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Switched On for Business Success at the World's Largest Electronics Marketplace

13-16 October 2019
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Making Powerful Connections at the
Twin Electronics Fairs
Beyond a vast array of electronic innovation, the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) and the concurrent electronicAsia also represent a golden opportunity to establish new business connections. On 13 October, premier buyers, exhibitors, media representatives and distinguished guests enjoyed a vibrant networking reception, celebrating the return of the world’s largest electronics marketplace while sharing insights and forging new partnerships.

Toasting the success of the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) and electronicAsia at the joint networking reception are the Honourable Tony Tse Wai Chuen, BBS Legislative Councillor (5th from left); Benjamin Chau, Acting Executive Director, HKTDC (4th from left); Joanna Wong, Project Director, MMI Asia Pte Ltd (6th from left); and members of the HKTDC Electronics/Electrical Appliances Industries Advisory Committee.

AI: Innovation Beyond Intelligence

Science fiction will soon become science fact! One of the most exciting topics across the electronic world is Artificial Intelligence (AI), with marvelous applications and possibilities that take us straight into the future. Journey into the world of AI technology and explore AI-themed exhibits across the fairgrounds that will change our lives forever!

AIMS Management System
AI Motion Sports Limited
Booth: CH-C20
AI Smart Voice Mouse with Translation
Bloo Smart Co., Limited
Booth: CH-E12
On-Device Camera
Vazil Companyjio
Booth: CH-D17
KARA Smart Fitness
OliveX (HK) Limited
Booth: CH-G11
GTX16 4G SIM AI Voice Language Learning Translator
Qingdao iGuan Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: CH-P13
Hera Leto
Well Being Digital Limited
Booth: 1CON-029

Electronics Fair electronicAsia Happenings at the Fairs

Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)
Exhibitor List | Register | Event Schedule
Returning for its 39th edition, the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) goes from strength to strength each year. Showcasing a wealth of premier exhibitors, tech developers, innovative startups and experts, powerful connections will charge up a world of new opportunities now and in the future!

Featured Products

Cordless Heater
Digital Heat Technology Ltd
Booth: CH-F17
Magnetic Levitating Speaker
Goodwell International (Hong Kong) Company Limited
Booth: 3F-F07
Smart Bracelet
Jiangsu Langen Communication Technology Co Ltd
Booth: CH-L06F
Magic Touch AR Smart Vitrine
Magi Display Limited
Booth: CH-F01
Palmcat Corp
Booth: 5C-A12
Shenzhen Cheerble Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: CH-E04

Discover state-of-the-art innovation at Tech Hall @ Convention Hall, where the latest and greatest tech is on full display! Organised in six zones for efficient sourcing, the newly launched AI and Voice Recognition zone joins our returning attractions including 3D Printing, Robotics & Unmanned Tech, Smart Tech, Startups and Virtual Reality.
AI & Voice Recognition
Blurams Outdoor Pro Camera
Hangzhou Vision Insight Technology
Co., Ltd.
Booth: CH-J08
GTA11 WiFi offline AI Voice Language Learning Translator
Qingdao iGuan Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: CH-P13
Rowing AI-007
Zhongshan Rowking Electronics Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: CH-P12

Nanjing 5G Pavilion

Kipuwex Intelligent Real-time Pain Analyzer
Nanjing Kipuwex Biotechnology Co Ltd
Booth: CH-L06
Lyric LS-2 Speaker
Hansong (Nanjing) Technology Ltd
Booth: CH-L06C
A9 Face Recognition Smart Lock
Jiangsu Zhengshi Technology Co Ltd
Booth: CH-L06

“Established in 2017, MiNiSV is dedicated to developing innovative medical and healthcare products with the use of North European technologies. This is our first-time participation in the Nanjing 5G Pavilion at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). The Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the HKTDC have joined hands to launch a new promotional channel called Hi-Market. The use of holographic 3D dynamic interactive displays shows a 360-degree panoramic view of our exhibits. Through the HKTDC’s Autumn Electronics Fair and the online platform, we have already received seven orders for baby monitors from buyers from Ireland, Mainland China and Spain, three orders for pain analysers from buyers from India and Mainland China and one order for micro-molecule oligopeptides compound. Among these orders with over 5,000 pieces, the biggest order came from an Irish buyer who bought 3,000 pieces of our baby monitors. We are happy with the results so far and we’ll set up a booth at next year’s Autumn Electronics Fair.
Kevin Liu, President, MiNiSV Holding Limited, Mainland China (Booth: CH-L06)

Today’s Highlighted Tech Events (15 Oct)
Hong Kong Electronic Forum
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm
Venue: The Stage, Halls 5F & G
Speakers: 1. Mr Christian Piechnick, Chief Executive Officer, Wandelbots GmbH
2. Mr Brian Ng, Vice President, Automated Precision Inc.
3. Mr Raymond Wang, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Solomon Systech (International) Limited
4. Dr Laurent Collot, CEO, Deepsky

Dr Lau Hing Keung, George, Deputy Academic Director, IVE Engineering
e·Tech & i·future (Robotic Performance)
Time: 2pm – 2:30pm
Venue: GH-D10, Grand Hall

Bright minds and big ideas can lead to the brightest future! The Startup Zone features around 120 startups from Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US, with powerful investment opportunities and partnerships with the world’s most innovative young enterprises. Explore next-gen developments in Smart Home, Robotics & AI, IoT, e-Health, Wearable Tech and more at the Startup Zone today!

3N Half Ltd
Booth: CH-C18
Intelligent AR Photo Printer
Finetech Co., Ltd
Booth: CH-F10
Hefei Tuwa Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: CH-E10
Hi-Cooler Company Limited
Booth: CH-B02
Room3 Limited
Booth: CH-C14
Drowse Buster-P Wireless Bluetooth Earphone with Tragus Impulse Massager
The Brothers Tech Consultant Ltd
Booth: CH-N05
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Startup’s Echo
“Established two years ago, our company has developed a smart training tool that makes training more interesting and gets people to move. The tool is designed for sports coaches, fitness trainers, PE teachers and physiotherapists. Currently designing a new training tool for families, it will be launched six months later. The Startup Zone in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) provides a perfect place for us to meet with potential distributors and buyers from all over the world. This is our first-time participation in this fair. We are happy to have met with target buyers from Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy and Spain.”
Kilian Saekel, CEO, A-Champs Limited, Hong Kong (Booth: CH-D10)
Investor Insight
“VIISA is a venture capital company in Vietnam. We have established an investment portfolio with 30 technology-enabled business ventures related to AI, big data, VR, software as well as mobile, medical and educational applications. These ventures are spreading in different countries including Vietnam, Korea and Singapore. I am visiting the Hong Kong fair for the first time to explore new investment opportunities. The Startup zone has brought together some really interesting startups from different places. I have found Hong Kong startup Digital Heat Technology Ltd. for its heating technology and temperature monitoring pad as well as UK startup HENXAPP Ltd for its innovative DriveMeTo solution. Another two Hong Kong startups, namely Eureka Holding Limited and Travis Group Limited, also showcase very appealing solutions that fit in with our investment strategies. Our average investment amount is around US$200,000 each venture. This is a well-organised fair offering a lot of opportunities. I really like it.”
Phuc Nguyen, Senior Program Manager, VIISA, Vietnam

Startup Events (15 Oct) @ INNOVATIONhub, Convention Hall
Investment Matchmaking
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm
Startup Smart Launch Series
Sessions: 11am – 11:15am: Innoboot Presents: Startup Smart Launch
1. Hefei Tuwa Technology Co., Ltd. (CH-E10)
2. Apitor Technology Co., Ltd. (CH-E04)

11:30am – 11:45am: Jumpstart Media Presents: Startup Smart Launch
1. Vcan Global Limited (CH-F06)
2. Airxed Technology Limited (CH-F02)
3. iNCUBEE Limited (CH-F04)
4. OliveX (HK) Limited (CH-G11)
5. InnoVi Limited (CH-C19)

12nn – 12:15pm: Startup Smart Launch
1. Urbansmart Limited (CH-D11)
2. Dsuome Digimax Limited (CH-C10
Value Creation for Technology Pitching Competition 4.0 Autumn Edition
Time: 2pm – 5:30pm
Beer O’clock
Time: 5:30pm – 6pm
Check out more startup events  

For a view from the top of the industry, head over to the Hall of Fame and experience the success stories behind over 580 world-famous brands including LAICA, ODOYO, SKROSS, Truly, and more.

DONI Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Hoyo Technology (HK) Industrial Co., Ltd
Booth: 1C-B09
Hubsan ZINO
Hubsan International Company Limited
Booth: 1E-E01
XC25 Wireless Charger
ODOYO International Limited
Booth: 1A-A25
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“Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, TOUCHBeauty is a UK brand specialising in the design, R&D, production and sales of beauty and personal care devices. We have been participating in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) since 2003 because this is the world’s largest electronics fair which attracts many overseas buyers. At this year’s fair, we have doubled the size of our booth and made use of different promotional tools such as light boxes, product showcase, official magazines and hanging banners to promote our new products. One of our new products is a soft light smart beauty mirror which automatically adjusts to the environment lighting and has a motion detection system, so applying makeup becomes easier. We have met with 40 new buyers during the first three hours of the fair who are very interested in this new product. I would never think of withdrawing from the fair because the fair always provides an excellent opportunity for us to exchange ideas with buyers and connect with new buyers.
Chantal Chan, Sales Director, AGreen Marketing Limited, Hong Kong (Booth: 1A-C09, 1CON-CC & ED-TSO)

More Tech-related Events (15 Oct) @ The Forum, Hall 1D
How HKAEO Programme helps electronics industry to upgrade and explore new opportunities
Time: 11:30am – 12nn
Speakers: 1. Mr Tom Cheung, Office of Supply Chain Security Management, Customs and
    Excise Department
2. Mr Reddy Chiu, HK Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.
EFAE & eAsia Product Demo & Launch Pad
Time: 12nn – 12:50pm
Exhibitors: 1. Shenzhen Startek Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd (5F-E18)
2. Hunan Corun New Energy Co., Ltd (5F-C02)
3. Okystar Technology Co Ltd (5F-G02)
Time: 12:30pm – 12:50pm
Exhibitor: AGreen Marketing Limited (1A-C09)
Testing, Certification and Inspection Services for Electronic Products
Time: 2pm – 3pm
Speakers: 1. Dr Wong Ching-hang, Senior Accreditation Officer, Hong Kong Accreditation Service,
    Innovation and Technology Commission, HKSARG
2. Mr Melvin Nip, Manager, Electrical, Intertek Hong Kong
3. Mr John Cheng, Assistant Manager of Electrical Division,CMA Testing &
    Certification Laboratories
Product Presentation by Electronic Industries Award 2019 Winners
Time: 3pm – 5pm

Wireless Technologies @ Hall 5E

Making its debut at this year’s event, the new Wireless Technologies zone features some of the latest products and tech that no longer need wires to work! Enjoy a sneak peek at a wireless, tangle-free future at Hall 5E now!

In-wall Speakers
Dongguan ERSE Electronics Inc
Booth: 5E-F19
Wireless Charging Wallet
Dongguan Sunlik Leather Technology Limited
Booth: 5E-E22
WiFi Wireless Controlled Gas Detector from Smartphone
Yueh In Co., Ltd
Booth: 5E-E18
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In-Vehicle Electronics & Navigation System @ Halls 3B-E

The road map of life should be paper-free! As modern consumers continue to explore the world, savvy electronic navigation systems are crucial. Journey into the In-Vehicle Electronics & Navigation Systems zone and discover the most efficient routes to success.

CAMI (HK) Company Limited
Booth: 3D-B22
Alexa Enabled Car Kit
Shenzhen Haike Plastic And Electronic Co., Ltd
Booth: 3D-C16
iCar Buddy II GPS Tracker
Traceez Technology International Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch
Booth: 3CON-148
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Office Automation & Equipment @ Halls 3B-E

X2001 Native Full HD Projector
CRE Electronic Technology Co., Limited
Booth: 3B-B27
Money Sorting and Counting Machine
Sanki Electrical Appliance (International) Limited
Booth: 3B-B23
Professional Facial and Fingerprint Recognition Access Control Device
Union Business Machines Co Ltd
Booth: 3B-B24
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i-World @ Hall 5E

Exhibiting popular accessories for modern smart products, i-World is the hub of perfect partners for smart electronics. Release the full potential of your devices and tap into the popular world of electronic accessories at i-World!

Power Bank with Wireless Charging Function
Dongguan Checkson Enterprise Co Ltd
Booth: 5E-F22
Camera Lens for Mobile Phone
Shenzhen DeyuanXiang Technology Development Co.,Ltd
Booth: 5E-G06
4-Bay Rechargeable AAAAA NiMH LCD Smart Charger
Shenzhen Ryder Electronics Co., Ltd
Booth: 5E-F26A
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Telecommunications Products @ Halls 3B-E

Connetick Smart Stand Quick
Charging Cable

CNS Power Co., Ltd
Booth: 3C-C34
Walkie Talkie
Joying Industrial Co., Limited
Booth: 3C-C30
Charging Table
Kidigi Company Limited
Booth: 3C-B44
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Exhibitor's Showroom @ Meeting Rooms N100 & N200 Series

Bluetooth Speaker
China Electronics Qianhai Company
Booth: N108-00
Car Audio
Shiyuan (HK) Limited
Booth: N205-00
Dual Wireless Charging Dock
Ten Pao International Limited
Booth: N104-00
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Group Pavilions

Journey across the landscape of electronics by exploring the fair’s group pavilions, showcasing the regions that represent the giants of the industry. Be sure to check out the highlights from the new India pavilion and a regional pavilion from Guangdong of Mainland China today!
India Pavilion

Libi Technologies Private Limited
Booth: 5B-F28
Magnet GPS Tracker
Libi Technologies Private Limited
Booth: 5B-F28
Pet Tracker
Libi Technologies Private Limited
Booth: 5B-F28

Mainland China Pavilion – Guangdong

LCD 3D Printer
DongGuan City Broad 3D Technology
Co Ltd
Booth: CH-H04A
Car Air Sterilizer
Dongguan Vdette Information Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: CH-H04D
Smart Meeting System
Guangdong Guan Yin Information Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: CH-H04B

Buyer’s Feedback

“Established in 2016, Goppa is a distributor of computer peripherals in Japan. We are selling cables and chargers under our Goppa brand and we plan to add mouses and keyboards to our product range. In 2017, I started to visit the Hong Kong Electronics Fair once a year. At this year’s Autumn edition, I am looking for cables, chargers, mouses and keyboards. So far, I have found six to seven potential suppliers of all these items. After returning to Japan and our initial order quantity will be 1,000 pieces per item. I like the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) very much because it is the largest fair of its kind in the world which is an important sourcing channel for us.”
Takanori Kuki, CEO, Goppa LLC, Japan
“VVP Group is a distributor of smart phones and accessories in Russia. Apart from Russia, we also distribute our products to our neighbouring countries such as Kazakhstan and Belarus. I visit the Hong Kong Electronics Fair twice a year because the fair is a good place for me to find new products and new suppliers. At this year’s fair, I am looking for smart home devices, IoT devices, smart phones and other smart devices. Up till now, I have found five potential suppliers of these products. I plan to buy US$9 million worth of smart phones from one to two new suppliers. I have also found new and interesting products such as AI translator earbuds and smart glasses. I have bought some samples for further testing. This is a rewarding visit.”
Kirill Grigoriev, Head of Accessories, VVP Group, Russia

Industry Trend and Hot Picks by Media

“As the world ‘s largest electronics marketplace, counting around 4300 exhibitors in several different categories, the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) and electronicAsia attract visitors from all over the world to Hong Kong. It's a precious opportunity to establish business relationships but also to share visions and ideas which shape the future of technology.

Tech Hall is a good starting point for every fairground journey, which will provide an overview of the latest product highlights for each thematic zone: AI & Voice Recognition, Robotics & Unmanned Tech, 3D Printing, Smart Tech, Virtual Reality, and Startup. The showcase reflects the rich diversity of services, products, and solutions offered by the exhibitors and it continuously grows for addressing emerging market trends. A perfect example of a new and promising category are portable displays that connect to any smartphone, laptop, and tablet for improved productivity or better entertainment on the go.

Walking the halls of the fair, you can see an incredible variety of products, such as robots for industrial automation, car accessories, IoT sensors and more. They will be soon able to communicate with each other, thanks to new networking technologies like WiFi 6 and 5G. 5G is the "connective tissue" for all these different kinds of devices, paving the way for the next generation of services and applications.”
Guido Azzollini, Editor, Notebook Italia, Italy
Portable Monitor with
Detachable Cover

HKC Corporation Limited
Booth: 1E-D10
13.3” ebook Readers that able to serve as secondary e-Iink displays
Onyx International Inc.
Booth: 1A-E21
5G Connected Robotic Arm
Jiangsu Jitri Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Institute Co., Ltd.
Booth: CH-L06D

Sourcing on the go
Official Fair Magazine
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Consumer Technology e-Magazine
Latest sourcing trends and updates
Start-up e-Magazine
Latest sourcing trends and updates

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electronicAsia @ Halls 5F-G
Exhibitor List | Register | Event Schedule
Highlighting the silent heroes behind the world of electronics, electronicAsia presents an incomparable sourcing platform for parts, components, power supplies, printed circuit boards & EMS, display technology and more. For a look at the future of modern business and retail, check out the Wireless and Sensor Technologies zone and experience a next-gen landscape for consumer enterprises.

Featured Products

Dustproof Key Switch
Chily Precision Industrial Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-B18
Rotary Switch
Excel Cell Electronic Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-D17
DC Motor
Kindly Ind. Co. Ltd.
Booth: 5G-B07
Electronic Switches
Salecom Electronics Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-B20
3.5 inch IPS with MIPI Interface
Shenzhen Startek Electronic Technology Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-E18
Switching Mode Power Supply
Trio Engineering Co., Ltd
Booth: 5F-G05

World of Display Technology

1.36 Inches AMO LED Display
AnQing China Blest Electronical Technology Co., LTD
Booth: 5F-E22
2.4 Inches IPS LCD Display
Shenzhen Lianxun Optronics Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-E27
LCD Display Switch
Well Buying Industrial Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-B02
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“Easttop has been participating in electronicAsia for many years, taking advantage of this unique trading platform to promote our latest products. With production facilities in Heyuan city of Guangdong Province, we provide a wide range of products from LCD modules to TFT modules, LCD panels and energy-saving bistable LCDs for various industrial control systems, equipment applications as well as automotive and medical uses. This fair serves as a perfect place to extend our presence to more markets worldwide. We’ve received positive responses again this year as buyers from different places including the UK, Italy, Turkey, India, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Mainland China have approached us to explore business opportunities. They are particularly interested in our modules for the medium-end market. This is really an excellent fair. Everything has been well organised.
Maki Wu, Sales Director, Easttop Display Co., Ltd, Hong Kong (Booth: 5F-F11)

Electronics Components

Excon Technology Company
Booth: 5G-C07
High Voltage Transformer 1800W
Nexus Electronics Sdn Bhd
Booth: 5G-C24
Conductive Silicone Inter-connector
You Eal (HK) Ltd
Booth: 5G-D13
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Printed Circuit Board & EMS

HDI PCB (1+6+1)
Cheer Time Enterprise Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-B25
12L Multilayer PCB with BGA Print
Fai Wong Star Electronic Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-G09
Four-Layer Printed Circuit Board
Standard Printed Circuit Board Limited
Booth: 5F-F18
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“Founded in 1983, Trio is an EMS provider specialising in PCB assembly, switch mode power supplies, smart battery chargers and magnetic components. We have diversified into the supply of electric vehicle (EV) chargers and custom-made solutions for retailing operation. Europe and the United States are our major markets with a small portion of sales to Hong Kong and Mainland China. We are a long-time supporter of electronicAsia, showcasing our products here to attract international buyers. The feedback has been encouraging. We continue to draw new buyers every year at the fair. EV chargers and kiosk solution for retailing business are among our highlights this year. Some buyers from Mainland China and East Europe have visited our booth to make enquiries. We will continue to exhibit here for further business expansion.
Mandy Wu, General Manager – Marketing, Trio Engineering Co., Ltd, Hong Kong (Booth: 5F-G05)

Power Supplies

Multifunction Mono Laser Printer
Combo PSU

Huizhou Sanhua Industrial Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-D06
18650-10S4P 36V10.4Ah Electric Bicycle Batteries Pack
Hunan Corun New Energy Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-C02
S25 Power Relay
Taiwan Shori Electric Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-B10
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Buyer’s Feedback

“In business for nine years, SuniWin is an importer and distributor of outdoor devices and applications as well as electronic components in Taiwan. We visit electronicAsia every year to find new products and suppliers to expand our portfolio. This is a good fair featuring a diversity of interesting products from different suppliers. This year, we have already got in touch with 13 new suppliers mainly from Mainland China and Taiwan to source various items such as Type-C cables, adaptor cables, solar panels, power stations and air compressors. Total amount of initial orders are expected to be up to US$30,000. Bigger orders will be made according to the feedback from customers. The timing of electronicAsia is perfect to cope with our sourcing needs. We can take advantage of the event to find suitable products for sales in the coming year.”
Michael Gong (right), Vice President, SuniWin International Co., Ltd., Taiwan
“Botland is an e-shop specialising in the sale of electronic products as well as components and parts in Poland. We have been running for four years with plans to expand our presence in the EU market. I am pleased to visit electronicAsia this year to find new products and new suppliers. I have established contact with Mainland China exhibitor Okystar Technology Co Ltd to source its learning kits and boards that suit our market needs. I’ve found another five potential suppliers from Mainland China for various items such as sensors and 3D printers. This is a very nice fair. Everything has been well taken care of.”
Anna Wieczorek, Manager of Administration & Finance, Botland, Poland

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Happenings at the Fairs

Charge Up the Fairground on 14 Oct

VIP Tour for Nicholas W. Yang, JP Secretary for Innovation & Technology

Symposium on Innovation & Technology – Intelligent Connectivity:
5G & Beyond
The Hon Nicholas W. Yang, GBS, JP, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, HKSAR Government (6th from left), Benjamin Chau, Acting Executive Director, HKTDC (7th from left), Victor Choi, Chairman of HKETA (5th from left), together with the speakers and moderator in the morning session of the symposium
Morning Session
Mr Wilson Chow, PwC Global, Mainland China and Hong Kong Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Industry Leader Mr Peter Lemmens, Director of Imec Innovation Services, imec
Mr K L Ho, SVP, Strategic Wireless Technology and Project Office, HKT Limited Mr Michael Chang, CTO, Customer Operations, Greater China, Nokia Networks
Moderated by Dr. Khaled B. Letaief from HKUST, speakers from morning and afternoon sessions were on stage for a panel discussion.
Afternoon Session
Mr Alex Cheng, Principal Engineer, Network Planning & Implementation, China Mobile Hong Kong Co. Ltd. Mr Andrew Ko, Expert Application Consultant, KeySight Technologies
Dr Justin Chuang, Vice President, Communications Technology, ASTRI Mr Tong Liu, GM, AI industries, NVIDIA China
Mr Timothy Tam, Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs (Hong Kong), Google  

OJ Breakfast Meeting
Dr. C.H. Ng, Chairman, The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Ms Joanna Wong, Project Director of MMI Asia Pte Ltd

Indian Market Seminar and Incoming Mission Networking Luncheon

Cyberport Startup Alumni Association Presents: Startup Smart Launch
NFC Touch Limited (CH-E03) Redsip Limited (CH-E11)
theAnswr Limited (CH-D06) Travis Group Limited (CH-D14)

Meet the Mentors
Mr Edmund Chan, Fund Application Director, HKFA Mr Ivan So, Digital Consultant, Hdcourse Limited
Mr Keith Li, Co-founder and CEO, Innopage Limited Mr Jeffrey Au, Chief Strategy Officer & Care Taker,

Meet the Champions
Dr Kenneth Lai, Founder, Novus
Life Sciences
Ms Mazing Lee, CEO & Co-founder, Contact Beverage Limited Mr LÊ DUY LONG, Project Management, Medlink Investment Joint Stock Company

Makers’ Clinic: Tips from Manufacturers

Makers’ Clinic

Female Entrepreneurship – Overcoming difficulties
Claudia Sin, Founder, ChatCampaign Yvonne Lo, co-founding, ONANOFF
Diane Mensah, Founder, Work In Progress Parul Bhandari, Founder, Cresta Consulting Co
Monderator: Ms Bina Gupta, Chief Executive, BG Business Communications Ltd  

Startup Smart Launch
Morning Session
A-Champs Limited (CH-D10)  
Afternoon Session
Asiabots Limited (CH-E14) Buttonwood Protocol Limited (CH-C13)
Eureka Holding Limited (CH-E09) Hi-Cooler Company Limited (CH-B02)
iBot Limted (CH-D15) Misu Technologies Limited (CH-N09)
NoMatterWhat Technolgies Limited (CH-C21) oneCHARGE Solutions Limited (CH-D08)
Shenzhen Future Dog Technology Co., Ltd. (CH-F13)  

Product Demo & Launch Pad (Dongguan Pavilion)
Dongguan City Jin Sheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (3CON-052) Dongguan Donghe Electronics Co., Ltd. (3C-B24)
Dongguan Fenggang Jingge New Energy Electronic Factory (5E-B33) Jia Yang Electronics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. (5E-C21)

Product Demo & Launch Pad (Korea Pavilion)
AVA Vision Inc. (5B-F16) Chois Technology Co., Ltd. (3F-D29) CNS Power Co., Ltd. (3C-C34)

Taiwan New Product Launching Party
Skypioneer Technology Ltd. (1B-A04) Aifa Technology Corp. (5B-C07)
Hondayang Industrial Company Limited (1B-B17) Elka International Ltd. (5B-D12)

Winning Ways to Enter the Emerging Markets: E-Commerce Platform Potential & Challenges
Mr Anuj Trivedi, Partner, Link Legal India Law Services (India) Mr Chen Jian Hong, Manager of Key Customer Department, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, Guangdong Branch
Mr Li Youbo, Deputy General Manager, Hisense International Co., Ltd Mr William Zhang, Jumia & Linio, Asia Pacific Office, Rocket Internet Group

e·Tech & i·future Robotic Performance

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