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13-16 October 2019
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Final Charge: Don’t Miss the Hottest and
Smartest Products on the Fair Last Day
Opportunities remain across the fairgrounds as the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) and the concurrent electronicAsia enter their final day! With some 4,300 global exhibitors on full display, complete your circuit and make last-minute connections before the world’s largest electronics marketplace wraps up.

Key Takeaways : Futuristic Tech for New Reality

Holographic Display
Dseelab Digital Technology Co Ltd
Booth: CH-L06A
Lightweight Collaboratie Robot
Jiangsu Jitri Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Institute Co., Ltd
Booth: CH-L06D
OH-CHEF AI Smart Cooker
Booth: 5B-F02
KARA Smart Fitness
OliveX (HK) Limited
Booth: CH-G11
Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR)
Mad Gaze - GLOW
Mad Gaze Limited
Booth: CH-P14
Smartvision B300 Smart Glasses
Nanjing SmartVision Technology Corp
Booth: CH-L06
U06 Intelligent Robot
Beijing Canbot Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: GH-D10
Landzo Electronic Technology Co Ltd
Booth: CH-P06
Sensor Tech
Expansion Board Python for Micro Bit
Okystar Technology Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-G02
NTC Temperature Sensor
Booth: 5G-A05

Electronics Fair electronicAsia Happenings at the Fairs

Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)
Exhibitor List | Register | Event Schedule
It’s time for the final charge into a world of business opportunities! The Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) collects some of the world’s premier exhibitors, tech developers, buyers, innovative startups and experts under one roof, encouraging new connections that inspire lasting success.

Featured Products

Healer Mirror
AGreen Marketing Limited
Booth: 1A-C09
RIO Water-propelled Eye Massager
with Warm Compress

Aurai (H.K.) Company Limited
Booth: CH-F15
Camross 360Helmet Fin
Camross 360
Booth: 3CON-099
Water Rescue Robot
Shenzhen FZBlue Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: 3CON-097
12mm Aspherical Ultra Wide Angle Lens
ShiftCam Limited
Booth: 1A-C12
Booth: 5C-B11

For an in-depth look at next-gen technology, Tech Hall @ Convention Hall showcases a fascinating world of electronic innovation. Six dedicated zones provide an efficient sourcing platform with the latest in 3D Printing, Robotics & Unmanned Tech, Smart Tech, Startups, Virtual Reality, and the all-new AI and Voice Recognition exhibit.

Dreamlight Zen
Dreamlight Inc
Booth: CH-D13
Unravel Wireless Charger
Gogotoro LLC
Booth: CH-G16
Ender-3 3D Printer
Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: CH-M10

“In business for 22 years, our company has been famous for producing audio products and HiFis for big names in Europe and the US. In recent years, we have been exploring new ways to produce products that can solve problems through connectivity. This is the first time that we have set up a booth inside the Nanjing 5G Pavilion at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) to promote our OEM, ODM and OBM capabilities and showcase our new products such as Microdot XS and Spiio. Microdot XS voice-controlled speakers are portable and possibly the smallest in the world. Designed for golf players and farmers, Spiio comes with sensors for measuring moisture, temperature and salinity. We are pleased with the turnout at the fair because we are able to meet with high-profile buyers. In addition, we have received new enquires through the HKTDC’s online sourcing platform – Small Order Zone. In view of favourable responses from buyers, we have decided to return to the Autumn Electronics Fair next year and also join next year’s Spring Electronics Fair.”
Bruce Crompton, Director of Product Development, Hansong (Nanjing) Technology Ltd, Mainland China
(Booth: CH-L06C, ED-TSO)
“Founded in 2013, MAD Gaze has been famous for producing AR smart glasses. Last month, we launched GLOW – the world’s lightest, 3D-enabled MR smart glasses which are ideal for gaming, watching movies and working. We are showcasing this new product at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) and we hope to find distributors which have strong sales network. Due to its high price-performance ratio, GLOW has successfully aroused a lot of interest from international buyers. We have found four potential distributors from Germany, Korea, Taiwan and the US and will sign agreements with them soon. As the world’s largest electronics fair, the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) provides an ideal platform for us to achieve this goal.”
Jordan Cheng, Founder & CEO, MAD Gaze Limited, Hong Kong (Booth: CH-P14)

For a bright new world of investment opportunities, head to the Startup Zone and exchange insights with over 120 leading startups from Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US. Forge new partnerships with the brightest minds around as you take full advantage of breakthroughs in Smart Home, Robotics & AI, IoT, e-Health, Wearable Technology and more!

Apitor SuperBot
Apitor Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: CH-E04
Contact Beverage Limited
Booth: CH-C03
Toast Pattern Printer
Digital Heat Technology Ltd
Booth: CH-F17
TourBox - Photo and Video
Editing Console

Hefei Tuwa Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: CH-E10
Headsup-smart Wearable Audio
Revsmart Wearable HK Co., Ltd
Booth: CH-G09
Wicked Ball
Shenzhen Cheerble Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: CH-E02
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Startup’s Echo
“In 2017, we noticed that more people like to use lenses together with their iPhones which have two cameras, but they lose their lenses easily. Established in the same year, ShiftCam developed a smartphone case integrated with lenses to meet the needs of consumers. Following the launch of iPhone 11 which has three cameras, we have developed a new series of lenses which includes the world’s first 12mm aspherical ultra slim wide angle lens. This is our second-year participation in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). We are happy to have a new booth inside the Hall of Fame to increase our brand exposure and to look for a broad range of buyers. New buyers from France, Italy, Japan, Mainland China, Turkey, the UK and the US are very interested in our lenses. Up till now, we have found two potential distributors from Italy and Turkey. We’ll be back next year because the fair helps to build buyers’ confidence in our company and strengthen our business networks.”
KL Chiu (right), General Manager, ShiftCam Limited, Hong Kong (Booth: 1A-C12)
“Cheerble is a tech startup established in 2016 in Shenzhen. As we notice that young people all over the world like to keep pets, we focus on designing and producing pet-related smart electronics gadgets. We have developed two interactive pet toys, namely Wickedbone and Wicked Ball under our Cheerble brand. We are exhibiting in the Startup Zone for the first time to let more people know our new pet-related products and to look for international buyers. Buyer traffic has been quite good. The show provides a good opportunity for us to meet with international buyers. Buyers from Europe, Japan and the US like our products. About two Japanese buyers have expressed their intention to co-operate with us and want to be our distributors.”
Hannah Huang, COO, Shenzhen Cheerble Technology Co., Ltd., Mainland China (Booth: CH-E02)
Investor Insight
“As the venture capital arm of Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation Group, we strive to identify promising startups and help them unleash their value. We have currently 15 to 20 startups in our investment portfolio. This is my first visit to the Hong Kong fair to explore investment opportunities. We mainly focus on startups offering digitalised solutions that streamline supply chain operation. At the Startup zone, I have found four Hong Kong startups with interesting business models and solutions including value-added EV charging service, integrated food delivery with a locker concept, cloud-based legal and business matching service, and data digitalisation for property developers. Average investment amount ranges from US$500,000 to US$1 million each venture. The Startup zone offers a perfect platform to meet and identify interesting business startups.”
Nan Zhang, Associate, Shanghai Representative Office, Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia Limited,
Mainland China

Startup Events (16 Oct) @ INNOVATIONhub, Convention Hall
Startup Smart Launch
Time: 11am – 1pm
Exhibitors: 1. IdeaMap Technology Limited (CH-E13)
2. Sichuan Zuoer Testing Technology Co., Ltd(CH-N04)
3. GuangDong Bodycare Technology Co., Ltd (CH-G02)
4. AI Motion Sports Limited (CH-C20)
5. ConnectAR Limited (CH-C04)

The pinnacle of the industry is on full display at the Hall of Fame, featuring top products from over 580 world-famous brands including LAICA, ODOYO, SKROSS, Truly, and more.

Handy Beer Server
Shenzhen Good Faith Industrial Co., Ltd
Booth: 1B-D23
Alpha by SKROSS®
WorldConnect AG
Booth: 1A-A12
Yell Group Limited
Booth: 1C-A15
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Security Products @ Halls 3F-G

Personal Alarm with Pedometer
Meinoe Industrial (HK) Company Limited
Booth: 3G-B18
Wireless Dome Camera
Shenzhen Jermei Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: 3G-D09
IoT Home Safety Alert Kit
Venture Global Limited
Booth: 3G-B19
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Computer & Peripherals @ Halls 3B-E

EYES7 - Wooden Monitor Stand with USB, QC3.0, SD hub
Bros & Company Inc
Booth: 3B-B09
Switch Wireless Charger
JKT TEchnology Limited
Booth: 3B-B02
Removable Tablet Menu Power Bank
Yilon Technology (HK) Co., Limited
Booth: 3B-B19
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Group Pavilions

For a global look at electronic innovation, explore the group pavilions showcasing some of the most influential tech regions from around the world. Check out the highlights from the Korea and Taiwan pavilions today!

Korea Pavilion

Mechanical Aroma Diffuser
Nature Energy Lab. Co., Ltd
Booth: 5C-A15
With Us&Earth Co., Ltd
Booth: 5C-A13
Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Yujin Robot Co., Ltd
Booth: 5C-A10
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“CIAAT started out as a manufacturer of ink and paper for dye-sublimation printers in 2006. Three years ago, we began to produce portable photo printers. Each ink and paper integrated cartridge can print up to 12 photos. The resolution is 310 dpi while the printing speed per photo is just 45 seconds. As we have just relocated our factory from Korea to Shenzhen in Mainland China, we are keen to develop the Mainland Chinese market by looking for OEM and ODM customers and distributors through our first-time participation in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). At the fair, we have met with potential business partners from the Belgium, France, Spain and the US. As we are going to launch a new model by the end of this year which is more competitively priced, we’ll provide the quotations to potential customers later for their consideration. Buyers’ responses are better than our expectation. We’ll come back next year.”
Bryan Jeong, General Manager, Printer Business Team, CIAAT Co., Ltd., Korea (Booth: 5B-F01)

Taiwan Pavilion

Tobbie II
CIC Components Ind Co Ltd
Booth: 5B-E11
Neck Cooler
Golden Right Co Ltd
Booth: 5B-D43
Wireless Power Soldering Iron
Prokit's Ind Co Ltd
Booth: 5B-C31
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Winners of Electronic Industries Award 2019

Smart Ultimated Portable Coffee Machine
Protronic (Far East) Ltd
Booth: 1B-A02
Omnidirectional Augmented
Reality Projector

iView Limited
Booth: 1C-D10 & 12
Micro Heater Martrix
Suga Smart Tech Limited
Booth: 3D-D23

Product Presentation by Electronic Industries Award 2019 Winners

“With a R&D and manufacturing centre in Dongguan, Protronic develops and produces energy storage and management products, vehicle electronics, and smart and connected products. We are very excited to see that our NowPresso smart portable coffee machine has won the Product of the Year and the Gold Award of the Personal Electronics category of the Electronics Industries Awards 2019. With faster heating time, metal water tank and OLED display, this app-driven coffee machine can make the perfect cup of coffee on the go to meet the preferences of coffee drinkers. This product has won two awards, reflecting that we have adopted innovative technology in our product development in order to meet the market needs. The Electronics Industries Awards encourage industry players to strive for innovation. Hong Kong companies should not compete on prices and indeed, Hong Kong has a pool of talents who can create innovative electronics products.”
Ben Wong, Business Development Manager, Protronic (Far East) Limited, Hong Kong
“Founded in 2007, iView Group is a leading producer of optical modules for projectors and and pico-projectors. Our omnidirectional AR pico-project has won the Gold Award of the Smart Tech category of this year’s Electronics Industries Awards. The Gold Award helps to promote our new technology to buyers from all over the world. Based on our patented technology, we have developed the world’s first omnidirectional AR pico-projector. The projected image is free to move among various surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors, resulting in an immersive AR experience to viewers. This new technolgoy can be applied to advertising and information displays for shops and restaurants, stage lighting as well as interactive entertainment. At this year’s Autumn Electronics Fair, buyers from Europe, Middle East, North America and South America are very interested in this new product and made enquiries about our quotations.”
Steve W.L. Yeung, CEO, iView Limited, Hong Kong
“Suga specialises in the design and production of professional audio products, IoT products and pet products. This is the first time that we have developed BaByliss 9000 cordless hair straightener for the personal care industry. We are glad to know that this product has won the Gold Award in the Personal Electronics category of the Electronics Industries Awards 2019. BaByliss 9000 is the first high-performance cordless hair straightener combining the patented Micro Heating Matrix technology and exceptional cordless performance to deliver the ultimate straightening experience to users anytime anywhere. The Gold Award represents the industry’s recognition of our technological advancement. We have applied our patented technology to produce a personal electronics product that brings more convenience to users.”
Alfred Ng, Chief Technology Officer, Suga Electronics Limited, Hong Kong

Exhibitor’s Echo

“Established four years ago, Bros & Company specialises in the design and production of consumer electronic gadgets and accessories such as keyboards, monitor stands with USB ports and wireless charging pads, and mouse pads with wireless charging pads. Our products come with simple yet stylish designs and aim to bring more convenience to people. This is our third year participating in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). We are here looking for distributors. The fair helps us to reach out to a diverse range of buyers. We have made at least 30 new contacts from countries and regions like Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Ukraine on the first day of the fair and three buyers made further enquiries via emails on that night. Up till now, we have found two potential distributors from Israel and Singapore.”
Aaron Ju, Overseas Sales Manager, Sales & Marketing, Bros & Company, Korea (Booth: 3B-B09)

Buyer’s Feedback

“Founded in 2005, my company assembles and installs security systems for shops, banks and factories in Turkey. This is my first time visiting the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) to look for adapters, cables and professional outdoor cameras. I am happy to have found four reliable suppliers of adapters and cables which offer high quality and good prices and I have placed onsite orders worth US$50,000 with them. The Autumn Electronics Fair is a good show because I can find good suppliers and a lot of products that I need.”
Tuncay Gülcü, Owner, Gulcu Security Systems, Turkey
“Our company is a wholesaler of mobile phones in Hungary and its neighbouring countries. This is my first-time visit to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). To expand my product portfolio, I am looking for mobile accessories, smart home solutions and new items. So far, I have found six to seven potential suppliers of mobile accessories and smart home solutions and plan to buy 2,000-3,000 pieces of mobile accessories from each new supplier. I am also interested in new products such as a wall-mounted artwork with a built-in wireless speaker. I enjoy the fair very much because I have found a lot of phone accessories and many new items. The suppliers here can offer good quality and good prices.”
Nyári László, Owner, Plaza24 Hungary Kft., Hungary

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electronicAsia @ Halls 5F-G
Exhibitor List | Register | Event Schedule
An incomparable world-class components-based platform, electronicAsia represents the finest parts, components, power supplies, printed circuit boards & EMS, display technology, wireless and sensor technology and more from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Featured Products

Waterproof Push Button Switch SB-52
Merchant Corporation Limited
Booth: 5G-C18
Photoelectric Tilt Sensor Switch
Oncque Corporation
Booth: 5F-B07
MS-900 4 in 1 Rework Station
Shenzhen Atten Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: 5G-D02
Waterproof - IP67 USB 3.1 Type-C
Technik Industrial Company Limited
Booth: 5G-C02
Electromagnetic Relay
Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp zo o
Booth: 5G-C13
Fusible Resistor
Uniroyal Electronics Industry Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-C05

Keyboards & Switches

Silicone Keyboard
Keypad Technology Company Limited
Booth: 5F-C21
9mm Snap-in Potentiometer with Insulated White Line Shaft
Song Huei Electric Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-B21
Big Current Anti Vandal Switch
Yueqing Langir Electric Co.,Limited
Booth: 5F-D11
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Power Supplies

2032 Lithium Coin Cell Battery Holder
DIP Type

Connfly Electronic Co.,Ltd
Booth: 5F-E13
Automative Relays
Ningbo Forward Relay Corp Ltd
Booth: 5F-E09
Power Relay
Sinetong International (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Booth: 5G-C11
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Printed Circuit Board & EMS

Quick-Turn SMT or DIP PCB
Assembly Service

MOKO Technology Ltd
Booth: 5F-G29
High Quality & Reliable Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)
Surface Mount Technology Limited
Booth: 5F-G11
2L PCB for Consumer Product
Uniwell Electronic Ltd
Booth: 5F-G23
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Exhibitor’s Echo

“Technik continues to exhibit at electronicAsia this year to showcase our latest products and meet more international customers. We are a leading supplier of quality electronic connectors from audio sockets to stereo jacks and micro USB. We’re here every year to promote our brand TIC as a trusted manufacturer of quality and reliable products. This year, waterproof USB 3.1 Type 3 connectors and vertical connectors remain our key highlights. Waterproof components and parts are highly sought after as a result of increasing demand for all kinds of electronic devices such as smartphones, outdoor lighting and outdoor sockets. We take pride in our R&D capability and product quality to win customers’ continued support. A number of new and existing buyers have visited our booth to explore business. We’ve received enquiries from new buyers from USA, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Mainland China, Japan, Korean and Taiwan. They expressed keen interest in our products. We are positive about concluding business with them.”
William B.Y. Chui, President, Technik Industrial Company Limited, Hong Kong (Booth: 5G-C02)
“Transfer Multisort Elektronik is participating in electronicAsia for the second consecutive year to expand business. We are an online distributor of electronic components in Poland, offering over 900 brands of various electronic parts and components to customers worldwide. This fair is definitely a solid platform to promote our products. The organisers have arranged guided tours of different buyers such as those from Mainland China and Vietnam to visit our booth for business development. We’ve met with some buyers from South Africa, Ukraine and Slovak Republic. A Hong Kong buyer is going to register on our portal to purchase connectors. A Russian buyer engaged in space projects has also approached us to source certified top-graded components. We’re very happy with the exhibition results. This fair draws a lot of quality buyers and everything has been well organised.
Dagmara Głowacka, Marketing Manager of China Operation, Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o., Poland

Buyer’s Feedback

“Established in 1992, Mondo Plast is an importer and distributor of telecom and networking products including optical equipment, networking racks, smart home solutions as well as wires and cables in Romania. I am visiting electronicAsia again this year to source new items. I have already found 20 potential suppliers from Mainland China and Hong Kong for various products from data cables and optical cables to capacitors and smart lock systems. There is so much to see and choose from here. I am very keen to conclude business with the new suppliers. This is a good fair.”
Ovidiu Marcel Pătru, Marketing Executive, Mondo Plast, Romania
“In business for nine years, FilipeFlop is Brazil’s biggest online portal specialising in the sale of electronic components and parts. We offer 30,000 different items from wires to boards and modules at our e-shop for customers. We also provide tutorial and consultancy services for individual and corporate customers in need of assistance to put together various components and parts into applications. I like visiting electronicAsia where a good variety of products are being showcased. I have found at least three new suppliers from Shenzhen of Mainland China this year. Negotiation is underway with them to source products like IoT modules and 3D printers. Initial orders are estimated at US$20,000 each.”
Filipe Marcedo, Executive Director, FilipeFlop, Brazil

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Happenings at the Fairs

Charge Up the Fairground on 15 Oct

How HKAEO Programme helps electronics industry to upgrade and explore new opportunities
Mr Tom Cheung, Office of Supply Chain, Security Management, Customs and Excise Department Mr Reddy Chiu, HK Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong Electronic Forum : micro-electronics (microLed) and advanced manufacturing
Welcoming Remarks by Dr Humphrey Leung,
Vice Chairman, HKEIA
Group photo taking with all representatives
Mr Christian Piechnick, Chief Executive Officer, Wandelbots GmbH Mr Brian Ng, Vice President, Automated Precision Inc.
Mr Raymond Wang, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Solomon Systech (International) Limited Dr Laurent Collot, CEO, Deepsky
Speakers' Panel Discussion moderated by Dr Lau Hing Keung, Deputy Academic Director, IVE Engineering
“Deepsky is an innovative company that is revolutionising the large display industry. Bigger displays with better resolution, smaller pixels and a high dynamic range from very bright to very dark have become the key trend for the display industry. Larger displays are very suitable for use in large venues such as hotel lobbies, trade shows, architectural displays, casinos and amusement parks as well as in the retail and transportation industries. The use of smart manufacturing and new display technologies is essential to the production of large displays because it helps to reduce production costs and improves the quality.”
Dr. Laurent Collot, CEO, Deepsky Corporation Limited, Hong Kong
“Our company is a world leader of advanced metrology solutions such as precision measurement equipment and sensors. Precision measurement equipment is important to various industries. It can be used together with robots in automated production in factories and also applied to 3D robots used in the construction industry and autonomous vehicle production to ensure the precision. Sensors can collect big data and help to improve the performance of machines and ensure smooth production and operation. We have also developed medical sensors that serve as a non-invasive and early detection of cancer and speed up the treatment for cancer patients.”
Brian Ng, VP of Operation, AP Infosense, Limited, Hong Kong

EFAE & eAsia Product Demo & Launch Pad
Shenzhen Startek Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd (5F-E18) Hunan Corun New Energy Co., Ltd (5F-C02)
Okystar Technology Co Ltd (5F-G02) AGreen Marketing Limited (1A-C09)

Testing, Certification and Inspection Services for Electronic Products
Dr Wong Ching-hang, Senior Accreditation Officer, Hong Kong Accreditation Service, Innovation and Technology Commission, HKSARG Mr Melvin Nip, Manager, Electrical, Intertek Hong Kong Mr John Cheng, Assistant Manager of Electrical Division,CMA Testing & Certification Laboratories

Innoboot presents: Startup Smart Launch
Hefei Tuwa Technology Co., Ltd. (CH-E10) Shenzhen Cheerble Technology Co., Ltd. (CH-E02) Apitor Technology Co., Ltd. (CH-E04)

Investment Matchmaking

Jumpstart Media Presents: Startup Smart Launch
Vcan Global Limited (CH-F06) Airxed Technology Limited (CH-F02)
iNCUBEE Limited (CH-F04) OLIVEX (HK) Limited (CH-G11)
InnoVi Limited (CH-C19)  

Value Creation for Technology Pitching Competition 4.0
Autumn Edition
Dr. Bernard Chan, JP, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, HKSAR, representatives of the event co-organiser and supporting partners taking a group photo with all the participated startups

Beer O’clock

e·Tech & i·future Robotic Performance

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