Low-carbon Lifestyle Reshapes Economy

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30 Oct - 2 Nov 2019
AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong

Low-carbon Lifestyle Reshapes Economy
On the way to a healthier planet, people advocate a low-carbon lifestyle and change their pattern of consumption. Eco Expo Asia opens its doors to the public on the last day of the fair (2 November) to promote green living. Visitors can attend a range of themed forums as well as green workshops where they can learn how to make various eco-friendly items. Environmental-friendly and local organic products are available at Green Mart. Why not blending green concepts into your daily life?
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Green Mart

Organic Milk Powder
AsiaBoxx Limited
Booth: 3-SG09
Organic Coffee Beans
Impact Berry Limited
Booth: 3-SG07
Natural Insect Repellent Spray
Joyful Ginger Store
Booth: 3-SG10
Local Organic Veggies and Fruits
Plant Right Now Limited
Booth: 3-SG04
Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps
Slowood Limited
Booth: 3-SG03
Palm-Free, Vegan Soap
Soaper Delights Workshop Limited
Booth: 3-SG08
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Eco-Friendly Products Zone

Ice Pack
Artec Asia Company Limited
Booth: 3-J22
ASB Biodiesel (HONG KONG) Limited
Booth: 3-G22
Nanobubbles for Sanitization
Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited
Booth: 3-H21
Patented Eco Friendly Cleaning Vacuum Blast Tornado ACS
Score Building Materials Limited
Booth: 3-J27
Bioplastic Speaker Shell
Booth: 3-H22
Print Tray
Zeta S.C. Andrzej Baran
Booth: 6-C11
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Public Day Activities

Test Drive / Ride - FAW VERTEC 5.5 Tonne Electric Truck
Time: 11am-4pm
Venue: Booth: 3-D30
Remarks: Test driver must be aged 25 or above and holding valid driving licence (vehicle classification codes: 2) with two years or longer. Registration with identity document and driving licence is needed before test drive.
Terms and Conditions

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Green Origami Workshop
Time: 11:30am-12:30pm
Venue: Green Mart, Hall 3, AsiaWorld-Expo
Language: Cantonese
Organiser: Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong

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Brother GTX Graphic Lab Better Cotton Initiative Workshop
Time: 2pm-3pm
Venue: Green Mart, Hall 3, AsiaWorld-Expo
Language: Cantonese and English
Organiser: CarbonCare InnoLab

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Environmental Design Competition – The Green Sense Kick-off and Seminar
Time: 2pm-3:30pm
Venue: Seminar Room, Hall 6, AsiaWorld-Expo
Language: Cantonese
Organiser: Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong

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Public Day Forum - How Does Community Participate in Drink Carton Recycling?
Time: 2:30pm-3pm
Venue: Green Technology Hub, Hall 3, AsiaWorld-Expo
Language: Cantonese
WONG Pui Yan Carmen, Lecturer, Department of Applied Science,
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Sha Tin)
Organiser: IVE (Sha Tin)

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Happenings at the Expo

Eco Asia Conference – Sustainable Cities
Felix Lam, Head of Sustainability,
Green Council
Daniel Sullivan, General Manager iota Services,
South East Water, Australia
Freeman Cheung,
Senior Vice President, Environment, Greater China,
AECOM Asia Company Limited
Paul Bromley, Managing Director,
Phoenix Business Consulting
  Pengfei Xie, China Chief Representative,
C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

Eco Asia Conference – Retro-commissioning for Green Buildings
Kam Cheung Lo, Chief Engineer,
Energy Efficiency Division B,
Electrical & Mechanical Services Department,
HKSAR Government
Cary Chan, JP, Executive Director,
Hong Kong Green Building Council
Qingpeng Wei, Associate Professor,
Tsinghua University, Mainland China
Peter Tang, Maintenance Manager,
Sino Estates Management Limited
  Kenneth Yuen, Head of Key Account and Building Solution,
Schneider Electric (Hong Kong) Limited

Government Departments’ Forum
Larry Yuen Ka Hing, Engineer/Innovation/2 of
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
Patrick Chan, Chief Systems Manager (IT Operations),
Office of the Government Chief Information Officer

Canadian Green Solutions for Waste, Water, Air, Building and Odor Control
Gord Helm, Senior Vice President Technology and
Chief Technology Officer, Fourth State Energy
Anthony Pak, Principal,
Anthony To, CEO,
SciCorp International Corp.
Jeff Lin, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder,
Liricco Technologies Limited
Arthur Kokolekos,
Regional Business Development Manager APAC,
LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.
Chris Ohlmann, Managing Director,
Embedia Sales Corp.
Jeff Hable, Newterra

Waste Management and Energy Efficiency – Green European Solutions
Nigel Mattravers, Joint Venture Representative,
New Life Plastics Limited
Juerg Dossenbach, Senior Director,
Eco Living Limited
Conal Chan, Assistant General Manager,
Envac Far East Limited
Stephen Lam, Managing Director,
Neopower Engineering Solutions Limited

Buyers’ Briefing Sessions

Business Matching Session
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Hear What Buyers Say

“Based in Poland, our company develops a range of integrated systems for the environment to create a greener future. The control of quality fresh air and fresh water is a huge business in Europe, Hong Kong and Mainland China where enterprises are heading to this direction to improve the environment. Our cost-saving integrated wastewater treatment system can serve as a solution to them. Eco Expo Asia is an efficient platform gathering all stakeholders from around the globe, allowing them to find necessary expertise, latest technology and solutions to resolve the issue. Through business matching, I have explored opportunities with a professor from a local university and an official from the department of ecology and environment of a mainland's provincial city. I am looking forward to implementing a pilot project in Hong Kong or elsewhere in Mainland China so that it can become a model for other cities or villages to follow suit. The business matching team is helpful. This is a good arrangement to overseas travellers like me. During the luncheon, I shared the Polish experience with a local environmental organisation. Guests at the luncheon were all open-minded people. Networking brings me one-step closer to any kind of collaboration.
Waldemar Wojciechowicz, Executive Director, Eco Life System Sp. z o.o., Poland
“This is my first time at Eco Expo Asia. I come here for updates and exchanges of technologies and information. The idea of circular economy is on-trend. In the EU, people are changing their mindset to advocate a balance between business and environmental sustainability. "From cradle to cradle" takes shape in place of "from cradle to grave". Wastes can be transformed into valued-added energy or recycled materials. In our country, clean water management comes with the concept of water collection and conversation. There are many houses and gardens in the Czech Republic where people water the plants with groundwater. However, water collection in households, country sides and wetland can be a solution. At the expo, the purification technology of industrial waste water by worms is one of the most interesting technologies presented. The recycled clean water can be discharged into the wetland to enrich the biodiversity of the environment. Back to home, I will recommend the expo to the eco-practitioners of the Czech Republic so that they can have a glance of the latest technologies and innovations.
Jaroslav Kepka, Head of Unit of Environmental Policy and Strategies, Department of Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development, Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic
“Based in Yunnan, our company has three areas of business, including inspection, consultancy and engineering services. Upon the request of our existing clients, I look around for quality plastic material recycled from vehicle tyres but cannot find any product that can meet our requirements. This explains my second visit to Eco Expo Asia where I have identified the right supplier from Taiwan during the Buyers' Briefing Session. The manufacturing sector has a great demand on recycled plastics which can be used to produce soles, water-proof material on the ceilings, plastic tiles and other types of material for interior use. At the expo, there are plenty of quality products aligned with the regulations and requirements of mainland government.
Qing Xiao Yan, General Manager, Yunnan Gaoke Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Mainland China
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Hear What Exhibitors Say

“Our parent China Resources Group has different arms of business. Among them, its retail, property development, cement and pharmaceutical businesses are well
known to the general public versus its lesser known renewable energy business. Therefore, we look to increase our exposure and publicity for better image-building at Eco Expo Asia which is a prestigious event of its kind in the region. China Resources Power Holdings generates solar, hydro, wind and gas-fired power. Last year, the HKSAR government launched a new policy to promote the development of renewable energy with the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) system for electricity sales. Our company can provide the necessary equipment to achieve the goal. Besides, our upcoming smart platform for monitoring all electronic devices at home, offices and buildings can be applicable to the old buildings and old districts in Hong Kong. So we take this opportunity to introduce our new service. So far at the expo, we met with some visitors exploring our services. Among them, an enthusiastic buyer from Thailand is very interested in the solutions of waste-to-energy and other renewable energy.
Alvin Lin, Hong Kong Regional Development Management, China Resources Power Holdings Co., Ltd., Hong Kong (Booth: 6-C12)
“Eco Living offers Finland-developed energy efficient indoor ventilation solution for all climates. Something very new to Asia, our range of three-in-one air ventilation systems feature air purification, dehumidifying and heat recovery functions, specially designed for haze, humid subtropical climate. Intended for users in the pursuit of quality lifestyle, the system saves 80% of electricity consumption. For several years, we have been participating at Eco Expo Asia under the European Pavilion. At the expo, we target architectural firms, property developers and contractors. Since our system has to be connected with narrow pipelines of our standard, successful installation starts from design. Besides, it is a super innovative technology that has to be introduced in such global events as the expo. Eco Asia Conference coincides with the expo is a great channel for idea exchange. Our technology is presented in the seminar titled "Waste Management and Energy Efficiency – Green European Solutions". Attendees from different segments of eco-industry may become some of our prospective clients.
Clement Yiu, Sales Manager, Eco Living Limited, Hong Kong (Booth: 6-A12)
“A young venture established in 2011, Liricco Technologies Limited was incubated by both the science parks of Hong Kong and Toronto of Canada. It offers custom building management systems and connected devices that are applicable to smart prisons, hospitals, malls, offices and buildings. Smart bracelets are the wearable device tracking the location and health conditions of inmates and patients. Hong Kong's smart prisons are installed with our technology. Exhibiting at Eco Expo Asia for several years, we take this opportunity to meet with prospective clients to explore the possibilities of new projects. In a busy world, the expo functions as a cost-effective way to gather all sorts of stakeholders in a single event. In the past edition, we made connections with some property developers and management offices. Eventually, a lighting project for Galaxy Casino in Macao and the installation of building management systems in the Olympian City and China Harbour City owned by Sino Group were completed. This year, walk-in visitors from the trading firms of the Philippines and Taiwan expressed their interest in distribution. Frankly, most buyers here are very relevant to our business.”
Jeff Lin, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder, Liricco Technologies Limited, Hong Kong (Booth: 3-J12)
“Located in Hong Kong, ORCA Asia is the distributor of ORCA's kitchen waste solution, a sustainable technology of operation efficiency owned by its parent Canadian company. Our clientele includes Gate Gourmet, Hilton, IKEA and Mandarin Oriental Hotel with worldwide exposure. For three straight years, we have been exhibiting our kitchen waste equipment under the Canada Pavilion, as our company values any opportunity for exposure and publicity. At Eco Expo Asia, we have built connections with international chain hotels, property developers and residential management offices. There are many follow-ups after the expo. Some mid-sized trading firms from Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macao have visited us for a possible distribution agreement. Noting the strong demand on food waste applications from South Asia, I have met with buyers from India, the Philippines and Thailand all the times. This year, an Indian buyer from a sustainable consultancy firm takes an interest in our food waste processor. On a personal note, the expo is a platform for us to have exchanges with specialists from different segments of the eco industry.”
Vincent Lai, Business Development Associate, ORCA Asia Ltd, Hong Kong (Booth: 3-J12)

Press View

“Eco Expo Asia is a very good platform for us to update our eco-knowledge. In Japan, the discrepancy of low/high temperature sensation made most families and companies feel annoyed. ASA Technology Group Hong Kong Limited (Booth: 6-E02) has developed a new fabric material that can cool down the body temperature. When you use their hat and umbrella made of this fabric, you can keep yourself well insulated from the hot weather. The company will further extend this technology to other products in the future.

Ideal temperature differs from person to person, and it also depends on the wind direction of air-ventilation outlets.

Magosine Limited’s "HYBRID FAN" (Japanese product) (Booth: 3-X06) can solve the problem. No extra electricity/battery is needed. The small fan can spread the cool wind to all directions. Everybody will sense the same temperature. If every one of us can make the good use of daily electronics products, more energy can be saved.

I will recommend some Japanese companies to show their high technology and expand overseas markets via this expo.”
Junichi Nishimura, Chief Sales Department, The Recycling Economy Times, Japan

“I found some extraordinary and inspiring exhibits at the Eco Expo Asia 2019, underscoring the importance of new technology and innovation that aims to protect the environment, prevent river tame pollution and conserve precious resources.

The Expo also features all sorts of waste recycling technology adopted by companies in Hong Kong, including the one that converts used cooking oil into biodiesel.”
Leena C. Chua, News Editor, The Manila Times, the Philippines

ASB Biodiesel (HONG KONG) Limited
Booth: 3-G22
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