICMCM

Food Expo (Trade Hall), 15-17 Aug @ Halls 5B-G
Exhibitor List | Register | Souvenir for Trade Buyers | Event Schedule
The Food Expo features over 1,570 exhibitors from 21 countries and regions, setting the table with delicious bites from across the world! Food is a universal language, as reflected in this year’s group pavilions at the Trade Hall (Halls 5B-G) representing Mainland China, India, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Thailand and the United States, as well as new pavilions from Saudi Arabia and Vietnam. A world of flavour and opportunity awaits at the Trade Hall!

A World of Enticing Culinary Arts @ Trade Hall (Halls 5B-G)

Japan Pavilion Kazakhstan Pavilion
Mexico Pavilion Poland Pavilion
USA Pavilion

India Pavilion
Coconut Chutney
Sankalp Packaged Foods
Booth: 5B-B13
KEN Spicy Bread Spread
Ken Agritech Pvt Limited
Booth: 5B-A03
Fruit Cocktail
Holy-Land Marketing Private Limited
Booth: 5B-B07

Saudi Arabia Pavilion  @ Booths: 5C-D16, 5C-D24
Fresh Milk
Almarai Company
Booth: 5C-D16, 5C-D24
Box of Dates
Madina Dates Company - Tomoor
Booth: 5C-D16, 5C-D24
Dandormah Icepops
Alwefag Food Industries
Booth: 5C-D16, 5C-D24

Thailand Pavilion
Tom Yum Sauce
R.S. Foods Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5C-D32
Shrimp Heads Snack
Prikhom Inter Food Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5C-B24
Salad Dressing
Ponkroncholvit Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5C-B24

Vietnam Pavilion
Coffee Beans, Coffee Powder, Gift Set
Niso Corporation
Booth: 5C-B25
Premium Tea, Gift Set
Lasen Tea Co., Ltd
Booth: 5C-B23
Grilled Ginger with Honey
Nam Xanh Joint Stock Company
Booth: 5C-B27

Halal Food Zone @ Hall 5C

A delectable showcase of halal foods from Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and more!
Mohammad Ali Saadeddin &
P (Saadeddin Pastry Group)
Booth: 5C-D16, 5C-D24
Salty Lemon Drink
Tan Quang Minh Manufacture and Trading Co., Ltd
Booth: 5C-A26
Frozen Halal Boneless Buffalo Meat
Allanasons Private Limited
Booth: 5B-A06

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Souvenir for Trade Buyers on 16-17 Aug @ Halls 5FG

Recommended Events for Trade Buyers @ The Forum, Hall 5E

Time Event
10:30am – 11:15am Taste of India
11:30am – 12:30pm Thai Healthy Food and Drink Products
2pm – 2:30pm The Growing Affluence of Southeast Asia: Take Advantage of the Opportunities
2:45pm – 3:15pm Hubei Pavilion Product Demo
3:30pm – 4:30pm Testing and Certification Services for Food

Mandy Cheng
Food Safety Manager, Intertek Hong Kong

Joey Lau
Senior Manager, Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Department, The Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre
5pm – 5:45pm Mexico: A Natural Food Paradise

Exhibitor Feedback

“HKTDC Food Expo is the largest fair of its kind in Asia, providing a perfect place for Japanese food companies to promote products and expand presence especially in Hong Kong. This is our ninth-year participating in the Expo. We have brought together a total of 92 companies to showcase a great variety of food items this year and about half of them are participating in the fair for the first time. We are able to attract a good flow of buyers visiting our booths again. Hong Kong is the largest export market of Japanese food and the sales continue to grow this year. The city is an international hub in Asia enabling companies to extend presence worldwide. The Expo is a must-attend trade event every year for us to showcase and promote food products. We’re pleased to be able to strengthen our sales and presence through this excellent platform.”
Takuro Wanami, Director, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Food Business Promotion Division, JETRO, Japan (Booth: 5B-C02)
“Indonesia is hosting a pavilion at the Food Expo this year to promote Indonesian food products to different buyers. The Expo offers a good platform to showcase our products and enhance people’s awareness about the quality of Indonesian food. Three Indonesian food companies have joined us to promote a diversity of products from coconut sugar to yogurt drinks, snacks and milk drinks. We’ve attracted a good amount of interest from various buyers, especially those from Mainland China and Hong Kong. They really love our food items and we expect to establish business relationship with them. The Expo is a great trade event drawing a large number of buyers from different parts of the world to explore business development here. This is a successful exhibition.”
Iqbal S Shofwan, Consul (Trade), Indonesia Consulate General in Hong Kong (Booth: 5C-E36)
“California is making a stronger presence at Food Expo this year bringing 12 food companies from California to showcase a variety of specialty foods and beverages such as olive oils, avocado oils, confectioneries, wines, chocolate, almonds, walnuts, healthy snacks and prunes. The feedback has been very good. We’ve met with a lot of buyers from Hong Kong and Mainland China. They expressed keen interest in our products. It’s only the first day of exhibition but we are optimistic about developing business with the new contacts. Our participating companies are generally happy and feel positive about the new business opportunities they’ve explored here.”
Jeffrey Williamson, Director, California State Trade Expansion (California STEP), USA (Booth: 5C-B16)

Buyer Feedback

“With a history of 65 years, Tenshin Hanten operates 13 Chinese restaurants in Japan specialising in Cantonese cuisines. This is my first visit to HKTDC Food Expo to find something new and interesting to enrich our offerings. I have already got in touch with a Hong Kong company producing different kinds of Hong Kong-styled desserts like red bean paste and walnut paste. I expect to introduce these desserts to customers at our restaurants later this year. The Expo is an excellent fair featuring a large number of exhibitors from different places of the world including some Japanese companies from Wakayama, Akita and Aomori prefectures that I’ve never connected before. There is a lot to see and find here. Japanese people love the city of Hong Kong and its food. The Expo is a good place to look for new items.”
Makoto Oh, President, Tenshin Hanten, Japan
“In business for 20 years, we are part of Paris-headquartered Lagardère Group. We are running about 400 stores in Czech Republic selling a wide range of duty free & fashion items, food services and travel essentials likes tobacco and newspapers. I am visiting HKTDC Food Expo for the first time to source food products. So far, I’ve found five new suppliers from Thailand and Sri Lanka through the business matching meetings for various products like juices, dried food, coffee and tea. I also established contact with a Saudi Arabian exhibitor at the fairground and its cake items are very interesting. I will start with trial orders first with them. This is a great fair and I am positive about developing business with the new suppliers.”
Jakub Bureš, COO Food Services, Lagardère Travel Retail, Czech Republic

Joyful Moments @ Food Expo, 15 Aug

Trade Networking Reception (Co-organised with Grocery Trade Magazine)
From left: Ray Chui, Chairman, Institution of Dining Art; Thomas Ng, Chairman, HK Food Council; Simon Chow, Managing Director, Grocery Trade Magazine; Johnny Wan, Director, Exhibitions Market Development, HKTDC; Betty Leung, Chief Executive, Sims Trading; Bernard Kam, Group Operating Officer- Marketing, Tsit Wing International Holdings Ltd and Lee Kwong Lam, Chairman, Tong Tai Provisions Co., Ltd host the toasting ceremony.

Mainland China’s Food Market: New Online Promotional Strategies
C. H. Poon, Economist (Greater China Research Team),
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Tiffany Tung, Senior Business Development Manager, Source Network Media Group Limited

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Tea Fair, 15-17 Aug @ Halls 5F-G
Exhibitor List | Register | Souvenir for Trade Buyers | Event Schedule
Brewing cup after cup of success, the 11th edition of Hong Kong International Tea Fair features over 250 exhibitors from some of the world’s elite tea production capitals. Showcasing the finest tea products from Hong Kong, Mainland China, India, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and a new participant from Laos, the art of tea appreciation is steeped in culture at this important event!

Fujian Pavilion, Mainland China Guizhou Pavilion, Mainland China
Zhejiang (Hangzhou) Pavilion, Mainland China  Jiangsu Pavilion, Mainland China
Sri Lanka Pavilion Taiwan Pavilion

India Pavilion
Royal Carton Tea
New Tea Company Limited
Booth: 5F-B14
Olive Herbal Tea
Oliria Foods and Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
Booth: 5F-B12
Vedic Tea
Saraf Trading Corporation Private Limited
Booth: 5F-B18

Jiangxi Pavilion (Mainland China)
"Tian Xing" Silver Pot
Jiangxi BaoPuTang Trading Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5G-B33
Jingwuhong Black Tea
Nanchang Rupin Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: 5G-B32
Yantai Black Tea
Jiangxi Fuliang Tribute Tea Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5G-D29

Highlighted Events @ Tea Salon & Tea Gallery, Halls 5F-G

Time Event
10:45am – 1:45pm International Tea Arts Performance
• Jiangxi Tea Arts Performance
• Hubei Tea Arts Performance
• Jiangsu Tea Arts Performance
• Ceylon Tea Tradition
11am – 1pm International Cup Warming
Experts from Mainland China, India, Japan, Laos, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and USA
3pm – 4pm Convert Tea Knowledge into Dollars: Tea Science and Branding Strategies

Prof. Xu Liu
Secretary General of The Professional Committee on Sensory Evaluation and Inspection, Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science

Angela Lau
Managing Director,
Rio Lagartos Collection Limited
4:30pm – 5:30pm International Tea Arts Performance
Hunan "Black Tea & Anhua Dark Tea" Tasting

Flavours and Highlights @ Tea Fair, 15 Aug

Greater Bay Area KamCha Competition 2019 (Hong Kong Milk Tea) – Final

International Tea Tasting Session
Good Tea Makes a Good Life Fuyuanchang Tea Factory Menghai County Tea Tasting Session
Ceylon Tea – Pure Enchantment in a Cup Fujian Tea Tasting Session

Exhibitor Feedback

“Fujian is the second largest tea producer and exporter in Mainland China. This is the second time that we have organised the Fujian Pavilion at the Hong Kong International Tea Fair. In view of favourable responses, we have expanded our pavilion this year by increasing the number of exhibitors from 25 to 50. The Fujian Pavilion is showcasing famous teas such as tieguanyin from Anxi, yan tea (rock tea) from Wuyi Mountain, white tea from Fuding and jasmine tea from Fuzhou. Fujian has been active in promoting its tea products to countries along the Belt and Road and Hong Kong acts as an important gateway for us to achieve this objective. The Hong Kong International Tea Fair provides an excellent opportunity for Fujian’s tea companies to introduce their famous teas to Hong Kong people and to promote our tea culture. Apart from organising the Fujian Pavilion at the Hong Kong fair, we are going to set up a permanent tea culture and exhibition centre in Hong Kong soon to further promote Fujian’s famous teas.”
Chen Mingwang, Deputy Director-General, Fujian Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Mainland China (Booth: 5F-D02)
“The southern part of Pinli County is a major tea producing area in Shaanxi Province which is famous for producing nuwa tea and gynostemma pentaphyllum (jiaogulan tea). This is the fourth time that we have set up a pavilion at the Hong Kong International Tea Fair to promote our tea brands and expand our export business. We have brought together six major tea companies to this year’s fair. The Hong Kong International Tea fair provides a good place for them to meet with International buyers and develop overseas markets. Exports of nuwa tea started to increase last year and we hope that the fair will bring more business opportunities to our exhibitors.”
He Zhonggang, Deputy Director, Pinli County Economic and Trade Bureau, Mainland China (Booth: 5F-A02)

Buyer Feedback

“Established in 1997, our company is a tea importer, producer, wholesaler and exporter in Poland. We blend green tea sencha and gun powder with additional flavours and herbs and supply to tea shops and restaurants in Poland and other European countries. This is my first-time visit to the Hong Kong International Tea Fair. Apart from sourcing green tea sencha and black tea, I am also looking for organic tea which is growing fast in Poland. So far, I have found three potential suppliers of organic tea from Mainland China and five potential suppliers of green tea sencha, black tea, dark tea, ceramic tea pots and cups, as well as tea filters. I will place orders with some of the potential suppliers after the fair. I like the fair very much because I can find a huge variety of tea products. I’ll also look for speciality tea and blooming tea and attend the International Cup Warming event during the fair period.”
Agnieszka Kowal-Rudzka, CEO, The Traditional Tea Company of London, Poland
“Dobrá čajovna is my own tea brand and I supply all kinds of orthodox tea to 40 tea rooms in Europe and the US. Each year, I import 5 to 10 tonnes of teas from different places such as Mainland China and Sri Lanka. This is my second time visiting the Hong Kong International Tea Fair. I have found five potential suppliers of orthodox tea and organic tea through the business matching meetings arranged by the HKTDC. These new contacts are very useful. Tea consumption in the Czech Republic is high and that’s why there are a lot of tea rooms. The demand for speciality teas has been increasing in recent years. I’ll look for speciality tea at the fair.”
Aleš Juřina, Franchisor, Dobrá čajovna, Czech Republic

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ICMCM Conference, 15-16 Aug @ Meeting Room N101B
Register | Programme
Guest of Honour, Prof Hon Sophia Chan Siu Chee, JP, Secretary for Food and Health, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (front, 3rd from left); Yang Sheng, National Medical Products Administration (front, 3rd from right); Margaret Fong, Executive Director, HKTDC (front, 2nd from left); Vivien Chou, President, Modernized Chinese Medicine International Association (front, 2nd from right); Harry Yeung, Founding Council Member, Modernised Chinese Medicine International Association (front, far right); Professor Feng Yi Bin, Co-Chairman, ICMCM 2019 Organising Committee (front, far left) and industry representatives officiate the opening ceremony of ICMCM.

VIPs and Guests Mingled at the Reception

TCM Modernisation & Internationalisation: Start from the
Greater Bay Area
Join these Heavy-weight Speakers Today @ Room N101B
Dr Kevin Chu
Senior Vice President —
Chinese Medicine, Jacobson
Pharma Corporation Limited
Abraham Chan
Chairman, Purapharm Corporation Limited
Janis Chan
Marketing Director,
China Market, Nin Jiom Medicine Mfy. HK Ltd.
Harry Yeung
Founding Council Member, Modernised Chinese Medicine International Association

Sharing from Distinguished Guests and Speakers on 15 August
Yang Sheng
National Medical Products Administration
Dr Feng Yi Bin
Associate Professor and Associate Director (Education), School of Chinese Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
Prof Xu Hong Xi
Dean & Professor, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dr Pan Wen Hui
CEO of Gihon Biotech Limited
Tommy Zhang
Tong Han Chun Tang CEO,
Shanghai Tong Han Chun Tang Medicine CO.,LTD
Professor Nie Hong
Ph.D. Advisor, Department Director Guangdong Province Key Laboratory of Pharmacodynamic Constituents of TCM and New Drugs Research
Prof Sang Kook Lee
Professor, College of Pharmacy,
Seoul National University
Dr George Leung Pak Heng
Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, The University of Hong Kong
Professor Haruki Yamada
The Kitasato Institute Chair, Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi)
Dr Hua Zhou
Professor, Associate Dean, Faculty of Chinese Medicine, State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine, Macau Institute for Applied Research in Medicine and Health, Macau University of Science and Technology

Remarks: The Organisers reserve the right to alter the topic/content/speaker of the programme without prior notice.
Conference Organisers:

Concurrent Public Events

Home Delights Expo, 15-19 Aug @ Halls 3F-G & Halls 3B-D Concourse
Well designed, high-performance electrical appliances and household products take the strain out of household chores – and keep your living space comfortable and clean. Home Delights Expo’s 185 exhibitors present all the newest ideas and latest products to meet your needs.

Beauty & Wellness Expo, 15-19 Aug @ Halls 3F-G
Discover fabulous new ideas in skincare, cosmetics, haircare, healthcare, fitness and more at the Beauty & Wellness Expo and its highlighted K-Beauty Expo Hong Kong Pavilion.

To reduce food wastage, HKTDC cooperates with two Hong Kong’s food rescue charities - Food For Good and Food Angel to promote food recycling. Exhibitors are encouraged to donate their food waste to 3E-E13 (15-19 Aug) and unwanted edible food products to 5C-F43 (15-17 Aug) or G303 (19 Aug) at Trade Hall and Public Hall respectively, so as to benefit the grassroots community.

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Perks and Rewards from Shopping Malls

Ticket holders of Food Expo 2019 can redeem a gift upon presenting the ticket stubs or e-ticket at Times Square 2/F Concierge during 15-19 Aug 2019 (10am – 10pm) on first-come-first served basis, while stocks last! Please contact the concierge or hotline (T: 2118 8900) for more details.
Ticket holders of Food Expo 2019 can redeem five HK$10 Food Dollar Coupon when presenting the ticket stubs at information counter in Harbour City (Level 2, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, near Shop OTE 202 – Tsukada Nojo) from 15-25 August 2019 (12nn – 8pm). One HK$10 Food Dollar Coupon can be used upon every spending of HK$100 at any participating restaurants (Maximum 5 coupons can be used each time). First-come-first served basis, while stocks last! For more information, please contact customer service hotline at 2118 8666 or visit Harbour City website.


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