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20-23 Apr 2019
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Unveiling the Sustainable Future of Homeware Industry
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Embracing sustainability and eco-friendly practices, the HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair – the largest of its kind in Asia – and the concurrent Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair opened yesterday. Featuring around 2,500 global exhibitors, this world-class event represents the ultimate one-stop sourcing platform for the booming home lifestyle industry. Green innovation is here to stay, and global buyers can explore the latest in eco-friendly materials, sustainable houseware products and home textiles, while attending eco-inspired events and networking with experts in anticipation of a brighter, greener tomorrow.


Hong Kong Houseware Fair
Featuring around 2,200 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions, the Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2019 stays one step ahead of the times by exhibiting the latest in green practices that will define the future. Environmentally responsible designs are attracting a significant number of modern consumers and enterprises. At this event, you can discover a vast range of eco-friendly decorations, biodegradable materials, environmentally conscious products and green materials that continue to flourish.

Bamboo Tableware
Shenzhen Jumbowise Enterprises Co.,Ltd
Booth: 3G-C29
Bamboo Wine Rack
Shop For Stores
Booth: 3F-F02
Collapsible Trunk
Shuter Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Booth: 1E-C22
Neck Pillow
Shenzhen LianDa NM Tech Co., Ltd
Booth: 1E-C21
Silicone Straw
Eastern Rich Industries Limited
Booth: 3G-B22
Water Filtering Jug
Dafi Market SA
Booth: 1C-F08

"L.I.F.E" Continues to Inspire

Returning as the Fair’s main theme, “L.I.F.E" represents the event’s four major zones which include "Lifestyle", "Interior", "Feast" and "Enrich" to create an efficient and organised sourcing experience. Today, we focus on “Interior” attractions that transform a dream home from the inside.

In collaboration with the world’s leading trend authority, WGSN, the Interior theme looks to the inside for trends that are represented by the idea of “Playful Plush”. Defined by a convergence of modern opulence, cultural diversity and bold, colourful palettes, “Playful Plush” is inspired by an imaginative outlook on life that channels lively, eclectic designs of global influence and youthful enthusiasm.

Special Occasions @ Festive Décor (Hall 3C)
It’s time to get festive! The Festive Décor zone celebrates everything we need to turn a home into a festive paradise during the most wonderful times of the year. Explore a fabulous range of themed decorations and supplies that create festive magic year-round.
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Inner Style @ Interior Décor (Halls 3C-D)
Explore all the tools and inspirations available to the modern interior designer at the Interior Décor Zone. Learn all about the latest trends in the world of interior design, while experiencing premier decoration ideas that channel our inner beauty at home.

Ceramic Planters with KD Beech Legs
Wisdom (HK) Home Group Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3D-C24
Garment Rack
Berlee Furniture (Hong Kong) Limited
Booth: 3C-B08
Home Decor
Vallabh Metal Inc
Booth: 3C-D24
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Culture and Heritage @ The Best of ASEAN (Hall 3E)
The Best of ASEAN zone showcases the unique cultures of Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, with dedicated pavilions that celebrate each country’s leading companies. Experience a vibrant display of tradition and craftsmanship melding with contemporary flair for each unique culture.

Vietnam Pavilion
Features a rich, rustic range of rattan and bamboo artisanal houseware products
Thailand Pavilion
Showcases a popular selection of products including ceramic and plastic kitchenware as well as wooden decorative pieces fit for any home
The Philippines Pavilion
Provides buyers with beautifully crafted seashell ornaments and contemporary household products and accessories
Indonesia Pavilion
Offers an abundant source of themed plastic and glass kitchenware
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Hear What Exhibitors Say

“Under the supervision of the Thai Prime Minister, OSMEP is a major policymaker to support SMEs in Thailand and also incubate and train startups and SMEs. We also provide financial support and advice to SMEs and help them to develop international business networks. This is the second year that we have set up the Thailand Pavilion at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair. The fair provides the perfect platform for Thai companies to develop international markets. Thai exhibitors closed more than 100 deals through last year’s Houseware Fair. At this year’s fair, we have brought together 20 companies which provide good and creative products such as UV-resistant, antibacterial and eco-friendly textiles, herbal products, spa products, celadon products, and skincare products made from organic materials. Their creative products attract a lot of interest from international buyers.”
Wimonkan Kosumas, Deputy Director General, Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), Thailand
“SME Development Bank is a government financial institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry in Thailand. Our mission is to assist Thai SMEs to access to finance. This is the second time that SME Development Bank provides sponsorship to Thai exhibitors at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair because we want to promote their houseware products, home decorative items, and spa and wellness products in the international markets. In fact, Hong Kong is an important gateway for Thai SMEs to expand their markets into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and beyond as it provides a more complete infrastructure to support business operations. In addition, Hong Kong is one of the major international trading hubs. The Hong Kong Houseware Fair provides a very good opportunity for Thai exhibitors to connect with new customers and new business partners and to increase their international sales, which is crucial to their business sustainability.”
Phongoharn Samphaongern, Senior Executive Vice President, SME Development Bank, Thailand

A Debut that Makes Scents @ Candles & Scents (Hall 3C) 
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Explore the Latest and Greatest in Houseware and Home Textiles
Buyer Forum – Market Opportunities in Indonesia & Singapore
Date & Time Apr 21, 10:30am – 11:15am
Venue The Forum, Hall 3B
Buyers 1. PT. Global Digital Niaga ( Indonesia
2. Gallery 278, Singapore
Lucky Draw
Date & Time Apr 21, 4:30pm – 5pm
Venue The Forum, Hall 3B

Not-to-be-missed : Trend Forecast Display @
Hall 3 South Concourse

Product Preview  

Discover Other Aspects of L.I.F.E

Lifestyle Theme – Primitive Future (Hall 1)

Embrace an Eco-Friendly Future @ Green Living (Hall 1 Concourse)
The Green Living zone exhibits eco-friendly designs, biodegradable materials and sustainable products that continue to attract the attention of forward-thinking consumers and enterprises across the world.
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Take a Sneak Peek at the Brightest New Home Decoration Ideas
Houseware Product Demo & Launch Pad – Yangjiang China Hardware Knives & Scissors
Date & Time Apr 21, 11am – 11:30am
Venue The Stage, Hall 1B
SPACEPLAN Interior Design Award Presentation Ceremony
Date & Time Apr 21, 2:30pm – 4pm
Venue The Stage, Hall 1B
Event Partner

Co-founder & Spokesman

Today’s Green Pick
Green lifestyles are the way of the future as we rekindle the beauty of the past! Look for
“Green Products” sign at various booths for ideas of the greener bright future!

Stainless Steel Tableware Set
Regent Silverware Manufacturing Ltd
Booth: 1D-C21
Deposited by physical vapor deposition (PVD), the set of products eliminate the usage of environmentally harmful chrome and cadmium electroplating processes during the production, which can maintain equivalent performance with a cost-effective and environmentally acceptable alternative.

Feast Theme – Hyper Room (Halls 3F-G)

Everything’s On the Table @ Tableware (Hall 3F)
In harmony with flourishing demand for home entertaining products, the Tableware zone features a vast collection of everything the modern homeowner needs to provide a restaurant-quality experience for their guests.

Bamboo and Marble Cheese Set
Mutual-B Industry Ltd
Booth: 3F-E01
M-Design Factory for Plastic Products
Booth: 3F-E06
Tableware Set
Ningbo Sanso International Trade Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3F-D24
See More Exhibitors  

Elevating the Art of Wine Tasting @ Wine Tools & Accessories (Hall 3F)
From beginners to experts, every wine tasting experience has one thing in common: the right tools will always elevate the enjoyment of a fine bottle. Explore and source from a vintage collection of top-tier wine equipment and accessories at Hall 3F that takes the art of wine appreciation to the next level.

Ice Bucket
Hinrichs H.R.E. Limited
Booth: 3F-G17
Punch Bowl
Samlan International
Booth: 3F-G01
Switch Universal Stopper
Actigift Development Co Ltd
Booth: 3F-G07
See More Exhibitors  

Ignite Your Senses
International Kitchenette (Taiwan)
Date & Time Apr 21, 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Venue The Kitchenette, Halls 3F-G
See the Cooking Equipment and Tools Sponsored by Exhibitors to Brighten your Thoughts for Home!
Frying Pan
Dds Home Products Co., Ltd
Booth: 1D-E33
Frying Pan
Yi Long Enterprises Co
Booth: 1D-D24
Gusto Stainless Steel Frypan
Choicest International Corp
Booth: 3D-D28
Promaster Associates, Ltd.
Booth: 3G-C20
Busking Performance
Date & Time Apr 21, 2pm – 2:20pm
Apr 21, 2:30pm – 2:50pm
Venue Hall 1E Trend Forecast Display, Hall 3 South Concourse

Enrich Theme – Harmony Lab (Hall 5B-D, 5E)

Only the Best for the Little Ones @ Baby Products (Halls 5B-C)
When it comes to caring for infants, only the best will do! At the Baby Products zone, you can explore the latest and greatest in the world of baby supplies, accessories and equipment that brings peace of mind to every new parent.

Baby Bath Tub
Karibu Baby Limited
Booth: 5C-A13
Baby Bowl Set
Natural Made Company Limited
Booth: 5B-F06
Baby Carrier
Jinjiang Yinjusheng Import &
Export Trade Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5C-A21
See More Exhibitors  

Treat Yourself @ Bath, Beauty & Healthcare (Hall 5C)
Consumers are increasingly aware of how fast-paced modern life can take its toll. As result, demand for pampering products and calming techniques continues to rise. Visit the Bath, Beauty & Healthcare zone for an exceptional range of products that help us achieve peace of mind.

Cotton Pad
Jieyang Top-tips Daily Use Products
Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5C-A06
Natural Bristle Bamboo Body Brush
Pucheng Zhepin Bamboo & Wooden Product Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5C-B06
World Wide Daily Holdings
Company Limited
Booth: 5C-B08
See More Exhibitors  

Wash Away Your Stress @ Home Cleaning & Laundry (Hall 5C)
As the importance of hygiene continues to attract attention worldwide, the Home Cleaning & Laundry zone presents a selection of fine products that helps modern homeowners keep their homes spotless and secure.

Cleaning Mitts
Maxi Support Sdn Bhd
Booth: 5C-D01
Cleaning Mop
Ningbo Neco Housewares Co Ltd
Booth: 5C-D10
Universal Detergent
Wimex Srl
Booth: 5C-D15
See More Exhibitors  

Get Organised @ Storage Solutions (Hall 5C)
Like many other urban centres across the world, space in Hong Kong is at a premium. Source a range of products that make the most of our space at the Storage Solutions display and start organising your home life today!

Laundry Storage System
YetMore Plastic & Hardware Co., Ltd
Booth: 5C-E26
Slim Pole Storage Rack
Heian Shindo Kogyo Company Limited
Booth: 5C-E13
Storage Rack Furniture
YoungJin Industries Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5C-E14
See More Exhibitors  

Spotlighting the Brightest New Home Ideas
Startup • Smart Launch
Date & Time Apr 21, 11am – 11:30am
Venue Innovation Hub, Hall 5D
Exhibitors 1. Dosee Design (11am – 11:10am)
2. Film Players (11:10am – 11:20am)
3. Nuviro Gift Soap (11:20am – 11:30am)
Aroma Soap Making Workshop
Date & Time Apr 21, 3pm – 3:45pm
Venue Innovation Hub, Hall 5D

Provincial Pride @ New Pavilions from Mainland China (Halls 5B & 5E)
Mainland China’s global influence continues to rise, so make sure to check out the debut of group pavilions representing Fujian province and Jinhua from Zhejiang province at this year’s event.

Fujian Pavilion (Hall 5E)

Ceramic Tea Set
Fujian Dehua Baoyi Ceramics Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5E-D07
Flower Vase
Fujian Dehua Frankwell Ceramic Manufacturer Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5E-D11
Nesting Tables
Zhangzhou Haojiayi Industry and
Trade Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5E-A02
See More Exhibitors  

Jinhua Pavilion (Hall 5B)

Zhejiang Eternal Home Decoration Co Ltd
Booth: 5B-C14
Thermal Flask
Zhejiang Fucharm Houseware Industry
Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5B-C02
Zhejiang Jupeng Drinkware Co Ltd
Booth: 5B-C06
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Hear What Buyers Say

“Progress Distribution is a distributor of branded products, with clients not only from Germany but also from other EU countries. I have visited the Hong Kong Houseware Fair for several times. To meet the needs of our customers, I am particularly looking for pet supplies and green products. Pet supplies are in great demand as people like to keep pets more than children. Consumers in EU countries prefer household products which are made from non-plastic materials. At the fair, I have found two potential suppliers of smart bowls and biodegradable paper bags and backpacks through the HKTDC’s business matching service. The Hong Kong Houseware Fair is a specialised trade fair with lots of good and innovative products. I like it very much.”
Ashok Mirchandani, Head of Strategic Procurement, Progress Distribution, Germany
“In business for more than 30 years, Shanghai Dragon Corporation is a listed company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. We are an exporter and retailer of garments, household products and home textiles. This is my first time visiting the Hong Kong Houseware Fair. Apart from looking for new suppliers, I am taking this good opportunity to learn more about the global houseware trends. The fair gathers a lot of suppliers from different countries and regions. I am very interested in the carpets from an Indian supplier and the silkworm quilts and silk bedding sets supplied by an exhibitor from Mainland China. As the supplier from Mainland China offers good quality and competitive prices, I plan to buy RMB800,000 worth of silkworm quilts and silk bedding sets. I am also interested in antioxidant water machines supplied by a Korean exhibitor too.”
Eric Ni, Deputy General Manager, Shanghai Dragon Corporation, Mainland China

Celebrate Fresh New Ideas from Design Talents

The "Hong Kong Smart Design Awards" (HKSDA), organised by The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association, has successfully reached its 8th edition in 2019 with funding support under the CreateSmart Initiative (CSI) of CreateHK. It had successfully introduced and nurtured young talents into the creative market. Get a glimpse of the awarded products at Booths 1CON-010 during the fair period.
Winning Products of Home & Houseware Category
Marcus & Marcus Kids Premium Oral Care Set
Encourages kids to brush at least 2 minutes, while looking at the animations plays from the interactive LCD brushing timer. Each product in the set will help kids to find brushing fun and easy.
Galaxy Pressure Cooker
Making of high quality stainless steel with a new design safety system, it has two pressure levels setting for vegetable and meat with an easy one hand open-an- lock function. Reducing 70% cooking time and saving 50% energy with great contribution, it has also won the iF, IDEA and Ambiente Innovative Kitchenware in 2019.
Award Silver Award

Winner Gift Concept Products Limited
Company website
Award Gold Award, Judge Awards-presented by Roger Swales, Wenqing Yang, Ron Leung &
Eric Yim
Winner CS Group Holdings Limited
Company website

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Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair
A premier exhibition of textures, designs and materials in the modern dream home, the Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair proudly embraces a greener and brighter future. Gathering 310 international exhibitors, including newcomers from Zhejiang Pujiang and Zhouquan in Mainland China, a vast selection of eco-friendly designs, products and biodegradable materials are also on full display to promote the power of green innovation and refined craftsmanship in equal measure.

CASA-V Baby Sleeping Bag
Casablanca Hong Kong Limited
Booth: 3B-D22
Cushion Cover & Throws
Booth: 3B-F06
Machine Washable Silk Duvet
Zhejiang Lizun Home Textile Co., Ltd
Booth: 3B-F26
Eco Rib Mat
Kerala Balers Private Limited
Booth: 3B-B02
Recycled Pot Holder
Rise Max Industrial Limited
Booth: 3B-E08
Shower Curtain
Wellead Smart Home Limited
Booth: 3B-F14

Interior Theme – Playful Plush (Halls 3B-E)

Style is Right at Home @ Hall of Glamour (Hall 3B)
The Hall of Glamour represents one of the Fair’s highlight attractions, featuring industry leaders and acclaimed brands showcasing their latest collections. Check out the finest premium products presenting top-quality textiles for home.

Dimitri Denim Mat
Craftex India
Booth: 3B-C02
Door Mat
Kerala Balers Private Limited
Booth: 3B-B02
Eco-friendly Garden Mat
Ava International
Booth: 3B-D02
See More Exhibitors  

Hear What Exhibitors Say

“A long-time exhibitor of Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair, we are here every year promoting a wide range of bedding collections under licensed brands like Hallmark, SB Polo and Disney. We are showcasing the latest designs including Hallmark duvets and Tencel series as well as new towel collections this year to meet customers’ demand. Buyers are very excited about our products. Shortly after the opening of the fair, we’ve met with some new buyers from Mainland China, Poland and USA. Existing buyers from Hong Kong, Japan and Canada are also visiting us to study our new designs. The response has been better than expected. This fair provides a perfect platform to find new buyers and strength relationships with existing customers. We are confident that the exhibition results will be very encouraging this year.”
Sandy Chan, Senior Sales Manager, J-Tex (HK) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong

Baby & Bedroom Textiles @ Hall 3B

Bedding Set
Shenzhen Monde Enterprise
Development Company Ltd
Booth: 3B-E05
CASA-V Baby Gift Set
Casablanca Hong Kong Limited
Booth: 3B-D22
100% Bamboo Sheet Sets
Xuzhou Yonghe Home Textile Factory
Booth: 3B-E02
See More Exhibitors  

Hear What Exhibitors Say

“Established in 1993, Casablanca is a leading brand of bedding products with strong retail and distribution presence in Hong Kong and Mainland China. We focus on the high-end and premium market with products ranging from bed linens to duvets, pillows and other home accessories. This is our debut at Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair to support our overseas expansion. We take advantage of this platform to introduce our newly-developed CoolPro duvet collection that is made of sustainable materials to ensure a comfortable sleep even on a hot summer night. The new collection will be officially launched next month. The feedback has been excellent. A number of buyers from different places have come forward to express interest in our products. They include retailers and traders from Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Serbia and Czech Republic. This is a good start and we are positive about developing business with them.”
Cherry Lo (left), Sales Director, Casablanca Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong

Bathroom & Kitchen Textiles @ Hall 3B

Cooking Pot Holder
Mei Kai Industries (Hong Kong) Limited
Booth: 3B-F03
Recycled Oven Mitt
Rise Max Industrial Limited
Booth: 3B-E08
Tablecloth & Placemat
Paramount Manufacturing Group Ltd
Booth: 3B-F01
See More Exhibitors  

India Pavilions @ Hall 3B
Handloom Export Promotion Council (HEPC)

Baby Sleeping Bag
Texmart Exports
Booth: 3B-B17
J C Merchandising Pvt Ltd
Booth: 3B-A19
KRS Exports and Imports
Booth: 3B-B20
See More Exhibitors  

Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH)

P&G Enterprises Private Limited
Booth: 3B-C21
Decorative Cushion
Seer Global Ltd
Booth: 3B-C11
Kpm Overseas
Booth: 3B-C22
See More Exhibitors  

Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC)

Gourav Exports
Booth: 3B-E27
Chindi Solid Rugs
Ceejay International
Booth: 3B-E31
Jaquard Woven Rugs
Nirmal International
Booth: 3B-E24
See More Exhibitors  

Explore the Latest and Greatest in Home Textiles Products
Home Textiles Product Demo & Launch Pad
Date & Time Apr 21, 3pm – 3:20pm
Venue The Forum, Hall 3B
Exhibitors Carpet Export Promotion Council Pavilion
Gourav Exports (3B-E27)

Hear What Buyers Say

“In business for six years, HipVan is Singapore's biggest online retailer of home furnishings and homeware selling a wide range of 4,000-5,000 products on our platform. We are actively expanding business into Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair is a solid platform to enrich our sourcing every year. We found an Indian cushion supplier at last year's visit to the fair. We are coming again to find more interesting products from new suppliers, especially Indian exhibitors that provide a great variety of cushion and home textiles items. We are keen to sources products with simple designs appealing to the mass consumer market. The fair features a number of brands that may suit the preferences of customers in Singapore. The Hong Kong Houseware Fair is also showcasing a lot of interesting products. We've established initial contact with a Taiwanese suppliers for bathroom accessories. Hong Kong is a great place to do business.”
Ros Lee (second from right), Head of Merchandising, HipVan Pte Ltd, Singapore
“Westwing is Brazil’s largest e-tailer specialising in the sale of home and living products. The group’s business was first launched in Germany seven years ago. It now covers 14 countries worldwide with e-commerce platforms operating independently. This is our first visit to Hong Kong International Home Textiles & Furnishings Fair to find new suppliers. On the first day of exhibition, I’ve already got in touch with two Indian exhibitors supplying handmade rugs through the business matching meetings. We will discuss further on the pricing and design specifications to conclude business. The concurrent Hong Kong Houseware Fair also offers some interesting products. I’ve identified two Taiwanese suppliers of kitchenware items such as baskets and shelving products. These two fairs have a lot on offer. I am confident of finding more products and more suppliers at the fairground. This is a very rewarding journey.”
Carolina Machado, Buyer, Westwing Home and Living, Brazil
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Free Gifts For You

Wheat Lunch Box Set Wheat Tableware LED Moon Lamp
(20 April & 21 April only)

Redemption Points
Step 1:
Get a stamp at Buying Mission Service Counter (3B-A11, Hall 3B)
Step 2:
Get a stamp at Visitor Promotion Counter (3G-E34, Hall 3G)
Step 3:
Gift Redemption at Visitor Promotion Counter (5E-D20, Hall 5E)
Redemption Date and Time
21-22 April, 9:30am – 6pm 23 April, 9:30am – 4:30pm
* Souvenirs are available on a first-come-first-served basis. You must visit three redemption booths with this fair daily, your buyer badge and business card in person to redeem souvenirs. Hand-written business cards are not accepted. Each person is only entitled to redeem two souvenirs in total. Buyers who visit the above 3 counters during 20-21 April can redeem ONE additional souvenir of LED Moon Lamp. Souvenirs cannot be redeemed in conjunction with other HKTDC promotion, Souvenir photos above are for reference only. The Fair are for trade only. Persons aged under 18 will not be admitted. In case of any dispute, the decision of HKTDC shall be final and binding.

Dazzling Happenings on 20 April

WGSN Presents: Lifestyle & Interior Trend Presentation SS2020
Industry players participated at this insightful trend talk and gained new perspectives on houseware and home textiles trends in Spring/Summer 2020.

Ms Charlie Clark
Trend Specialist, WGSN Mindset
“I am honoured to be the speaker for the trend seminar and share with the audience the lifestyle and interiors trends for Spring/Summer 2020. Sensorial Wellness is the key idea driving our trends and impacting the interiors world as consumers and brands are tapping into the future of living and exploring the idea of wellness through sensorial discovery. With this in mind, there are four main trends for Spring/Summer 2020, namely Primitive Future, Hyper Room, Playful Plush and Harmony Lab. Primitive Future focuses on a brutally minimalist aesthetic idea, and inspiration is taken from nature, but transformed through new technology. Hyper Room blends retro references with futuristic shapes and designs to create an enticing commination that moves from the past to the future. Play Plush is the combination of maximalist aesthetics and curated luxury. Harmony Lab is very much inspired by our new relationship with technology and tech-driven wellness. To unveil the four main trends for Spring/Summer 2020, the HKTDC has partnered with WGSN to curate the trend concept display areas with a variety of houseware and interior design products on display.”

Tour for OSMEP and SME Bank cum SME IDOL Opening Ceremony

Houseware Product Demo & Launch Pad (11am – 12:30pm)
Thailand (SME IDOL) Pavilion Fujian Pavilion

Startup • Smart Launch
Exhibitors presented their visionary innovations to global buyers and media at the home of bright ideas!
Foshan Chixuan Environmental Protection Technology Co Ltd (Booth: 5D-A18) Zhengzhou Xiaodong Electronic Technology Co Ltd (Booth: 5D-A17)

Houseware Product Demo & Launch Pad (3:30pm – 3:50pm)
A first-hand interactive look at houseware products that are attracting the attention of consumers.
World Wide Daily Holdings Company Limited
(Booth: 5C-B08)
Technical Development (HK) Limited (Booth: 1E-C12)

Opening for Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts
(EPCH) Pavilion – India

Busking Performance
A slice of entertainment is just the ticket.

International Kitchenette
A guest chef and key opinion leaders presented delectable Italian dishes using exhibitors’ products.

Home Textiles Product Demo & Launch Pad (Zhouquan Pavilion)
Showcasing the latest home textiles trends through an interactive platform.
Zhejiang Canyuan Home Textile Company Limited (Booth: 3B-F32) Tongxiang Xinsilu Textile Company Limited (Booth: 3C-A23) Tongxiang SP Textile Co., Ltd
(Booth: 3C-A25)

Latte Art Performance
Quality coffee equipment comes to life through a latte art performance.

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