Explore a World of Delectable Opportunities this August!

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Explore a World of Delectable Opportunities this August!

Five Vibrant Events Present a Dazzling Collection of Fine Food, Tea, Beauty & Wellness, Home and Chinese Medicine Products

Step into a delectable world of opportunities with the HKTDC's Food Expo, Hong Kong International Tea Fair and the International Conference of the Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Products (ICMCM), staged concurrently with the Beauty & Wellness Expo and the Home Delights Expo, to present five events under one roof! Featuring around 2,100 top-tier exhibitors, experience the best food, tea, beauty and household products from across the world!

Guest of Honour, Prof Hon Sophia Chan Siu Chee, JP, Secretary for Food and Health, the HKSAR Government (front, 7th from right); Margaret Fong, Executive Director, HKTDC (front, 7th from left) and representatives from Canada, the Chinese mainland, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States celebrate the success of the 29th edition of the HKTDC Food Expo, the 10th edition of the HKTDC Hong Kong International Tea Fair, the 5th edition of the HKTDC Home Delights Expo and the 3rd edition of the HKTDC Beauty & Wellness Expo.

VIP Tour

Esteemed guests were given a VIP tour of the fairground, enjoying tasty highlights from these events.
Hunan Pavilion, Chinese mainland
Fujian Pavilion, Chinese mainland
Zhejiang Pavilion, Chinese mainland
Guizhou Pavilion, Chinese mainland
Jilin Pavilion, Chinese mainland
Sichuan Pavilion, Chinese mainland
India Pavilion
Thailand Pavilion
The Czech Republic Pavilion
Mexico Pavilion
Poland Pavilion
Fujian Pavilion, Chinese mainland
K-Beauty Hong Kong Pavilion
Strawberry Cosmetics (China) Ltd.

Food Expo (Trade Hall) Tea Fair ICMCM

Food Expo (Trade Hall), 16-18 Aug @ Halls 5B-G

Exhibitor List | Register | Lucky Draw for Trade Buyers | Event Schedule
Serving up a slice of the world’s most delectable food cultures, the HKTDC Food Expo returns with a record of over 1,560 exhibitors from 23 countries and regions! This year’s Expo remains a highly popular global showcase with group pavilions at the Trade Hall (Halls 5B-G) representing the Chinese mainland, the Czech Republic, India, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Thailand and the United States.

Mouth-watering Culinary around the World @ Trade Hall (Halls 5B-G)

Hunan Pavilion, Chinese mainland
Kazakhstan Pavilion
Mexico Pavilion
USA Pavilion

India Pavilion

Frylo Potato Snacks
Chhajed Food Pvt. Ltd
Booth: 5D-C02
Basmati Creamy Sella Rice
Supple Tek Industries Private Ltd.
Booth: 5C-E24
Organic Indian Brown Basmati Rice
Nature Pearls Private Limited
Booth: 5C-E36
“We have brought together a total of 38 companies to showcase a great variety of food products at the Indian pavilion of Food Expo this year. Product highlights range from frozen food to rice, biscuits and halal food, offering international buyers a lot of choices. Buyers are forthcoming and our participating companies are looking positively to explore new business development. Food Expo is always a good platform for Indian companies to gain exposure and find new customers. At last year’s exhibition, some of our companies also generated successful results. We are confident of acquiring more opportunities and getting good response again this year. The business matching meetings also facilitate our exchanges with new buyers from different parts of the world.
Vikas Malhotra, General Manager (IT), India Trade Promotion Organisation, India (Booth: 5C-F37)

Japan Pavilion
Ken Saito, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan (front, 3rd from left); Margaret Fong, Executive Director, HKTDC (front, 3rd from right) and a panel of government officials of Japan officiate the Japan Pavilion Opening Ceremony.
Sakohonten Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5B-D37
Delaware Grape
Osaka Nakakawachi Agricultural Cooperatives
Booth: 5B-E01
Azuki Red Beans Latte
Endoseian Co., Ltd
Booth: 5B-D31
“Japanese food is very popular among consumers in Hong Kong so Japanese food suppliers are always eager to expand presence here. HKTDC Food Expo is an exciting trade event every year for Japanese food companies to increase sales in Hong Kong and penetrate the Chinese mainland market. We are making a strong presence again this year with 133 food suppliers at the JETRO pavilion, plus another 180 Japanese companies showcasing in the vicinity. Product highlights include organic and health-conscious food while some Japanese suppliers have fine-tuned their products like noodles and sushi specifically to suit Hong Kong consumers’ preferences. We can find something new and exciting at Food Expo every year and there are so many Chinese mainland buyers. That’s why we would like to exhibit here year after year. This is an excellent place for Japanese food suppliers to promote products and find buyers.
Ryoichi Ito, Director General, JETRO Hong Kong, Japan (Booth: 5B-C02)

Korea Pavilion
Benjamin Chau, Deputy Executive Director, HKTDC (4th from left); Jin Seok Baek, Executive Vice President, Food Industry & Export Promotion, aT (4th from right); Min Cheol Park, Director for Export Strategy Office Export Planning Department, aT (3rd from right); Jung Hee Koh, Director for China Export Promotion Department, aT (2nd from right); Ji Jae Lee, Branch Director, aT Hong Kong (far right) and HKTDC representatives host the MOU signing ceremony between HKTDC and Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (aT).
Cabbage Kimchi
Hansung Food Co., Ltd
Booth: 5C-D22
Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup
Harim Corporation
Booth: 5C-D16
Seasoned Seaweed Snack
JK Food Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5C-D24

Thailand Pavilion
Crispy Chicken Snack
Thanasiriwat Group Company Limited
Booth: 5C-B24
Thaivory Instant Tom Yum Goong
Silver Spoon Food (Thailand)
Booth: 5C-B14
100% Fresh Young Fragrance Coconut Water Frozen
Family Green Harvest Co., Ltd
Booth: 5C-B14
“OSMEP strives to support the development of SMEs and new businesses in Thailand. We are organising a pavilion for Thai food companies at the HKTDC Food Expo for the second consecutive year to find international buyers. A total of 20 food companies including startups and SMEs have joined us to promote a wide range of products such as durian soup, freeze dried sticky rice with coconut milk and mango, instant curry packs and tom yum goong. Last year’s debut was very successful so we have returned to explore more business opportunities. A lot of people across the globe love Thai food. The Expo draws so many international buyers and is really an effective bridge to reach customers worldwide and promote the diversity of Thai food. We are positive about the exhibition results. We hope to bring together as many as 40 Thai companies next year to showcase here and expand sales.”
Suwanchai Lohawatanakul, Director General, Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), Thailand (Booth: 5C-B14)

Halal Food Zone @ Hall 5C
Exhibiting Sector-specific Products from Iran, Malaysia and Vietnam

Coconut Milk
Best Bonanza Sdn Bhd
Booth: 5C-F21
Gravy Mixes, Curry Mixes, Savory Mix & Seasoning
Baba Products (M) Sdn Bhd
Booth: 5C-F19
Vinamilk Aloe Vera Yogurt 100g
Vietnam Dairy Product Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk)
Booth: 5C-F25

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Lucky Draw for Trade Buyers on 17 Aug @ Hall 5G

Recommended Events for Trade Buyers

Time Event
11:30am – 12:30pm
@ Open Forum, Hall 5E
Halal Food Certification Process and Opportunities along the Belt & Road Region
Alice Tsang, Senior Economist,
Greater China Research Team, HKTDC
Eizaz Azhar, General Manager,
Special Project, Halal Industry Development Corporation Sdn Bhd
12nn – 12:30pm
@ MAFF Event Stage, Hall 5B
Cooking Demo & Food Trial
by Mr. Tomariya
3:30pm – 5:15pm
@ MAFF Event Stage, Hall 5B
Japanese Cuisine Masterclass with Star Chef
by Chef Takuji Takahashi, Head Chef, Kinobu Restaurant
3:30pm – 4:30pm
@ Open Forum, Hall 5E
Testing and Certification Services for Food
Ivan Law, Assistant Manager,
Sales and Marketing Division, Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre
Dr Leung Ka-sing, Adjunct Associate Professor,
Department of Applied Biology & Chemical Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Buyer Feedback

“Arena is a leading restaurant operator in Indonesia. We currently operate 30 restaurants under different brands offering a variety of Asian food from Malaysian to Indonesian, Thai, Japanese and Korean cuisines. This is our first-ever visit to the HKTDC Food Expo to find new suppliers of sauces, pastas and kitchen equipment. So far, we’ve found three to four potential suppliers including a Thai exhibitor for chili sauce and a Polish exhibitor for pasta. Some halal food showcased at the Expo also looks appealing. We’ve seized the chance to find new products and understand new market trends here. This is a good sourcing place.
Mega Nurdiansyah (right), Area Manager, Operation, Arena Corporation, Indonesia

“In business for 103 years, Save On Foods is the biggest supermarket chain in western Canada running a total of 162 supermarkets. The number of Canadians of Asian origin is growing continuously, spurring the demand for Asian food. This is our third-time visit to the HKTDC Food Expo to source more Asian food options. On the first day of the exhibition, I’ve already found five new suppliers. They include three Japanese exhibitors for biscuits, snacks and beverages, and two Chinese mainland suppliers for sesame oil and snacks. Orders will be placed on a container basis. The Expo is an impressive exhibition of international standards in a big scale.”
Terence Fong, Director, Asian Merchandising, Save On Foods, Canada

Sights and Sounds @ Food Expo, 16 Aug

Trade Networking Reception (Co-organised with Grocery Trade Magazine)
From left: Simon Kong, Director of Retail Sales, 759 Store; Kenneth Chan, Chairman, The Hong Kong Food Council; Johnny Wan, Director, Exhibitions Market Development, HKTDC; Simon Chow, Managing Director, Grocery Trade Magazine and Betty Leung, Chief Executive, Sims Trading Co. Ltd host the toasting ceremony.

Latest Tech Innovations in the Food Industry
Michael Wong, Deputy Director of Marketing and Exhibitions Department, Hong Kong 3D Printing Association
Sonia Lui, Consultant of Food Safety and Processing, Hong Kong Productivity Council

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Tea Fair, 16-18 Aug @ Halls 5F-G

Exhibitor List | Register | Event Schedule
Featuring over 250 exhibitors from some of the world’s elite tea production capitals, the 10th edition of the HKTDC Hong Kong International Tea Fair returns to brew new success in the timeless art of tea appreciation! The world of tea is richly represented with group pavilions from the Chinese mainland, India, Japan, Sri Lanka and Taiwan.
Group Pavilions
Fujian Pavilion, Chinese mainland
Guizhou Pavilion, Chinese mainland
Jiangxi Pavilion, Chinese mainland
Jiangsu Pavilion, Chinese mainland
Sri Lanka Pavilion
Taiwan Pavilion  NEW 

Hunan Pavilion, Chinese mainland
Fuzhuan Tea
Hunan Provincial Baishaxi Tea Industry Co. Ltd
Booth: 5F-F02
WangCha • ShouZhu Fuzhuan
Hunan Meishan Hei Tea Co., Ltd
Booth: 5F-F02
Anhua Black Tea
Hunan Hualai Biotechnology Co. Ltd
Booth: 5F-F02

India Pavilion
Archana CTC Black Tea 250gm
Naharbari Tea Factory
Booth: 5G-B16
Tetley Tea Cup Bag
JV Gokal & Company Pvt Limited
Booth: 5G-C17
Lockhart Black Tea
Harrisons Malayalam Ltd.
Booth: 5G-C13
“This is the second time that the India Trade Promotion Organisation has organised the Indian Pavilion at the Hong Kong International Tea Fair. Due to favourable buyer response, the number of Indian tea exhibitors has increased to six this year. As tea products from India have distinct aroma and flavour, the fair provides an ideal platform for Indian tea companies to promote their products to international buyers. Indian tea exhibitors are showcasing a great variety of tea products such as black tea, oolong tea, white tea, green tea, fruit tea and herbal tea. A good number of buyers have visited the Indian pavilion on the first day of the fair. As Hong Kong is an important tea trading hub in the region, we’ll bring a larger delegation to participate in next year’s fair.
Vikas Malhotra, General Manager, India Trade Promotion Organisation, India (Booth: 5C-E37)

Highlighted Events @ Tea Salon & Tea Gallery, Halls 5F-G

Time Event
11am-1pm International Tea Arts Performance
11:30am-1pm International Cup Warming
Experts from the Chinese mainland, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and USA
2:45pm – 4pm Capturing the Tea Business from the “Y” “Z” Generation
Andrew Chan, Chairman and CEO of B & S International Holdings Ltd
Gloria Cheung, Co-founder, Hocha
Zec Chan, Co-founder & General Manager, Jeep Innovation Ltd
3:30pm - 4:30pm Buyer Forum on Business Opportunities in ASEAN Countries
Eliawati Erly, Vice President Director, PT. David Roy Indonesia
Ethan Chng, Director, Tea and Tisanes Pte Ltd (Singapore)
4:30pm – 5:30pm International Tea Arts Performance
“Black Tea • An Hua Dark Tea” Brands from Hunan - Promotional Event

Sights and Sounds @ Tea Fair, 16 Aug

International Tea Tasting Sessions from Sri Lanka & Chinese mainland’s Anxi County
Sri Lanka
Anxi County, Chinese mainland

Exhibitor Feedback

“We see great potential of Ceylon tea on the Chinese mainland and in Hong Kong because consumers in these two markets. That’s why the Sri Lanka Tea Board has led tea producers from Sri Lanka to participate in the Hong Kong International Tea Fair for the 10th consecutive year to promote Ceylon tea and to help them to expand their business in these markets. We have brought nine tea producers to this year’s fair and they have been granted the Ceylon Tea Lion logo and the Ozone Friendly Pure Ceylon Tea certification by our board. The Hong Kong International Tea Fair is a specialised trade fair for the tea industry in this region which attracts many distributors. Our exhibitors are happy with the results on the first day of the fair and expect to meet with even more buyers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong in the next two days.
Tishan De Silva (left), Market Promotion Officer, Sri Lanka Tea Board, Sri Lanka (Booth: 5F-D19)

Buyer Feedback

“Headquartered in Denmark and with a branch office in Azerbaijan, Fikster is an importer and wholesaler of tea products. I have come to the Hong Kong International Tea Fair for the first time to look for quality products to meet the needs of consumers in Azerbaijan. I have found a lot of quality products here and identified 20 potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland, Sri Lanka and Taiwan for the supply of oolong tea, Ceylon tea and black tea respectively. After tasting their products, I’ll buy one tonne of tea products from different suppliers.
Fizuli Jabbarov, Director, Fikster, Azerbaijan

“Established in 1997, JDX Tea is a tea wholesaler, distributor and retailer in Malaysia. JDX Tea is our own brand. This is our first time visiting the Hong Kong International Tea Fair to look for new products. We have already talked to 12 suppliers and found three potential suppliers from Taiwan and Korea for the supply of high-mountain oolong tea, citrus tea, red ginseng tea and tea snacks. We have bought HK$3,000 worth of samples from them and will ask our dealers to join a tea-tasting meeting and assess the market potential of these tea products. We’ll place trial orders to test market response. ”
Alex Ng (left), Deputy General Manager, JDX Tea (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

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Official Magazines

HKTDC Food Expo - Official Magazine
Check out full exhibitor list and latest product trends
HKTDC Hong Kong International Tea Fair - Official Magazine
Check out full exhibitor list and latest product trends

ICMCM Conference, 17 Aug @ Meeting Room N101B

Guest of Honour, Prof Hon Sophia Chan Siu Chee, JP, Secretary for Food and Health, the HKSAR Government (front, 3rd from left) ; Margaret Fong, Executive Director, HKTDC (front, 2nd from left); Vivien Chou, President, Modernized Chinese Medicine International Association (front, 2nd from right); Professor Feng Yi Bin, Co-Chairman, ICMCM 2018 Organising Committee (front, far right); Professor Zhao Zhong Zheng, Co-Chairman, ICMCM 2018 Organising Committee (front, far left) and industry representatives officiate the opening ceremony of ICMCM.

VIPs and Guests Mingled at the Reception

Inheritance and Innovation-In Commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of the Birth of Li Shizhen

Join these Heavy-weight Speakers Today @ Room N101B
Professor Xu Hong Xi
Dean of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Professor Lin Zhi Xiu
Associate Director, School of Chinese Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Professor Karl W. K. Tsim
Chair Professor, Life Science Division & Centre for Chinese Medicine, The University of Science & Technology
Dr Feng Yi Bin
Associate Professor and Associate Director (Education), School of Chinese Medicine, The University of Hong Kong

Click here for more Speakers & Conference Programme
Remarks: The Organisers reserve the right to alter the topic/content/speaker of the programme without prior notice.

Sharing from Distinguished Guests and Speakers on 16 August
Professor Zhao Zhong Zhen, Associate Dean and Chair Professor
School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University
Dr Churilov Leonid Pavlovich
Deputy-chief of Laboratory of Mosaic of Autoimmunity, Saint Petersburg State University
Professor Edward Kennelly
Former President, The American Society of Pharmacognosy
Professor Kim Jinwoong
College of Pharmacy and Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Seoul National University
Professor Noritaka Tokui
Director, Institute of Preventive and Medicinal Dietetics, Nakamura Gakuen University
Professor Angela Ki Che Leung
Director of Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong
Professor Pulok K. Mukherjee
School of Natural Product Studies, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology, Jadavpur University
Dr Chen Sheng Jun
Vice General Manager, Jiangyin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Professor Mei Quanxi
Chief of Science and Education Section, Zhongshan Chinese Medicine Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
Pei Hong
General Manager, GKH Pharmaceutical Limited
William C.W. Lam
Senior Partner, Hui and Lam Solicitors LLP
Arthur Yeung
Managing Director, Zigen Medical Sciences Limited
Conference Organisers:

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Concurrent Public Events

To reduce food wastage, HKTDC cooperates with two Hong Kong’s food rescue charities - Food For Good and Food Angel to promote food recycling. Exhibitors are encouraged to donate their food waste to 3E-D17 (16-20 Aug) and unwanted edible food products to 5CON-001 (16-18 Aug) or G305 (20 Aug) at Trade Hall and Public Hall respectively, so as to benefit the grassroots community.

Home Delights Expo, 16-20 Aug @ Halls 3F-G & 3B-C Concourse
The Home Delights Expo features 180 exhibitors presenting quality electrical appliances and household products that bring enjoyment to daily household chores.

Beauty & Wellness Expo, 16-20 Aug @ Halls 3F-G
Health and fitness is becoming a crucial element in modern living, and the Beauty & Wellness Expo answers the call with a comprehensive showcase of quality health and beauty products. Explore the latest in cosmetics and skincare, healthcare, haircare and more!
As Korean products continue to gain worldwide popularity, the K-Beauty Expo Hong Kong Pavilion makes its debut this year with a range of Korean skincare and haircare brands that represent the best in Korean beauty.

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