The World’s Largest Jewellery Marketplace

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The World’s Largest Jewellery Marketplace

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Hong Kong International Jewellery Show

A Sparkling Business Platform
Fostered by a History of Collaborative Successes
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Renowned across the world of fine jewellery, the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show continues its long-standing history as an incomparable exhibition and a premier trade hub. With widespread support from top industry players, acclaimed exhibitors and experts, the show is back and better than ever, going from strength to strength in recent years. A festival of glamour and everlasting grace, the show is also a premier hub for industry knowledge as visitors explore international pavilions, expert seminars and networking activities to forge new partnerships and lasting industry connections.

The Understated Elegance of Fine Pearls at the
Japan Pearl Jewellery Pavilion

With historic roots in pearl farming and the artistry of pearl jewellery production, Japan is an industry titan that this dual event is proud to have as its Partner Country. Lustrous radiance and shimmering grace are on full display as Japan’s acclaimed pearl culture takes centre stage in 2019. This initiative has enjoyed full support from the Japan Pearl Exporters’ Association and the Japan Pearl Promotion Society, and these associations hosted a press conference and parade that featured distinctive pearl jewellery created by manufacturers at the Japan Pearl Jewellery Pavilion (Hall 5F).

Hosei Co Ltd
Booth: CEC 5F-C07
Isowa International Co Ltd
Booth: CEC 5F-D17
Booth: CEC 5F-D09

South Sea Heart-Shaped Golden Pearl Collection
Nagahori Corporation
Booth: CEC 5F-C11
P&J Co., Ltd
Booth: CEC 5F-D07
South Sea Pearl Ring
Paluna Co., Ltd
Booth: CEC 5F-C18

Seibido Pearl Co Ltd
Booth: CEC 5F-C17
Shima Pearl Club
Booth: CEC 5F-C16
Suzuki Kougei Co Ltd
Booth: CEC 5F-C02

Buyers completing one or more transactions totalling a minimum of US$1,000 during a single day with exhibitors from the Japan Pearl Jewellery Pavilion are entitled to redeem a Stylish Travel Bag!

Terms and conditions apply.

Exhibitor Forum: A Dialogue on Global Jewellery Industry and Standardisation — Openness and Integration for Mutual Success

Welcome Remarks from Host
Meng Xiaojun, Director of Publicity and Promotion Department, National Gemstone Testing Center
Welcome Remarks from Organiser
Liang Zhenjie, Deputy Director, National Gemstone Testing Center

Welcome Remarks from Guests
(From left) Professor Mimi Ouyang, the H.K. Institute of Gemmology; Eddie Fan, President, the Gemmological Association of Hong Kong; Clement Sabbagh, President, International Colored Gemstone Association
The Challenge of International Jewelry Trade
Panelists include (from left) Dr Lu Taijin, Chief Researcher, National Gemstone Testing Center; Dr M.D. Sastry, Head of Research Department, Gemmological Institute of India; Wilson Yuen, Past President of International Colored Gemstone Association, Managing Director of Able Lapidary & Jewelry Ltd and Lawrence Ma, Founding President of the Diamond Federation of Hong Kong; Panel discussion moderated by Dr Yang Lixin, Director of Standardisation Office, National Gemstone Testing Center
Uniform Rules and International Jewelry Industry
Panelists include (from left) Dr Edward Liu, Secretary and Education Director, Gemmological Association of Hong Kong; Simon Lam Chuen, Chairman, Hong Kong Gold & Silver Ornament Workers & Merchants General Union; Sumed Prasongpongchai, Deputy Director, The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand and Bakul Mehta, President, Gemmological Institute of India; Panel discussion moderated by Dr Yang Lixin, Director of Standardisation Office, National Gemstone Testing Center
Prospects for Standardisation in Asia-Pacific and China
Panelists include (from left) Wang Chunli, Managing Director, Beijing Caishikou Department Store Co. Ltd.; Tom Xie, Honorary President of Hong Kong Gold & Silver Ornament Workers & Merchants General Union, Director of Xunhui Financial Group; Dr M.D. Sastry, Head of Research Department, Gemmological Institute of India and Gaetano Cavalieri, President, The World Jewellery Confederation; Panel discussion moderated by Dr Yang Lixin, Director of Standardisation Office, National Gemstone Testing Center
Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Asia-Pacific Gemstone and Technology Standardization Alliance (AGA) Signing Ceremony
(From left) Dr M.D. Sastry, Head of Research Department, Gemmological Institute of India; Sumed Prasongpongchai, Deputy Director, The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand; Dr Yang Lixin, Director of NGTC Standardisation Office, National Gemstone Testing Center and Chen Yu, Executive Vice President, China Gems & Jade Exchange

Dancing Stone World Moment of Excellence 2019

For the fourth year in a row, Crossfor Co. Ltd returned to the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show and presented its prestigious award to top licensees for their committed support in promoting Dancing Stone® as a brand. This year’s awardees are 01 Jewelry Limited, JinYi Jewelry Co., Ltd., J.ESTINA and Think Vietnam Co., Ltd..

Dazzling Inspirations

Hall of Extraordinary

Al Anwaar Golden Jewellers
Booth: CEC GH-A05
18KW Gold Diamond Earrings
Foo Hang Jewellery Ltd
Booth: CEC GH-D16
2.1" Natural Paraiba Bracelet
Lee Jewellery (H.K.) Limited
Booth: CEC GH-B07

Hall of Fame

Diamond Studded Cuff Bracelet
Asian Star Trading (Hong Kong) Limited
Booth: CEC 3B-F10
GOA Bracelet Collection
Piero Milano Jewellery
Booth: CEC 3B-E06
The Feather of Phoenix - Ling Yu
Shanghai Lao Feng Xiang Co Ltd
Booth: CEC 3B-D06

World of Glamour

White & Blue Color Cubic Zirconia Set
ACH & Co. HK Limited
Booth: CEC 1C-F16
Rainbow Sapphire Floral Pendant
Legrand Jewellery (Mfg.) Company Limited
Booth: CEC 1E-A02
18KW Necklace with Golden South Sea Pearls, Yellow and White Diamonds
WCJ International Limited
Booth: CEC 1C-D02

Hall of Jade Jewellery

Jadeite Necklace
Hung Fook Jewellery Group Limited
Booth: CEC 1B-B23
Jadeite (Emerald Art Jewelry)
Moyuren Art Jadeite Jewellery Co., Ltd
Booth: CEC 1B-B35
Kai Ngai Jade Company
Booth: CEC 1B-B44

Antique & Vintage Jewellery Galleria

Antique Boucheron Necklace
Eternity Jewellery Limited
Booth: CEC CH-J11
Diamond, Onyx & Emerald Jewellery Set
Morelle Davidson (UK) Limited
Booth: CEC CH-D02
Platinum Sapphire Necklace
Net Japan (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd
Booth: CEC CH-P14

Treasures of Craftsmanship

Mei Sun Company
Booth: CEC 3F-C19
Prestige Crafts
Booth: CEC 3F-C01
24K Gold Ornament with Glass Accessories and Acrylic Box
Yee Wo Jewellry Limited
Booth: CEC 3F-C03

Featured Group Pavilion – Mexico Pavilion (Hall 3D)

Broqueles Covarrubias
Booth: CEC 3D-C41
Broqueles Gen Rey
Booth: CEC 3D-C39
MADISA, Maquiladora de Diseños Italianos S.A. de C.V.
Booth: 3D-C35A

Laser Cut Pendant
Booth: CEC 3D-C37
Booth: CEC 3D-C35

Featured Group Pavilion – Mainland China Jiangsu Donghai Pavilion (Hall 5F)

JinYu ManTang 金玉滿堂 FuGui PingAn 富貴平安
Jiangsu Donghai Crystal Industrial Investment and Development Co., Ltd.
Booth: CEC 5F-B19

Sparkling Events and Programmes (1 March 2019@HKCEC)

Overseas Journalists’ Breakfast
Time: 9:30am - 11am
Venue: Meeting Room S226-7, Level 2, HKCEC
Remarks: By invitation only
Retrospect and Prospects of the 30th Anniversary of “Quality Gold Mark”
Time: 11am – 12pm
Venue: Mount Olympus, Hall 3E South Concourse, HKCEC
Co-organisers: Hong Kong Jewellers’ & Goldsmiths’ Association (HKJGA), Kowloon Pearls, Precious Stones, Jade, Gold & Silver Ornament Merchants Association
Jewellery Industry Forum
Meeting Room S224-5, Level 2, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Session I • 11:30am – 12:30pm
Co-organiser: TRENDVISION Jewellery + Forecasting
”Trend Forecast 2020” - An International Overview in Consumers Insights, Jewellery Directions and Design
Paola De Luca
Creative Director & Forecaster, TRENDVISION Jewellery + Forecasting
Session II • 3pm – 5pm
How is the Application of CAD/CAM Revolutionizing Jewellery Product in Design and Manufacturing "3D Printing Plus" Leads the New Era of Batch Production of Jewellery
Thomas Ng
Core Member, International Association of Jewellery Merchandize Planning Professionals (IAJMPP); Representative of 3DESIGN
Robin Wang
Co-founder, Jiangsu Totus Technology Co., Ltd
How to Enhance Your Customers’ Shopping Experience with M-commerce Smart Retailing: How AI and Big Data is Rising the Sales of Jewellery Store
Andrew Loo
Founder, La Salle de Fabrication
Li Sha
Operation Director, Tencent Smart Retail
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Parade Series: “World of Glamour”
Time: 2pm – 2:30pm
Venue: Mount Olympus, Hall 3E South Concourse, HKCEC
T-GOLD + METS Beer Party
Time: 2:30pm – 3:15pm
Venue: Level 4 Mezzanine, HKCEC
Remarks: By invitation only
Hall of Time Party
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Venue: The Agora, Hall 3B, HKCEC
Remarks: By invitation only. Watch parade will be held.
Glittering Spring Cocktail
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Venue: Bauhinia Room, HKCEC
Co-organiser: Standard Chartered Bank
Remarks: By invitation only

Hear What Buyers Say

“TFG Jewellery is the largest jewellery retailer in South Africa which owns 200 stores. This is my third time visiting the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show. Yellow gold jewellery is very popular in South Africa. I am looking for light-weight yellow-gold jewellery which is more affordable. At the show, I have found two potential suppliers from Korea and Peru for the supply of light-weight gold jewellery with cubic zirconia and plain gold earrings and chains respectively. Their designs look very good. My first order with each new supplier will be around US$2,000 for different styles. This show is a good place for me to meet with all of our existing suppliers and to make contacts with new suppliers. I enjoy visiting the show very much.”
Aysha Moosajee, Senior Buyer, TFG Jewellery, South Africa

“Established in 1907, Abdul Ghani is one of the biggest manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers of gold and gold jewellery in Saudi Arabia. Currently, we have 12 gold jewellery stores and three diamond jewellery stores. This is my sixth time visiting the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show. As Hong Kong is one of the most famous trading centres for jewellery products, manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers need to visit the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show to develop their jewellery business. I met with my existing suppliers on the first day of the show and I’ll talk to new suppliers later. I plan to buy US$500,000 worth of plain gold and gold jewellery through the show.”
Eng. Abdulghani Bakur Alsayegh, Vice President, Abdul Ghani Jewelry, Saudi Arabia

“Our company is a wholesaler of chains, bracelets and jewellery sets in Russia. As our business has been expanding very quickly over the last two years, we plan to open a B2B online store within the next six months. I like the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show because I can find a lot of suppliers from all over the world all under one roof. I am here looking for medium-priced jewellery decorated with pearls and natural stones. Up till now, I have found five potential suppliers from Italy, Mainland China and Peru for the supply of rhodium-plated chains and silver jewellery, but I hope to find more than 20 potential suppliers in the end. After checking their prices and collecting more information, I’ll buy US$50,000 worth of jewellery products from each new supplier.”
Anton Uvakin, Commercial Director, Serebryanaya Venecia, Russia

Hear What Exhibitors Say

“Indonesia has set up a group pavilion at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show for the first time. As Hong Kong is a trading hub for jewellery products and the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show attracts many buyers from all over the world, the show provides an ideal platform for Indonesian SMEs to market their products globally. A total of nine SMEs are showcasing a wide variety of pearl jewellery, silver jewellery and copper jewellery at the pavilion. Our jewellery products are made from local materials and feature a distinctive local favour that can appeal to overseas buyers. Most of our products are handmade. We expect that more buyers will visit the Indonesian pavilion this weekend. This show is very well-organised. We hope to set up this pavilion again next year.”
Iqbal S Shofwan (left), Consul (Trade), Indonesia Consulate General Hong Kong, and Irwan Kurniawan (right), Director of Promotion and Branding, Ministry of Trade, Indonesia (Booth No.: CEC 5F-B01)

“With four factories in Thailand, MKS, part of the German-based Hammer Group, makes use of advanced machinery from Germany and Thailand’s fine workmanship to produce high-quality products at competitive prices. Backed by a strong design team, we launch 4,000 items every year. Our product lines cover wedding bands, high-end jewellery sets, jewellery made exclusively for top brands, and low to medium-end jewellery. The US is our biggest market, followed by Europe. We have been exhibiting at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show for more than 10 years. It has become the most important show for us because it brings new accounts to our company every year. We are keen to grow our business in the Far East as our products can meet their requirements in terms of quality, design and price. Our business started good on the first day of the show and we have met with a lot of customers mainly from Europe and the US.”
Majid Algouneh, Executive Chairman, MKS Jewelry International Co., Ltd., Thailand (Booth No.: CEC 3B-D20)

““After spending two years on R&D, Ma Belle has successfully developed a Customer Engagement Platform in 2017 which allows jewellery retailers to pro-actively engage customers with the right products anytime, anywhere. This platform is designed for digitising, expanding and monetising customer engagement. We started to adopt this platform in all of our jewellery shops in 2017. Following the successful debut of the IT Solutions for Jewellery zone at last year’s Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, we think it’s the right time for us to participate in this year’s show to introduce the Customer Engagement Platform to international jewellery retailers. Due to high rents, rising staff cots and high inventory, we see a lot of potential for this platform. We are surprised to see that many buyers are looking for IT solutions. Customers’ responses have been good. We have received enquiries from new buyers from Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam.”
Raymond Lam (right), General Manager, and Amy Lo (left), Sales & Business Development Executive, Ma Belle International Ltd., Hong Kong (Booth No.: CEC 5B-D26)

Hot Picks from Media Experts

“The product offering at the world’s largest fair dedicated to the world of jewellery illustrates the true universality of the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show. Finding everything from inexpensive silver findings to multi-million dollar jewels, the fair has something for everyone. For those who appreciate estate, vintage and period pieces, the show also has a vibrant antique section. Among the many beautiful selections, some that attracted my attention are from Germany-based Gemolithos (Booth: CEC CH-D05). The CEO of the company, Loannis Alexandris, explains that in choosing an antique piece, “quality and craftsmanship are the most important factors along with the quality of the gemstones.” An author as well as an antique dealer, Alexandris is soon publishing ‘Antique Jewelry 1800-1939’, a guide for jewellery collectors and aficionados, in both English and Chinese.”
Cynthia Unninayar, Managing Editor, InColor Magazine

Diamond Star Pendant, set with Old European diamonds
from the 1880s
Art Nouveau "Bee" Enamel and Cabochon Sapphire Brooch
in Gold from the early 1900s

Art Deco Jade, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond dose from 1928,
with the Makers Mark of Michel Ballada.
Diamond, Pearl, Enamel Pendant in 18K gold,
signed Lucien Gautrait, early 1900s.

A Trend in the Jewellery Show

First of all I must say, it is indeed a very good attempt that HKTDC showcases Amber Jewellery in a debut zone at the show! I think it could help open up that Baltic art form more widely. Baltic amber has its own aura and spectacular sparkle.

The show is unleashing fantastic trend for the year ahead, from my observations in two areas — designs from the International Jewellery Design Excellence Award (IJDE Award) and Antique & Vintage Jewellery Galleria. De facto, under the influence of retro, antique glory can enthral the trend 2019 equally, buyers from class of millennials and ahead would push the innovative curve and crafts — as Mr. Mehul Shah, Vice-President of Bharat Diamond Bourse said, 'Antique & Vintage Jewellery is timeless indeed.' Yet the trendy world has remained enchanted by innovative breeze that oozes a new zephyr.”
Rajesh Bajaj, Chief Editor, Heera Zhaveraat Magazine

Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show

Glittering Networking Opportunities
at the Famed Gem Zone

Byron Lee, Senior Exhibitions Manager, Hong Kong Trade Development Council gave the welcome remarks of the Carat Party

Carat Party

India Market Seminar : Trends & Opportunities in India for the Diamond & Jewellery Industry

Ashish Pethe, Director, Waman Hari Pethe

Featured Events Today
The New Identification of Synthetic and Natural Diamonds and Analysis of Synthetic Diamonds’ Supply and Demand in Global Market
Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm
Venue: The Forum, Hall 10
Speaker: Dr. Joe C.C. Yuan, Sun Yat-sen University
Language: Putonghua (simultaneous interpretation in English will be provided)
Networking Reception for Gem Zone
Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Venue: The Forum, Hall 10

Dazzling Product Highlights

Pear-shape Yellow Diamonds
Paco Art H.K. Ltd
Booth: AWE 2-T09
B.M. Fancy (HK) Limited
Booth: AWE 7-B34
Red Topaz & Red Spinel
Constantin Wild GmbH & Co. KG
Booth: AWE 11-F17

Natural Fancy Color Diamonds GIA
Globe Diamonds Inc
Booth: AWE 2-D14
South Sea Pearl Necklace
J Ocean Pearl Jewellery
Booth: AWE 1-H32
Tahiti Pearls
Maruata Pearls
Booth: AWE 1-N16

Paraiba Tourmaline
Farouk Bros., Company
Booth: AWE 11-E40
Fine Quality Loose Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds
Sara Gem Corp
Booth: AWE 1-B17
Fancy Spinel
Shrey International
Booth: AWE 9-C24

Fairground at a Glance

Hall of Fine Diamonds: Collecting the world’s top traders in premier diamonds of various origins, shapes, colours and carats
Treasures of Nature: Home to a glittering array of superb gemstones, semi-precious stones and other fine materials in jewellery
Treasures of Ocean: Diving into the deep blue sea to present rare and enchanting pearls from around the globe
Diamond Bar is an elegant and sophisticated rendezvous created by De Beers Group for testing diamonds where buyers could network with industry peers

Hear What Buyers Say

“In business for 27 years, Sara Sauge is a Kyoto-based jewellery manufacturer offering primarily wedding and engagement jewellery under the brand of LAPAGE. We currently operate two retail shops in Kyoto. LAPAGE is a famous brand in Japan and our wedding rings sell across different parts of the country. We have been visiting the Hong Kong fair over the past few years to source diamonds and coloured stones for our jewellery designs. This year, we are particularly interested in coloured stones like ruby, sapphire and emerald as well as pearl. We just arrived this morning and are still looking around to meet more exhibitors at the fairground. There are many interesting items on offer. We intend to spend about US$900,000 for different products at the fair this year. This is an excellent fair. We really like it. On the other hand, Sara Sauge is planning to exhibit at Hong Kong International Jewellery Show next year to promote our wedding jewellery to buyers worldwide.”
Toshiya Onda (middle), President, Sara Sauge Co., Ltd, Japan

“Shinsegae opened Korea’s first department store in 1930. With a history of over 80 years, we currently operate 20 department stores across the country. Our jewellery brand Addir specialises in high-end gold jewellery and diamond jewellery with three shops. This is our third-year visit to the Hong Kong fair to source diamonds and other materials. We focus on smaller diamonds up to 1.5 carats this year. So far, we have found some nice diamonds from existing and new suppliers including two Hong Kong-based companies. The total amount of orders is US$300,000. Through the business matching service, we’ve established contact with an Israeli supplier whose pink diamonds are very attractive. We’ve also got in touch with some suppliers of South Sea pearls and Japanese Akoya pearls. We will explore cooperation with them as Addir is planning to launch pearl jewellery. The Hong Kong fair is getting bigger and serves as an increasingly important sourcing platform for buyers.”
June Jin Lee (left), Buyer, and Kang Sujie (right), Buyer, Shinsegae Co., Ltd, Korea

“Prime Gems is a well-established jewellery retailer in UAE with a history of 60 years. We are running two jewellery shops in Dubai providing a diversity of gold jewellery, diamond jewellery and pearl jewellery. Many of our customers are tourists visiting Dubai. The HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show is an excellent fair offering a lot of choices. It’s a one-stop-shop platform where we can find everything we want. I spent about US$5,000 for some diamonds on the first day of exhibition this year. Negotiation is underway for a 7-carat diamond. I am also looking for fancy colour diamonds as well as rubies from Myanmar, emeralds from Colombia and sapphires from Sri Lanka and Africa. I will source more and the total amount orders is expected to reach US$200,000.”
Ritesh Suru, Director, Prime Gems LLC, UAE

Hear What Exhibitors Say

“With over 40 years of experience in the opal industry, Sam Carbone Opals provides a wide range of fine opals and opal jewellery. We have our own mine in Australia and also source from other opal mines. We have been participating in the Hong Kong fair for many years. It’s great to see the debut of Australian pavilion this year, bringing together different opal companies. The pavilion has effectively attracted more buyers’ attention and enabled us to do more business. We expect sales results to fare even better than last year. Buyers are coming from different places. White opals, boulder opals and black opals are all in demand. Black opals remain the top-seller. The Australian pavilion has a successful debut. We’re pleased with the organisation. Buyers are also happy to find Australian opal suppliers showcasing together which enables them to source effectively. I expect to see the pavilion expand further next year with even more opal exhibitors to fuel the continuous growth of opal industry.”
Sam Carbone, President, Sam Carbone Opals, Australia (Booth No.: AWE 8-D02)

“Cherish Design is a Hong Kong-based jade specialist. We offer a great variety of jade items from beads to floral-shaped designs, bangles and jade jewellery. We source jadeite rough stones directly from Myanmar and produce different jade items with our skillful cutting. This is our first-time participation in the HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show to gain exposure. We are especially keen to expand sales to overseas markets like Japan, Korea and USA. Our showcase includes jade products in different colours from green to purple, yellow, white and black. Some rough stones are also on display. Buyers’ responses are positive and a number of customers have visited our booth to place orders. This fair draws buyers from all over the world and offers new business opportunities. We hope to exhibit again at the Treasures of Nature zone next time to raise our profile.”
Bryan Wong, Director, Cherish Design, Hong Kong (Booth No.: AWE 10-K07)

“Beihai Wanghai Jewelry is the leading player specialising in seawater pearls in Beihai City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Besides loose pearls, we offer pearl jewellery under our own brand. At present, our pearls and jewellery collections are sold mainly in Mainland China. We are very pleased to participate in the HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show for the first time and showcase our pearls and jewellery design at Beihai Pavilion. This is also our debut at an international trade fair to expand export sales. The feedback has been very positive. We’ve got in touch with buyers from the mainland and western countries. Conversations have been started to explore cooperation and some of them are keen to place orders. Several Japanese jewellery companies have also expressed interest in our pearls. This fair opens up a lot of new opportunities for business development. We are able to meet many buyers. We hope to exhibit again to gain more exposure.”
Liang Juping, General Manager, Beihai Wanghai Jewelry Co Ltd, Mainland China (Booth No.: AWE 1-C16)

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