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Mobile Connections: Smart Giftware for Today’s Tech-Savvy, On-the-Go Generation
Anticipating the future is a key to success for any enterprise! Beyond a premier exhibition of giftware, the 34th HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair 2019 is also a hub of industry knowledge where visitors can network with experts, exchange insights and uncover future trends to help them stay a step ahead. Innovative and smart giftware can be found in every corner of the fairground, including fitness monitors, health gadgets and mobile lifestyle products that tap into the modern age of active living. Stroll through a vast range of next-gen gadgets, tech-driven ideas and mobile products that inspire a sense of wanderlust, and be sure to check out the Startup Zone for a slice of innovation at the world’s largest event of its kind!

From left: Toasting to the success of the fair are Bharati Manek, Vice Chairman of the Indian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong; Benjamin Chau, Deputy Executive Director of HKTDC (4th from left); Dr. Bernard Chan, JP, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (5th from left); Benson Pau, Chairman of the Hong Kong Exporters’ Association (6th from left) and members of the Fairs Organising Committee (from left to right): Wilson Lee, Alfred Lin, C L Lam, C M Leung and Sam Yeung.

VIP Tour

Dr Bernard Chan, JP, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, being accompanied by Benjamin Chau, Deputy Executive Director of HKTDC and Sophia Chong, Assistant Executive Director of HKTDC, was ready to start the tour to learn more about some of the interesting exhibits as well as the Smart Design Awards winning products.
Dr Bernard Chan is being introduced to some of the interesting products.
ENS Business Development Limited
Booth No.: 1E-A01
HKEA Pavilion Halls 1E, 3E and 5B
HKEA Smart Design Awards wiinning product
HKEA Smart Design Awards wiinning product
HKEA Smart Design Awards wiinning product

Product Spotlights

Tech Gifts @ Hall 3F-G
Smart gift-giving in the age of technological wonders.

Techy & Smart Ideas
The Gift of Technology and Super-Cool Gadgets:
Give smart! Discover pioneering giftware that harnesses the power of creativity and technology.
Shenzhen Divoom Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: 1E-C05
Boompods (HK) Limited
Booth: 1D-D35
Wireless Earbuds
Shenzhen Kingstar Industrial Co., Ltd
Booth: 3G-A03
Retro Multifunctional Radio
Modernize Creation Limited
Booth: 3G-A10
USB Flash Drive Pen
SYS-Link Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3F-G10
Bluetooth Music Hat
Easier Industry Co., Limited
Booth: 3F-G19

Travel Goods & Umbrellas @ Hall 3C & Concourse
Rain or shine, explore the world with top-notch travel goods and umbrellas.

On-the-Go Gifts
Come check out a selection of supercharged gadgets and mobile lifestyle gifts for consumers that enjoy a touch of wanderlust!
Change Color Umbrella
Sinobest Umbrella Company Limited
Booth: 3CON-138
Reusable Shopping Bag
OMG Design Factory
Booth: 1E-C44
Travel Neck Pillow
Shanghai Langyi Trading Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3CON-084
FlexPack Go multi-purpose Travel Bag
Booth: 1C-F01
RFID Passport Wallet
Peboz Products Limited
Booth: 3CON-110
SiliBAG 3 Tone - Horizontal
Kilovest (HK) Ltd
Booth: 1C-A38

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Highlighted Zones

Startup Zone @ Hall 5F-G & Concourse
Gifting the world with innovation at the home of bright ideas.
Cubiio Portable Laser Engraver
Muherz Limited Taiwan Branch (B.V.I.)
Booth: 5CON-002
Fern Pattern Rack
Fern Pattern Rack
Booth: 5CON-015
Masta Box
Wise Box Alliance Limited
Booth: 5CON-025
Handmade Wedding Gift Soap
Nuviro Gift Soap
Booth: 5CON-013

Hall of Fine Designs @ Hall 1C-E
Fame and acclaim in the world of designer giftware.
A zone of world-renowned quality products. Don’t miss out on getting hold of giftware from more than 140 acclaimed brands, including B.Duck from Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s Team Green specialising in 3D eco-puzzle and Germany’s classic notebook brand Leuchtturm.
Booth: 1C-D10
Pinball Gumball Machine
Sweet N Fun Ltd.
Booth: 1C-E02
Diarpell s.p.a.
Booth: 1E-D04

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Novelties from around the World

International Pavilions @ Hall 3B-F, 5B-C & 5E
Regional pride and the finest enterprises from a range of countries.
Group Pavilions representing Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, India and the United Kingdom will be established to present gifts ideas across the globe.
Korea Pavilion
UK Pavilion
Thailand Pavilion
Portable Wine Glass
Booth: 3C-D42
Christmas Party Crackers
Celebration Crackers Ltd.
Booth: 3B-F20
UV Hats
Phornthip Sports Wear Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3B-D14
India Pavilion
Taiwan Pavilion
Wooden Card Box
Shikha International
Booth: 3C-B05
Handmade Rhinestone Greeting Cards
Gaang Feing Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3B-D33

The HKEA Pavilion

Isle of Originality @ Hall 1E
Brand Oasis @ Hall 3E
Smart Design Hong Kong @ Hall 5C
The HKEA Pavilion encompasses three zones this year, namely “Isle of Originality”, “Brand Oasis” and “Smart Design Hong Kong”, showcasing a wide array of products that exemplifiers the strength of Hong Kong designers and Hong Kong’s role as a top exporter in the international giftware industry.
Heat-conductive Shawl NeckPillow 2 in 1
Fung Fat Knitting Mfy Ltd
Music Tune Teether
Good Shine Development Ltd.

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Hong Kong Smart Design Awards

The Hong Kong Smart Design Awards, organised by The Hong Kong Exporters' Association, not only aims at cultivating creativity and accelerating innovations among design talents but also in motivating and encouraging more Hong Kong manufactures and exporters to upgrade and transform their business strategy to achieve the final goal of "Design x Strategy x Technology = Smart Business". This year, the Awards had attracted more than 500 entrant and more than 80 entries were awarded at the Awards Presentation Ceremony held on 16 April.

Visit Booth 5C-D02 (Hall 5C) to get inspired by the winning pieces!
Posed for the winning: Benjamin Chau, Deputy Executive Director of HKTDC (3th from left); Dr Bernard Chan, JP, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (4th from left), together with some of the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards winners and invited guests.
“Celebrating its eighth anniversary this year, the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards (HKSDA) aims to nurture local design talents and promote Hong Kong’s original designs. In collaboration with the Hong Kong Toys Council and the Toys Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, we have added the Toys & Games category in addition to the Gifts category and the Home and Houseware category. For the Corporate Group, we have received more than 300 entries from 150-plus companies. The number of participating companies has increased, reflecting that Hong Kong companies have devoted more resources to R&D and product design. For the Conceptual Group, we have received 240 concepts from students and young designers. The HKSDA has turned the winning concepts from students and young designers into prototypes. All the winning designs of both Corporate and Conceptual Groups are being displayed at the HKSDA Pavilion in the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair. The pavilion attracted nearly 700 visitors on the first day of the fair.”
Benson Pau, Chairman of The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association and Project Convenor of the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Smart Design Awards winning product
Zax brings throwing entertainment to the next level! It’s fun to play anywhere and you will be amazed with where it sticks. This innovative, smart, form of throwing axe utilizes self-releasing suction cups that sticks to any smooth surface, whilethe exclusive Quickteck Relesase makes it easy to remove the Zax out and have another throw. You can test your accuracy and get stuck on fun with Zax!
Award Gold Award, Judge Award (Arthur Chan, Johnny Mui and Leslie Chen) and Best of the Year Award.
Company website

PROP Coaster, set of 2
The food grade silicone coaster protects the table surface from stains, scratches and liquid damage. It can be turned into a convenient phone and tablet stand when not in use. The silicone is a heat-resistant, multi-functional trivet which is easy to access around home to keep you organized throughout the day.
Life & Living Backpack
‘Life & Living Backpack’ is completely waterproof and airtight. Besides used as a backpack, it can also be a floating bag if accidentally falls into the water. Two levels of zippers give you the choice of smooth zipping for daily use, or airtight zipping for special purposes. It has three separable bags designed for laptop, accessories, and clothes which perfectly fit in the backpack. This backpack isn’t just a living style, but one day it may save a life.
Award Bronze Award

Winner Protege Inc. Limited

Company website
Award Gold Award, Judge Award (Roger Swales)
Winner Hoi Lee Enterprise (China) Limited
Company website

Hear What Winners Say
“Established in 1999, PSL Limited is a promotional gift supplier and a specialist in premium design. We are happy to have won the Gold Award and Judge Award in this year’s Hong Kong Smart Design Awards with our wireless stand. Our foldable and lightweight wireless stand combines a phone stand and a wireless charger which can charge any QI-certified phone. It serves as an ideal corporate gift and promotional item. Due to its light weight and flat shape when folded, transportation cost is relatively low. We announce the official launch of this wireless stand at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair. Buyers from Europe and Southeast Asia are very interested in this award-winning product which is unique in the market. We’ll deliver samples to them and continue our negotiations with them.”
Shirley So, General Manager, PSL Limited, Hong Kong

“I am very excited to have won the Silver Award, Judge Award and Smart Ageing Award at this year’s Hong Kong Smart Design Awards (HKSDA). My award-winning design is called Walk&Go, which is the result of participatory design research with the Hong Kong SAR Government’s Social Welfare Department. Walk&Go is a personalised replaceable TPE foot designed for walking sticks or walking sticks cum umbrellas. The product is durable and easy to use and it requires less energy for the turning process. Its distinguished colours prevent the elderly from mixing up their walking sticks with others. I think the main reason for winning three awards is that Walk&Go provides a flexible and cost-effective solution to addressing the needs of the elderly all over the world. The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association has set up a HKSDA Pavilion at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair to promote the winning designs and it provides an ideal platform for the winners to reach out to international buyers attending the fair.”
Alex King, Designer, Ming Chi Printing, Hong Kong

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Media’s Top Picks

“To take a stroll through the various booths and displays at the Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair is to experience wonder and inspiration, as exhibitors from all over the world introduce the latest products, innovations, and trends in the global industry.

In response to the growing need for more sustainable and environmentally-conscious companies, Floreia by the Philippine-based 8. Natures Legacy Eximport, Inc.. seeks to redefine fashion with jewelry and fashion products made with patented eco-friendly materials. They are also expanding their sustainable practices by producing souvenir items made from recycled waste. Team Green (a company owned by Starlite Holdings Limited), meanwhile, utilizes eco-friendly products to introduce popular gifts and puzzles of fine design.

Meanwhile, the fair also holds seminars to discuss the latest trends in technology and how tech is changing retail all over the world. Charlie Poon, analyst from Coresight Research, shared eye-opening insights about how tech giants like Alibaba and Amazon are integrating technology with brick-and-mortar stores, making them more efficient, seamless, and frictionless.”
Bjorn Biel M. Beltran Special Features Writer BusinessWorld Publishing Corp. The Philippines
Eco-friendly Necklace
Natures Legacy Eximport, Inc.
Booth no.: 3D-D05A
JIGZLE 3D Wooden Puzzle - Movie Series
Starlite Visual Communication Limited
Booth no.: 1E-C01

Three Things I’ve learned From Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair 2019

“The 34th edition of the HK Gifts & Premium Fair has something special: it’s the bridge between 2 decades, an enlightment as to what might become of in the 20s and what didn’t work in the 10s.

The first thing I’ve learned is bad news: in the past we all sucked; condemning ourselves by virtue of plastic straws and our disrespect for our planet in all possible ways. But we’re catching up and enroute to change. Several booths in this year’s fair are introducing reusable straws and utensils in lots of colours, sizes and materials, like silicone, steel, glass, bamboo or rise, adopted by the innovative and sustainable CKC Environmental Technology (5CON-020).

The second thing I’ve learned is good news and green is once again the key to winning. The growing green industry has attracted billions of dollars and it’s a great opportunity for the gift industry, something that Agree Limited (5CON-009) sharply understood. Quality, excellent materials and a stunning design with an unmistakable Italian touch will lead this company and its customers very far. Trust me.

The third thing I’ve learned is something I’ve always known: great design is the way to success. The best one I’ve found is done by Snail Gift Inc (1A-G25), which will definitely put a smile on people’s faces with their ingenious stationery, kitchenware, party goods, bath products and a lot more. This company is essentially redesigning everyday tools with a bit of happiness and a lot of shrewdness.”
di Emanuele Elo Usai, Editor & Blogger, Le Bomboniera Italiana, Italy
Rice-Husk-made Eco-friendly products
CKC Environmental Technology
Booth no.: 5CON-020
Smoking Accessories
Agree Limited
Booth no.: 5CON-009
Hedgehog pin
Snail Gift Inc
Booth no.: 1A-G25

Events & Key Seminar on Day 3 (April 29, Mon)

Hong Kong Authorised Economic Operator Programme – Helping Businesses to Explore Belt and Road Market
Time 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Venue The FORUM, Hall 1D, HKCEC
Mr Tom Cheung
Inspector, Office of Supply Chain Security Management, Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department
Mrs Chanunpat Pisanapipong
Trade Commissioner and Consul, Office of Trade Commissioner, Royal Thai Consulate General in Hong Kong
Mr. Iqbal Shoffan Shofwan
Trade Consul, Trade Section, Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Hong Kong
Testing and Certification Services for Gifts & Premium
Time 12:15 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Venue The FORUM, Hall 1D, HKCEC
Dr Nelson Chan
Vice President, Intertek
Mr Kenneth Cheung
Senior Manager, Electrical Products of the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre
Buyer Forum: Business Opportunities in Indonesian Market
Time 2:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.
Venue The FORUM, Hall 1 D, HKCEC
Mr Arief Nuary
Head of Merchandising, PT. XL Planet, Elevenia, Indonesia
Mr Alamsyah Sunandar
Generak Manager B2B, V2 Merchandise
Big Data and Brand Building Strategies
Learn how to harness the power of Big Data that contributes to your successful brand building strategies!
Time 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Venue The STAGE, Hall 5E, HKCEC

Dr Royce Yuen
Co-Founder & Co-CEO MaLogic Holdings Ltd.
Get Power Up – Support Measures for Tapping into Overseas Market Opportunities
Time 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Venue The FORUM, Hall 1 D, HKCEC
Ms Kimmie Wong
Manager, Trade and Industry Department
Mr Alan Leung
Manager, Marketing Division, Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation
Mr Nelson Mak
Manager, The Secretariat of ReTAAS
Mr Raymond Yeung
Senior Sales Manager, Publications & E-Commerce, HKTDC

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Hear What Exhibitors Say

“Established in 1998, Shunmei is a specialist manufacturer of ceramics in Mainland China. Our products are exported to Australia, Europe, Japan, Korea and the US, and our clients include well-known brands in the world. Our company has been exhibiting at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair since its establishment because we can find large wholesalers, retailers and importers through the fair. The fair also provides a good opportunity for us to showcase our new products, increase our company’s profile and open up new markets. At this year’s fair, we have met with potential buyers from Canada, India, Indonesia, Korea and Poland. We’ll follow up with them after the fair.”
Nicki Chen, Export Department, Fujian Quanzhou Shunmei Group Co., Ltd., Mainland China

“Known as the ceramic capital of the world, Jingdezhen has a history of more than 2,000 years of making pottery, 1,000 years of making official kilns and 600 years of making imperial kilns. Jingdezhen’s ceramics are widely known to be ‘as white as jade, as bright as a mirror, as thin as paper and as sound as a bell’. This is the fourth time that we have set up the Jingdezhen Pavilion at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair. The fair provides a valuable opportunity for us to promote the culture of Jingdezhen’s ceramics to international buyers and develop cooperative relationships with them. The Jingdezhen Pavilion is getting bigger and bigger, with the number of exhibitors increasing to 23 this year from 14 last year. They are showcasing a wide range of ceramic products including tableware, tea sets, home decorations and fashion accessories. They have met with buyers from Europe and Southeast Asia and received onsite orders. In view of overwhelming responses from buyers, we’ll set up a bigger pavilion at the fair next year.”
Yao Ningsheng, Director, Jingdezhen Bureau of Commerce, the Chinese mainland

Hear What Buyers Say

“With an annual sales turnover of C$30 million (around US$22 million), Snowcap is the largest souvenir company in Canada. I started to visit the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair 15 years ago. At this year's fair, I am looking for die-cast cars for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and other gifts and premium items. Up till now, I have found 20 potential suppliers including seven for the supply of die-cast cars and 13 for the supply of glassware, bamboo mugs, green gifts and recycled plastic mugs. I’ll provide designs to potential suppliers and ask for their quotations. I plan to buy at least US$100,000 from each new supplier. In addition, I have already placed an order for US$250,000 worth of handmade wooden souvenirs with an existing supplier from the Philippines. In North America, people like less plastics and eco-friendly gifts such as those made of recycled materials. I like this fair very much because I can find reliable suppliers who can provide quality and eco-friendly products.”
Michael Zhu, General Manager, Snowcap Trading Company Ltd., Canada

“Gift Box is an importer, wholesaler and distributor of gifts, packaging and greeting cards and supplies to 2,000 stores in Poland. Our company has obtained the licence to sell Disney printing products in Poland. This is my second time visiting the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair. I am looking for BSCI-certified printing product suppliers and new suppliers of greeting cards, calendars and gift bags. So far I have found 6-10 potential suppliers. Usually I’ll buy products from new suppliers through my agents in Poland. I have placed orders with my existing suppliers including US$40,000 worth of wall pictures with a Hong Kong supplier and US$25,000 worth of greeting cards with a Guangzhou supplier. Consumers in Poland are willing to spend more money on gifts and the Hong Kong fair provides a good place for me to source new products with good quality.”
Darek Majewski, Director, Gift Box, Poland

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Fair Happenings on 28 April

Overseas Journalists’ Breakfast Meeting
Journalists from around the world got the chance to have the first hand information about the new products of selected exhibitors.

Buyer Forum: Unlock Cross-border Business Potential in the Greater Bay Area with e-Commerce Platform
Mr Xiao Tonghao, Business Development Director of Suning, shared strategies to tap into the Greater Bay Area with e-Commerce Platform.

Indian Market Seminar: Retailing Opportunities in Indian Market and Networking Lunchoen
Mr Manish Vora, CEO of Red Moments Gifting’s Pvt Ltd, spoke to audience on retailing opportunities in Indian market.
Refreshing networking luncheon after a rewarding seminar.

Product Demo and Launch Pad
Visitors getting a glimpse of the latest products on offer from around the world.
Hunan Pavilion
Hunan SMJM Media Co., Ltd.
Booth no.: 3C-E27
Changsha Yee Win Company Ltd (
Booth no.: 3C-E23
Anji Cluster
Anji Liuhe Craft Products Co. Ltd.
Booth no.: 3C-A34
Nanjing Cluster
Nanjing Bowen Hat Accessory Co., Ltd
Booth no.: 3B-E10
Jiangsu New & High Trademark Agency
Booth no.: 3B-F31
Sunchine Quality Control Technology Service Co., Ltd.
Booth no.: 3B-F33
Dehua Cluster The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association
Fujian Quanzhou Shunmei Group Co., Ltd
Booth no.: 3C-D23
Shutoo Gavazzi Optical Limited
Booth no.: 5C-E10

Startup • Smart Launch
DrM Lab
Booth no.: 5D-A02
Pomaru Limited
Booth no.: 5CON-006
Golden Worldwide Trading (International) Co Ltd
Booth no.: 5G-E37
Foshan Chixuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd
Booth no.: 5CON-031

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Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair
27-30 April 2019
The Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair is running concurrently at the AsiaWorld-Expo. Featuring 500+ exhibitors, the fair offers additional sourcing opportunities for gift and premium buyers. Complimentary shuttle bus service between HKCEC and the AsiaWorld-Expo at regular intervals is available for your sourcing convenience.

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